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Model Display Products

Model Display Products gives your models a firm foundation with their new bases.SourceFrom the release:Model Display Products have just updated the Gaming Bases and Gaming Accessories sections on thei
Model Display Products has been busy lately. They've got some new Alien Terrain bases, as well as getting restocked on a lot of their other products.From the announcement:MDP have finally caught up wi
Model Display Products has a couple new models they're releasing over on their website.From the release:We are still beavering away here at MDP and the latest additions to the website are a selection
Model Display Products has been silent recently, but they've still been working hard. Here's what they've been working on:From them to you:It has been a busy couple of months for MDP and only now have
Model Display Products helps out with your template needs with their new steamcog rings.From the update:Model Display Products and Firestorm Games have teamed up to design a set of Steam Cogs for use
Model Display Products has a trio of things to show off for their March releases. Leaving your models on just empty bases would be uncivilized.From the release:March for MDP sees the release of 3 new
Model Display Products vants to suck your blooood!I actually just finished doing a paper on Dracula for a Sociology class. Interesting stuff. The model's better than my paper, though.From the release:
Model Display Products has a new set of Regal Stone bases in 30, 40 and 50mm. Those would look great on some of my figs... or under them, as it were.From the announcement.It has been a busy couple of
Model Display Products releases a new set of terrain bases:From their post:Here at Model Display Products we thought we would start off the New Year by adding to our range of Round Lip Gaming Bases wi
Model Display Products are very pleased to announce the release of their very first bust:From their website:This is a very characterful bust titled "The Old Gnome" and is approximately 50mm tall. We h
Model Display Products are pleased to announce the next in line of their 54mm scale figures by War Griffon Miniatures. This month they bring you Anastasia the Bride:
Model Display Products are pleased to announce the latest addition to their range of round (Sci-fi style) bases:From their announcement:With the release of 1 x 25mm set, 2 x 40mm sets and a 60mm round
Model Display Products Products Announces New Releases:From their announcement:MDP are pleased to announce the release of two new sets of gaming bases.The first is a set of 30, 40 and 50mm round lip b