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Modiphius Entertainment

Modiphius has announced that they will be releasing Ironsworn: Starforged. Originally only available to Kickstarter backers from creator Shawn Tomkin, Modiphius will be making a generalized release in
The vaults are opening and people are heading back out into the lands blasted by nuclear fallout. The creatures that were left outside certainly are the same as when humans went underground. And it's
Hellfire Club Mug
If you're a fan of Gearbox Entertainment's Homeworld Universe, then Modiphius has some exciting news for you (even if you're not, you still probably want to take a look). They've announced Homeworld:
Want to construct your own Starfleet ship? Then the Utopia Planitia sourcebook for Star Trek Adventures is for you. Modiphius has started taking pre-orders for a couple different versions of the book
After the bombs fell, all the various creatures and ecosystems outside the vaults were subject to massive amounts of radiation. It changed things in ways nobody could predict and created savage creatu
A new core set is coming soon for The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms. It's the rag-tag group known as the Bandits. You can get your name on the list to get this new set as soon as it's available by headi
The next chapter in the ongoing saga of Arrakis is coming. It's Masters of Dune and it's the next campaign for the Dune RPG from Modiphius. You can pre-order your copy now. Either play it as a stand-a
Modiphius' RPGs are known for the 2d20 system they use. Well, Modiphius is wanting to celebrate the system and all things RPG on July 20th. More than just a sale, they've got a whole set of things lin
Another new core box set is making its way to your tabletops soon for The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms from Modiphius. Fighting against those vampires from earlier today, we have the Dawnguard and thei
There's a new resin core set coming soon for The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms, the fantasy miniatures game from Modiphius. They're the Vampires and they're ready to drain the blood of all who stand in
Want to get a look at the newest RPG coming from Modiphius and make sure it's as good as possible? Then you should head over to their website and sign up to be part of the Cohors Cthulhu playtest. You
The bombs fell. People headed into the vaults. Time passed. Now, you've gotta get back out there into that wasteland. If you're wanting to play the Fallout RPG but aren't sure where to start, Modiphiu
Sure, lots of games let you be the cool, suave, debonair spy. But how many let you be the cool henchmen on the bad guy's side? Not quite so many. But that's just what SPECTRE: The Board Game lets you
Getting the Collector's Edition books for the Dune RPG from Modiphius would be pretty cool. Getting them for free would be even cooler. And that's what you can do if you make a qualifying purchase fro
The fuhrer has himself his own, personal train. It's gotta be loaded with all sorts of treasure and critical information. It's not gonna be easy, but getting in and out is worth the risks. That's wher
Looking to bring the characters from Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery into your games of Star Trek Adventures? Now you can, quickly and easily with the Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Character Pack, av
"Just the facts, ma'am." I know, different television show, but it's the angle that Modiphius took when creating the Star Trek Adventures Rules Digest. It's a new, more compact version of the rules fo
The Tricorder Collector's Box for Star Trek Adventures has a whole ton of special material that was only available within. But what if you wanted that stuff but wanted it digitally? Well, now you're i
Woooooooah! We're halfway there! Wooooooo-OH! We're still halfway the-ere! Yeah. It's Wednesday. Is the week going by quickly for anyone else? I woke up and it was like, "Dang. Week's half done alread
Interested in the Celtic-inspired game of Legends of Avallen? Want to see what the game's all about and maybe get a look at how the game runs? Good news! Modiphius has released a free PDF Quickstart G
Deep in enemy territory, a group of fighters must disrupt a strange ritual. But when their contact goes cold and the enemy starts closing in, things get really dicey. That's where players find themsel
There's a new bold place for you to boldly go to in Star Trek Adventures. Modiphius has released a new adventure for the game. It's called Storms of Kiselia 7 and you can go get your copy now.
Modiphius is well known for their Weird War II setting, Achtung! Cthulhu. Well, now they're headed back a bit further in time, but keeping that same, Lovecraftian feel. They've announced Cohors Cthulh
The world of Kult is getting a big boost. Modiphius has a bunch of new releases available, in several different formats and editions. Head through and check out all these new products.
A new era of exploration is opening up in Star Trek Adventures with the new sourcebook based on the Star Trek: Discovery part of the franchise. The new guide is up for pre-order now in both a regular