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Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing has released their new Zombie Horde for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game.

From the announcement:

The Zombie Horde is now available to everyone who did not join in on the Kickstarter last year!

A zombie horde will almost always outnumber its enemies. It will prove amazingly resilient to damage, but do not expect a great deal in the way of tactical sophistication.

This set contains a complete force for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game, including;

Zombie Mistress
Zombie Judge
Plastic Mantic Zombies with additional Mega-City One parts x 6

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Mongoose Publishing released a new version of Block War for the Judge Dredd Miniatures game over on their website.

From the announcement:

We have just posted a brand new revision of the Block War supplement. As usual, there are all sorts of tweaks and changes, but the highlights include;

* The Zombie Horde now has access to Super Zombies!
* Altered rewards in the rulebook campaigns.
* Dark Judges have revised rules and stats.
* New mercenaries - Chopper, Spikes Harvey Rotten, and War Marshal Kazan.
* Exorcist Judge can now have a go at exorcising the Dark Judges (may Grud have pity on his soul!).
* Mechanismo have new weaponry.
* Mob rules tweaked to curb excesses.
* New Talent trees for bikers and Leaders of Men.
* Famous Firefights - a brand new chapter that lets you play out famous battles from the comic strip. We kick off with a tough fight from the First Robot War and a smattering of punch-ups from the reign of Chief Judge Cal!

Mongoose Publishing will be holding their first ever tourney for A Call To Arms. They're calling it Star Fleet's Finest.

From the announcement:

On June 15th, we are throwing open our doors for the premier A Call to Arms: Star Fleet tournament - Star Fleet's Finest!

This is where the elite admirals get together and demonstrate their tactical prowess (or not, as the case may be), and is always an easy, fun event with plenty of prizes, good games, and great company!

If you use the coupon code FLEET when purchasing your ticket, you will not be charged any postage!

Mongoose Publishing has released two of the most famous ships to ever ply the oceans: the Hood and the Bismarck.

From the announcement:

We have just released two of the mightiest warships to ever duel on the high seas - Bismarck and HMS Hood. As with all ships in the growing Victory at Sea range, these ships are cast in resin with integrated bases, use a small sprue of metal parts for details (and we include an extra/back up sprue, just in case you lose the first!), and come in 1/1800 scale.

You can find both new ships, along with the rest of the current range at;

Coming next... all vessels of the King George V class!

Mongoose Publishing overhauled their mail order system for their games.

From the update:

We just wanted to fill everyone in on some recent changes we have made here at Mongoose to our mail order system, in our ongoing quest to provide you with a quicker and more comprehensive service.
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Mongoose Publishing has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund Meerkat Slammers, a new card game.

From the campaign:

A madcap and chaotic card game that is fun for the whole family!

Meerkat Slammers is a fast paced, riotous, free-for-all, for 2 - 4 players (but only the quickest and most observant player will win). This is a game we have been working on for some time now, and all art, development, and playtesting is done - the game is ready to go!

What we don’t know is whether anybody wants a card game featuring some furious Meerkats! Therefore, we have created a little Kickstarter project to test the waters. We have plenty of updates planned, showcasing each of the Meerkats involved in their tribal struggle. If we reach our (very modest) goal, then the game will be sent to print the same the Kickstarter project ends, and all backers will have their Meerkat Slammers game in their hands a few short weeks after.

On Kickstarter now you can get a first look at the rules and game play, as well as some marvelous Meerkat goodies exclusive to this Kickstarter project!

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Play Unplugged has another review up on their website. This one's for the Battle of the River Plate from Victory at Sea.

From the review:

"Navy" Dave Spurlock makes his Play Unplugged debut! In this review Dave looks at the Battle of the River Plate miniature set from Mongoose publishing!

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Mongoose Publishing has started taking down names of those of you who want their new Manta Prowl Tank for the Judge Dredd Minis game as soon as it's available. Be the first gamer on your block with this new tank when it's released.

From the announcement:

Good news for fans of Judge Dredd today - the Manta Prowl Tank (one of the largest vehicles in Mega-City One, and certainly the largest we have ever done) is now shipping to our Kickstarter backers and is available for pre-orders.

The Manta Prowl Tank is a mobile floating fortress of anti-crime measures, striking fear into the heart of the most desperate perp and fully capable of dealing with entire riots by itself.

Pre-orders will start shipping at the end of April.

We also have the Demonic Cabal available right now.

