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Aaaaaand it's Monday and we're back in the office.
Hopefully your job isn't one where the above statement is a tragedy.
You can always reminisce about the gaming that occurred over the weekend. You did get some gaming in, right?

Hopefully you did. And hopefully if you were a minis gamer, you had some good terrain. If not (or if you just want to add to your terrain collection), we've got our Terrain Corner segment for you.

In this batch we have: New Chaos Terrain from Games Workshop, Heroic Maps - Spacecraft: The Magpie, and Terrain at ModelEarth new releases.

This week, we are certain to see lots of awesome-looking terrain tables during Gen Con. If you want your table to look as good, you'll probably want to check out what sort of terrain is being offered up by various vendors. Conveniently, we've put all of those together in one place for you here online.

In today's Terrain Corner we have: New 4Ground Parish Church & Accessories, Deep-Cut Studio releases new gaming mat for post-apocalyptic settings, New Terrain preview from ModelEarth, Pwork Releases the Lifeless Land Wargame Mat, and Angry Mojo Games July Releases Part 1: Wild West Terrain.

Did anyone else's weekend just fly by? Heck, all of last week seemed to just rocket by. I usually end up with the same checkout clerk at the grocery store, since I go fairly early on Saturdays and there's only a couple lanes open. I remember saying, "... didn't we just do this?" Her week had gone by pretty fast, too. So it wasn't just me.
But whether or not it's gone by in an instant, or leisurely strolled its way by, we've made it once again to Monday.
... yay?

Well, one thing we can celebrate is a good-looking gaming table. That's what this post is all about. It's today's Terrain Corner.

In this batch we have: Acheson Creations Releases the Alpine Trench Section #4, New Heroic Maps: Wardenhale Public Spaces Released, Games Workshop Taking Orders for New Age of Sigmar Terrain, Novus Design 28mm Medieval Range Now Available, ProMatz - The worlds first customizable industrial grade gaming mat on Kickstarter, and ModelEarth posts latest terrain releases.

Back to the daily grind here on Monday. I've brought in cookies and cheesecake to the office that I made over the weekend. I probably shouldn't have a whole cheesecake and 2 dozen cookies sitting at home. I'm already pushing my way out of "Gamer Medium" into "Gamer Large" as it is.

I wouldn't recommend trying to eat any of this terrain I'm about to tell you about, though. Best to just use it to enhance your gaming.

In this batch we've got: ModelEarth releases new Dungeon system, Brigade Models Release 2mm Roman Temples, and GameCraft Miniatures releases 8 new brownstones.


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