Acute Paranoia RPG Up On Kickstarter

Ah, Paranoia. It’s the game where you don’t walk on the grass because you’ve not been given Green Clearance by anyone. It’s a classic, and it’s coming back. Recently, the main book was funded through Kickstarter. Now it’s time for all those great supplements. That’s just what we’ve got in this new campaign.
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Modiphius Releases Free Conan RPG Conversion Guide

Pretty much all of us have had a game we love go through an edition change. It can be annoying when you’ve got an older supplement that no longer works for the new rules. You can go about trying to update the rules, yourself, but that can be troublesome. Well, for those that liked the older version of the Conan RPG, Modiphius has released a new D20 to 2D20 Conversion Guide. And it’s free.
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Vehicle Hanbook Now Available To Order For Traveller

You know, if you’re going to be travelling around in Traveller, you could travell with just your feet or you could use a vehicle so your travelling is more… travell… able…
Anyway, if you do want to get into a spiffy new vehicle, you shouldn’t look much further than the Vehicle Handbook, which is now available to pre-order.
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New Judge Dredd Releases Available From Warlord Games

While the recent Judge Dredd movie is very gritty and rather dramatic, the comic for the series was a bit more… well, madcap and fancy-free. How else would you be able to explain giant robots in bright colors and rather cartoonish proportions? There’s nothing inherently wrong with cartoony robots, mind you. Bah, any way, there’s new releases for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game available from Warlord Games.
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Mongoose Publishing Releases New Edition of Traveller RPG

For those that have been around the gaming block a time or two, Traveller needs no introduction.

Ok, for those of you who haven’t been around the gaming block a time or two, Traveller is a sci-fi RPG system, a new version of which was just released in digital form by Mongoose Publishing.
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New Tek Judge on Lawmaster for Judge Dredd Miniatures Game

Street Judges have to be ready for just about anything. This includes having gear that won’t quit on them when they need it the most. That’s where the Tek Judges come in. They’re the mechanics, scientists, and engineers of the Justice Department’s staff.
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State of the Mongoose 2014

Mongoose Publishing has posted up their State of the Mongoose 2014 post over on their blog. In it, they basically go product-by-product through their catalog and give an overview from the previous year, as well as letting you know what they’ve got planned for it this year.
The biggest changes of 2014 came with them having others in charge of minis production, as well as going mostly to eBook formats for their RPGs. This greatly reduced their overhead and has let them emphasize more on the creation of the games they make.


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Paranoia will Destroy ya

Mongoose Publishing is running a Kickstarter campaign for a new version of the classic RPG, Paranoia.
Remember, don’t step on the grass unless you have green access.



From the campaign:

Imagine a world designed by Kafka, Stalin, Orwell, Huxley, Sartre and the Marx Brothers.

Paranoia is a roleplaying game set in a darkly humorous future. In Paranoia, a well-meaning but deranged computer desperately protects the citizens of an underground warren from all sorts of real and imagined enemies. You play one of The Computer’s elite agents. Your job is to search out and destroy the enemies of The Computer. Your worst fear is that The Computer will discover that you are one of these enemies.

Paranoia: A light-hearted game of terror, death, bureaucracies, mad scientists, mutants, dangerous weapons, and insane robots, which encourages players to lie, to cheat, and backstab each other at every turn.

Is that fun? Trust us.

New Victory at Sea releases set sail

Mongoose Publishing expands your fleets with an armada of new Victory at Sea releases.


From the release:

We have just released a veritable fleet of new releases for Victory at Sea, including the long-awaited HMS Nelson and Battle of the Denmark Strait set!

HMS Nelson ’42
Supermarine Walrus

Prinz Eugen
Schelswig Holstein
Fw-200 Condor
Type VII U-Boat
Type IX U-Boat
Type XXI U-Boat

Judge Dredd: Dinosaurs

Mongoose Publishing has released new rules for you to add some Jurassic Park to your Judge Dredd games.


From the post:

This week’s Planet Mongoose rules article for the Judge Dredd miniatures game is Dino Rampage, a set of rules to get toy dinosaurs fighting your lovingly cared for force – and you don’t even need an opponent!

Because everything is better with dinosaurs…

New for Victory at Sea: Orion, Destroyers and Swordfish

Mongoose Publishing has some new releases out for Victory at Sea. Hunt down the enemy with Orion and remember your password with flights of Swordfish.


From the release:

The Victory at Sea range continues to grow, and we have just released four new packs to expand your fleets.

The HMS Orion makes an appearance, rounding out the complete Leander-class, and is accompanied by J, K, and N-class destroyers.

Facing against them is the stalwart 1936A destroyer of the Kriegsmarine, but the Royal Navy always keeps something up its sleeve and in this case it is the first aircraft to be added to the range – the Fairey Swordfish!