The Demonic Cabal is a suitable force for anyone who likes their games a little less predictable. Sometimes you will find everything works out for you and summonings go off without a hitch. During other fights, you may find your cabalists are their own worst enemy!

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Play Unplugged has posted another of their Unboxing articles. This one's for the Rogue Trooper promo minis from Mongoose Publishing.

From the article:

Mongoose Publishing recently completed a successful Kickstarter to create a miniature game based on the Rogue Trooper comic. Rogue Trooper is a comic series that is part of the 2000 AD family of characters along with the likes of Judge Dredd, The ABC Warriors, and Nemesis the Warlock. Mongoose will be attempting to continue their success with the 2000 AD license (specifically Judge Dredd) with this new product line.

Enrico got his hands on some of the miniatures featured in the Rogue Trooper Miniature Game promotional materials. Let’s take a look at them!

Mongoose Publishing posted Update #2 for A Call To Arms up on their website.

In this update:

This is another jam-packed issue with the latest news and thoughts on fleet strategy, essential for any serious admiral! In Fleet Update #2, you will find;

The Shipyard: Bringing you the Federation Light Raiding Dreadnought and the Klingon F6, both recently released as new models.
Klingons vs. Orions: A complete campaign using the contents of Squadron Box #5.
A Consitutional Timeline: A look at the Constitution-class through the years and the modifications made to it.
Fleet Doctrine: Looking at fleets from a historical point of view.
Dreadnought Variants: Early, Improved and, yes, Heavy Dreadnoughts for all the major fleets. We make no apologies to the foes of the Kzinti...
Drone Strike: Space just became a lot deadlier, with a variety of different drones and warheads now available.

Play Unplugged has another unboxing from the Judge Dredd miniatures game from Mongoose Publishing. This one's the Cursed Earth Desperadoes box.

From the article:

The Cursed Earth: A radioactive wasteland teeming with mutants and murderers. Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini explores this tortured landscape, only to discover that it crawls with ruthless psychopaths and violent criminals. Gangs like those found in the Cursed Earth Desperadoes box set for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game by Mongoose Publishing. Let’s check out what lurks inside the box!

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Play Unplugged shows what's in the Justice Department Box Set for the Judge Dredd Minis Game from Mongoose Publishing in their latest unboxing article.

From the article:

Who is the law? Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini unboxes the Justice Department box set for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game from Mongoose Publishing. Now say it with me: I AM THE LAW!

Mongoose Publishing now has their Judge Dredd Miniatures Game rulebook available for purchase and download over on Wargame Vault.

From the release:

Physical copies of the Judge Dredd miniatures game rulebook (hardback and full colour throughout) are now available for mail order via Wargame Vault. We have recently recived copies here at Mongoose HQ, and they are just the ticket for picking a force or a quick reference during a game!

Judge Dredd is a 28mm skirmish game designed to be quick, easy to learn, and capable of handling the madness that is Mega-City One, from the powerful judges to the lowliest punk or mutant.

Mongoose Publishing has some more releases for the Judge Dredd Minis Game with their Sov Judge Invasion Force.

From the announcement:

The Sov Invasion force, complete with Satellats and Sentenoids is now available for mail order!

After years of meticulous planning, Supreme Judge Bulgarin of East Meg One launched the Apocalypse War against Mega-City One. Through the use of nukes, the Apocalypse Shield and a full scale invasion under Warmarshal Kazan, Mega-City One was subjugated quickly, with half of its 800 million citizens killed. Through the heroic actions of a handful of judges, Mega-City One was able to finally win the war, destroying East Meg One in the process. However, there are many in East Meg Two who plan revenge against the west…

A Sov Judge Invasion Force is designed to eradicate all resistance in Mega-City One. With well-equipped and well-trained judges, not to mention the dreaded Sentenoids, it is very much an ‘elite’ force.

This set contains a complete starter set for the Judge Dredd miniatures game and includes, three Sov Judges, a Senior Sov Judge, a Sov Officer, a Satellat and a Sentenoid.

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Mongoose Publishing posted up some new releases for Star Fleet: A Call To Arms.

From the announcement:

Four new ships have just been released for the Star Fleet range, and Klingon players are going to have a good day with the coming of the E5 Battle Corvette, F5W War Destroyer, and F6 Frignaut, a clutch of smaller ships that will terrorise much larger enemies!

To combat this, the Federation have launched the Star Tiger Light Raiding Dreadnought, a Fast ship that packs a great deal of firepower!

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Mongoose Publishing has a new batch of Judge Dredd models available over in their webstore.

