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Mr. Dandy

WarGamma lets you create dungeons on your tabletop with their new dungeon builder sets, available exclusively on Mr. Dandy.From the announcement:The first wave of Dungeon Builder sets is now available
WarGamma over on Mr. Dandy has released some new terrain pieces and bases. Check out the updates.From them to you:The Oak Lord is a gigantic avenging forest spirit. It's 8.5" tall, but still fits on a
Mr. Dandy has two new terrain pieces previewed on their website: the Oak Lord and Volcano.From them to you:Here's some preview shots of the new sculpts for the WarGamma Oak Lord and Volcano terrain pi
Wargamma has a quartet of new resin models available on their website. Go have a look-see.From the update:Hello! James Hakola here (aka Mr.Dandy) . This post might come as a surprise blast from the p