The Swordfish models (as with all our aircraft) come with their own stands but can be mounted on standard plastic hexagonal stands if you want a bit of extra altitude on your table!

A Mockery of Justice

Monogoose Publishing posted up rules for two new Shamed Judges for the Judge Dredd Minis Game over on their website.


From the post:

Our regular Friday update of the Judge Dredd miniatures game continues on Planet Mongoose. This week, to coincide with the release of the new Chief Judge Cal’s Personal Retinue set, we have rules for Shamed Judges. Now you too can make a mockery of Mega-City One’s Finest (it is for their own good, really).

Rogue Trooper Meets Judge Dredd

Mongoose Publishing has released their new 2000A.D. minis, including Rogue Trooper and both a Nort and a Souther soldier.


From the announcement:

We have just released the Rogue Trooper blister pack, containing Rogue himself, a Nort Soldier and a Souther Soldier.

And now Planet Mongoose features the rules to get these models into your games of Judge Dredd!

Dredd: Guardians of Justice

Mongoose Publishing has a new feature article up showing off the Guardians of Justice for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game.


From them to you:

Today, Planet Mongoose hosts another of its weekly Dredd articles. This time, it is Guardians of Justice, a range of new Lone Vigilantes for you to try in your games!

Mongoose Publishing posts Judge Dredd: Rolling Thunder scenario

Mongoose Publishing has posted a new Judge Dredd scenario, Rolling Thunder, up on their website.


From the post:

Today, we present a brand new scenario, Rolling Thunder, the first of the new Justice Department Missions. Following a disaster, there is a critical food shortage in some parts of the city which guarantees a rioting crowd. This time, however, they are spearheaded by the Fatties!

Mongoose Publishing posts Random Events Generator for Judge Dredd Miniatures Game

Mongoose Publishing brings a bit of the unexpected to your games of the Judge Dredd Minis game with their Random Events Generator.


From the post:

Planet Mongoose, as always, has the scoop on the Judge Dredd miniatures game – we have just posted brand new rules introducing random events to your games.

Many forces clash in Mega-City One and beyond, each fighting for their values, Credits, or because they are just plain mean. However, firefights are rarely simple affairs and there always seems to be something making life harder for the people of Mega-City One.

Random events introduce this unpredictability into your games. They are a series of arbitrary events and occurrences that players can take advantage of or try their best to avoid!

Check back on Planet Mongoose regularly, as we will be posting new material every Friday.

Judge Dredd – Mechanismo Strike Force Rules posted by Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing has posted up the Mechanismo rules for the Judge Dredd Minis game over on their blog. Go check ’em out.


From the post:

We have a saying here at Mongoose (no, really, we do) – you can never have too many Mechanismo units in your games.

So, it could only be a matter of time before we penned some rules for the Mechanismo Strike Force!

This is just a set of ‘playtest’ rules for now, but check them out and have a few games, and we’ll see if they are worth making an official add-on!

Judge Dredd Starter Box Set Now Available from Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing has their new Judge Dredd starter boxes available for sale over in their webshop.


From the release:

We have just released the Judge Dredd Starter Box Set!

The Judge Dredd starter box set contains everything you need to begin fighting on the streets of Mega-City One and beyond. Two complete forces of Judges and street gangs are included, along with a hardback copy of the rules and two limited edition miniatures available nowhere else!

Judge Dredd is a 28mm skirmish game designed to be quick, easy to learn, and capable of handling the madness that is Mega-City One, from the powerful judges to the lowliest punk or mutant.

Players can choose from a range of forces present in Mega-City One and beyond, from the Judges of the Justice Department itself, to the nastiest street gangs from the worst sectors of the city. Add to this Klegg Invasion Forces, Cursed Earth Desperadoes, Fattie Stampedes and Sky Surfers, and the true madness of Mega-City One is set to hit your tabletop with a bang!

The Starter Box Set Includes:

* 240 page Full Colour Hardback Rulebook
* A complete Justice Department Force
* A complete Street Gang Force
* The Academy of Law Training Guide
* Limited Edition Female Street Punk Leader
* Limited Edition Street Judge with Lawrod

Mongoose Publishing holding Judge Dredd Campaign Day – Nov 23rd

Mongoose Publishing will be having their annual Judge Dredd Campaign Day on November 23rd.
Will you be going?


From the announcement:

On November 23rd, Mongoose Publishing is throwing open its doors to hold an official campaign day for the Judge Dredd miniatures game. One Night in Mega-City One is a yearly Judge Dredd event that pits players against one another in a series of games to decide who has the greatest gang or force in Mega-City One. Each player will start off with a basic force and, using the campaign rules in the rulebook, build that force up with new models, equipment and experienced Heroes. There will also no doubt be opportunities to use Mercenaries, Heroes & Villains and Judges of the World in the games, meaning some of the stars of the Judge Dredd comic strip will be making an appearence!

