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Battlefront has more than just their Stripes book available for pre-order for Team Yankee. They've also got a trio of army bundles. If you're looking to start in on the game, or just get yourself a ne
So, while WWIII is still a fantasy, Battlefront is taking orders for Stripes, their new book for Team Yankee. It's actually... well... the Yankees. No, not the baseball team. But the Americans. You ca
It's Friday! Gateway to the weekend.I'm... just kinda chilling. Yeah... just chilling. Not gonna really go anywhere. Not really gonna do anything special. Just... chill. I think it's a good idea to do
Halfway there.We're halfway to getting back to the weekend. Methinks I'm going to take it easy this weekend. I found out my LGS is going to be absolutely packed with several events running for games I
Not every operation that the military does is going to be known to the public. There's all sorts of deeply covert missions going on all the time using teams of super-highly-trained soldiers. These var
The work week rolls along (that's a pun for my friend Gavin who just dumped a bunch of ball bearings on the floor, apparently). We're another step closer to that always-anticipated weekend (at least,
We're already halfway through the week. Having Monday off certainly helps with that. But as we continue our way through the week, I know I could still use a bit of a pick-me-up. So I'm going to nosh o
There's a new book coming out for Team Yankee. It's called Red Thunder, and as you'd expect from them, they're having a whole day dedicated to features for it. That day, by the way, is tomorrow. It st
Would you believe the year is half-over already? Yeah. As we stand on the cusp of July, the first half of the year is behind us. Is it going by fast for you, too? It certainly has for me. Personally,
The week continues along. We'll get back to that ever-loving weekend soon. Just another couple of days and it'll be time once more. And I'm sure a lot of people in the US are going to be celebrating t
Afghanistan has a pretty long history of conflict. For around a decade, it was the Russians that were trying to go in and take over the place. It didn't turn out so well for them. But how did a techno
The weekend is just about upon us, everyone. For those in the States, it's a 3-day weekend for many. Here's to hoping that you've got some gaming plans lined up, along with whatever other activities y
The Russians are coming!The Russians are coming!They're coming for Team Yankee in Red Thunder, and Battlefront has started taking pre-orders for the new kits over in their webshop.BTR-60 Company (TSBX
Busy weeks tend to be fast weeks. This is a busy week, and therefore it is a fast week. I can't believe it's Wednesday already. Soon, it will once again be the weekend. Have you gotten your plans set?
Hey kids. We have made it. It's Friday at last. This certainly has been an eventful week. It's also gone by quickly, at least for me. I hope everyone at Adepticon is having a good time. If you're not
The week continues to just crawl on by. Man, I've not felt a week has taken this long for quite a while. I feel like I should be typing up the Friday Snippets instead of the Thursday Terrain Corner. B
Is this week going by slowly for everyone else, too, or is it just me? I don't know if it's because I'm working from home as the new office continues to be set up, or if it's just that this week is on
It's Thursday and I'm at home. The Office Move continues, with much of the furniture making its way to the new building. But since the new place isn't quite ready yet, many of us are working from home
You know, you want to have your troops well-armed to take on numerous potential adversaries. The East German Mot-Schützen platoons certainly are. From several different types of anti-tank weapons to n
In modern warfare (and it has actually been this way since about WWII), you have to make sure that enemy air power doesn't hinder your ground forces too much. You can have your own planes try and neut
The weekend is pretty much upon us. We just need to finish up this afternoon and we'll be there. Do you have plans? I'm still unsure. Though I think I want to make a cheesecake, because it's been a wh
During wartime, you will often see equipment get hasty upgrades, looking to make those particular items better than they were coming right off the line. In this case, several T-55 tanks were upgraded
Infantry are very versatile out on the battlefield. They can go through most forms of terrain, search buildings, hold ground, and be armed with many different weapons in order to take on a variety of
So, we've seen a couple different vehicles lately for the East German forces in Team Yankee, but those APCs need to carry around someone, right? Well, that's where the Mot-Schützen Kompanie comes in,
Versatility is important in production. If you can create an item that can be quickly adapted to fill different roles, that's good, as it will increase production speeds since you don't have to keep r