From the announcement:

Four new models have been released for the Judge Dredd miniatures game, all spoils from the Kickstarter last year!

Hitting the streets of Mega-City One, we now have Judge Giant, the Specialist Weapons Judge (with a choice of Widowmaker 2000 and Lawrod), the Space Corps Judge, and Fergee, King of the Big Smelly.

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Rogue Trooper, from Mongoose Publishing, has their Kickstarter up and running. This got a lot of replies when it was first announced earlier this week, so it'll be interesting to see how this project goes.

From the campaign:

The Rogue Trooper Kickstarter is now live!

Based on the 2000AD comic strip, the Rogue Trooper miniatures game has been designed to let players take part in the clash of Nort vs. Souther on the shattered world of Nu-Earth.

This game very much needs your support, so we hope you will join us over the next month to see how it develops. Like the Judge Dredd miniatures game, the first draft of the rulebook is already available on the Kickstarter page for you to review!

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Mongoose Publishing will be running a Rogue Trooper Kickstarter starting this Friday.
They've posted up the .pdf of the rulebook online so you can see how the game works and know what you're getting in to.
(above link leads to their main webpage. Photo link leads to the .pdf. Just so you know)

From the announcement:

This Friday, February 8th, at 2pm GMT, we will be launching the Rogue Trooper Kickstarter.

You can download a first draft of the rulebook from here to get a good idea of the first few units that will be appearing and how the game plays;

Hope to see you there on Friday!

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Mongoose Publishing is going to hold their first Judge Dredd Miniatures Game tourney at their Swindon HQ.

From the announcement:

On April 6th, Apocalypse Mega-City One comes to our Swindon HQ!

Apocalypse Mega-City One is the first official tournament for the Judge Dredd miniatures game. We invite you all to come down with your favourite Judge Dredd force (which can include mercenaries, giving you a huge range of options!) and play through a series of games to find out who is best!

There will be many prizes available, some sneak peeks at new models and games in progress, and a wide variety of scenarios that will take you from the streets of Mega-City One to the Cursed Earth and beyond!

Tickets are just £10 each, and every entrant will receive a free miniature on the day!

Mongoose Publishing is showing off some of the greens for a few upcoming Judge Dredd minis from their successful Kickstarter project. They'll be available soon.

From the preview:

Missed the Judge Dredd Kickstarter but want to see what mdoels were created for it and will be available very soon?

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Mongoose Publishing has their first fleet update for A Call To Arms, their Star Trek starships game.

From the announcement:

We have just posted Fleet Update #1, a free supplement for A Call to Arms: Star Fleet. This exciting issue contains some valuable additons for all fleets, including Escorts and the latest descriptions of the laest ships, such as the Federation Mars-class Battleship and Klingon E5 Corvette. In all, 19 new ships have been added to the game!

Mongoose Publishing released their new Citi-Def Squad for the Judge Dredd Minis Game.
I am the law!!

From the release:

For everyone who has been waiting, the Citi-Def squad is now available! Staffed by weekend warriors, this is a fun force to play in the Judge Dredd miniatures game, as they have a great deal of firepower but it is not always easy getting your soldiers to point their guns in the right direction!

The Citi-Def Squad comes as a set with 8 miniatures, all of which are also available seperately.

Mongoose Publishing gives us a look at the upcoming Yamato and Musashi for Victory at Sea.

From the preview:

Hot from the desk of Sandrine Thirache, her latest creations (the Yamato and Musashi) are currently being previewed on Planet Mongoose.

Both of these ships are heading for the prototyper and, when ready (first quarter 2013), they will be 1/1800 scale models, cast in resin with metal 'detail' parts, with integrated bases.

Mongoose Publishing has released their new Battle of the River Plate set for Victory at Sea over in their webstore.

From the announcement:

A complete Battle of the River Plate set is now available for Victory at Sea, containing the ships Ajax, Achilles, Exeter, and Graf Spee.

A battle that needs no introduction for naval wargaming buffs, this clash saw the Graf Spee trapped and forced to scuttle itself, after a vicious duel with the three British cruisers.

Mongoose Publishing brings you some more Victory At Sea minis.

From the release:

The new Victory at Sea line of 1/1800 ships continues to grow, as we unveil;

HMS York
HMS Leander
HMS Neptune
HMS Ajax
Tribal-class Destroyers

If you order promptly, these ships will be in your hands before Christmas!

Coming in January, the first of the battleships, including Bismarck, Hood and the entire King George V-class!