If you use the DREDD coupon code while ordering through our web site, you will not be charged for postage for the ticket or anything else you order at the same time!

Alternatively, you can call us up at 01793 434488 and book over the phone!

Mongoose Publishing posts Judge Dredd – Mercenary Preview

Mongoose Publishing is showing off how mercenaries work in their latest version of the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. Check out their blog post for details.


From the post:

Planet Mongoose currently has the scoop on how Mercenaries work in the forthcoming Judge Dredd miniatures game rulebook, at print and available later this month.

Mongoose Publishing posts Judge Dredd Rulebook prevew: Talents

Mongoose Publishing is showing off a preview from inside the upcoming Judge Dredd Miniatures Game’s new rulebook with a preview of the Talents system.


From the preview:

Planet Mongoose has the latest preview of the forthcoming rulebook for the Judge Dredd miniatures game. This time round, we take a look at Talents (and a little new surprise for Renegade Robot players!).

You can see the full preview on Planet Mongoose.

Mongoose Publishing previews the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game Rulebook

Mongoose Publishing is showing off some previews of the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game rulebook over on their website.


From the preview:

The all new Judge Dredd miniatures game rulebook is due for release on October 18th and until then we will be running a series of previews on Planet Mongoose that delve into all aspects of the game – you can see the first.

This is a 240 page full colour hardback, with all the rules you need to build a force and take to the streets of Mega-City One in a campaign that will see heroes rise and villains fall (or vice versa!). The core rules are simple and quick to learn, but with enough tactical depth to keep you playing for years to come.

Mongoose Publishing previews Mk III Pat Wagon for Judge Dredd Miniatures Game

Mongoose Publishing is showing off the Mk III Pat Wagon for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game.

From the preview:

After the Lawmaster, the Mk III Pat Wagon is the most commonly sighted Justice Department vehicle seen on the streets of Mega-City One. Designed to be flexible enough to bring the Law to citizen riots and armoured perps, as well as fulfil the grunt work of catch and meat wagon teams, the Mk III Pat Wagon is well respected among Judges for being able to take just about any punishment the streets can give.

Warlord Games and Mongoose Publishing announce Judge Dredd partnership

Warlord Games has announced that they’ll be taking over all manufacturing and distribution for the Judge Dredd Minis game.

From the announcement:

We are delighted to announce an agreement between these two progressive games companies that will see Warlord Games exclusively manufacture and distribute Mongoose Publishing’s Judge Dredd miniatures game.

Managing Director of Mongoose Publishing, Matthew Sprange, “This is a great step for the Judge Dredd miniatures game as we believe Warlord is the premier miniatures company and we have always been huge fans of their work. We have known the chaps working there for many years and look forward to working closely within them for many more.”

Paul Sawyer of Warlord Games: “We are very excited to be working with our old friend Matt on taking the Judge Dredd game to a wider audience . Many of us at Warlord are rabid Dredd and 2000AD fans and are looking forward to helping build on the solid platform built by the Mongoose team”.

Mongoose Publishing releases New Ships for Victory at Sea

Mongoose Publishing greatly expanded their Victory at Sea line with the release of several new ships.

From the announcement:

The 1/1800 scale range of WWII ships for Victory at Sea has expanded once again! This time round, we have the following ships available;

HMS King George V
HMS Prince of Wales
HMS Duke of York
HMS Anson/Howe
Admiral Hipper
Admiral Scheer
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Mongoose Publishing previews new models for Judge Dredd Miniatures Game

Mongoose Publishing posted up some photos of some of the models they’ll be releasing soon for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game.

From the preview:

Planet Mongoose is currently showcasing forthcoming models in the Judge Dredd range, including War Marshal Kazan, Oola Blint, and the Mechanismo units.

Zombie Horde Unleashed for Judge Dredd Miniatures Game

Mongoose Publishing has released their new Zombie Horde for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game.

From the announcement:

The Zombie Horde is now available to everyone who did not join in on the Kickstarter last year!

A zombie horde will almost always outnumber its enemies. It will prove amazingly resilient to damage, but do not expect a great deal in the way of tactical sophistication.

This set contains a complete force for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game, including;

Zombie Mistress
Zombie Judge
Plastic Mantic Zombies with additional Mega-City One parts x 6

New Edition of Block War for Judge Dredd Miniatures Game available from Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing released a new version of Block War for the Judge Dredd Miniatures game over on their website.

From the announcement:

We have just posted a brand new revision of the Block War supplement. As usual, there are all sorts of tweaks and changes, but the highlights include;

* The Zombie Horde now has access to Super Zombies!
* Altered rewards in the rulebook campaigns.
* Dark Judges have revised rules and stats.
* New mercenaries – Chopper, Spikes Harvey Rotten, and War Marshal Kazan.
* Exorcist Judge can now have a go at exorcising the Dark Judges (may Grud have pity on his soul!).
* Mechanismo have new weaponry.
* Mob rules tweaked to curb excesses.
* New Talent trees for bikers and Leaders of Men.
* Famous Firefights – a brand new chapter that lets you play out famous battles from the comic strip. We kick off with a tough fight from the First Robot War and a smattering of punch-ups from the reign of Chief Judge Cal!

Mongoose Publishing holding first ever Star Fleet’s Finest tourney June 15th

Mongoose Publishing will be holding their first ever tourney for A Call To Arms. They’re calling it Star Fleet’s Finest.

From the announcement:

On June 15th, we are throwing open our doors for the premier A Call to Arms: Star Fleet tournament – Star Fleet’s Finest!

This is where the elite admirals get together and demonstrate their tactical prowess (or not, as the case may be), and is always an easy, fun event with plenty of prizes, good games, and great company!

If you use the coupon code FLEET when purchasing your ticket, you will not be charged any postage!

Hood and Bismarck for Victory at Sea released by Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing has released two of the most famous ships to ever ply the oceans: the Hood and the Bismarck.

From the announcement:

We have just released two of the mightiest warships to ever duel on the high seas – Bismarck and HMS Hood. As with all ships in the growing Victory at Sea range, these ships are cast in resin with integrated bases, use a small sprue of metal parts for details (and we include an extra/back up sprue, just in case you lose the first!), and come in 1/1800 scale.

You can find both new ships, along with the rest of the current range at;

Coming next… all vessels of the King George V class!

Mongoose Publishing overhauls their mail order system

Mongoose Publishing overhauled their mail order system for their games.

From the update:

We just wanted to fill everyone in on some recent changes we have made here at Mongoose to our mail order system, in our ongoing quest to provide you with a quicker and more comprehensive service.
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Meerkat Slammers, a new card game on Kickstarter from Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund Meerkat Slammers, a new card game.

From the campaign:

A madcap and chaotic card game that is fun for the whole family!

Meerkat Slammers is a fast paced, riotous, free-for-all, for 2 – 4 players (but only the quickest and most observant player will win). This is a game we have been working on for some time now, and all art, development, and playtesting is done – the game is ready to go!

What we don’t know is whether anybody wants a card game featuring some furious Meerkats! Therefore, we have created a little Kickstarter project to test the waters. We have plenty of updates planned, showcasing each of the Meerkats involved in their tribal struggle. If we reach our (very modest) goal, then the game will be sent to print the same the Kickstarter project ends, and all backers will have their Meerkat Slammers game in their hands a few short weeks after.

On Kickstarter now you can get a first look at the rules and game play, as well as some marvelous Meerkat goodies exclusive to this Kickstarter project!

Play Unplugged Review – Battle of the River Plate

Play Unplugged has another review up on their website. This one’s for the Battle of the River Plate from Victory at Sea.

From the review:

“Navy” Dave Spurlock makes his Play Unplugged debut! In this review Dave looks at the Battle of the River Plate miniature set from Mongoose publishing!

Manta Prowl Tank on Pre-Order from Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing has started taking down names of those of you who want their new Manta Prowl Tank for the Judge Dredd Minis game as soon as it’s available. Be the first gamer on your block with this new tank when it’s released.

From the announcement:

Good news for fans of Judge Dredd today – the Manta Prowl Tank (one of the largest vehicles in Mega-City One, and certainly the largest we have ever done) is now shipping to our Kickstarter backers and is available for pre-orders.

The Manta Prowl Tank is a mobile floating fortress of anti-crime measures, striking fear into the heart of the most desperate perp and fully capable of dealing with entire riots by itself.

Pre-orders will start shipping at the end of April.

We also have the Demonic Cabal available right now.

The Demonic Cabal is a suitable force for anyone who likes their games a little less predictable. Sometimes you will find everything works out for you and summonings go off without a hitch. During other fights, you may find your cabalists are their own worst enemy!

Play Unplugged Unboxing – Rogue Trooper Promo Miniatures

Play Unplugged has posted another of their Unboxing articles. This one’s for the Rogue Trooper promo minis from Mongoose Publishing.

From the article:

Mongoose Publishing recently completed a successful Kickstarter to create a miniature game based on the Rogue Trooper comic. Rogue Trooper is a comic series that is part of the 2000 AD family of characters along with the likes of Judge Dredd, The ABC Warriors, and Nemesis the Warlock. Mongoose will be attempting to continue their success with the 2000 AD license (specifically Judge Dredd) with this new product line.

Enrico got his hands on some of the miniatures featured in the Rogue Trooper Miniature Game promotional materials. Let’s take a look at them!