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Model Dads

Time ever-marches onward! Well... as far as we know, anyway. I guess time could stop for a while and if we were stopped along with it, we'd never really know it'd happened. Unless you were some sort o
I, as I mentioned in my post yesterday, am more-than-likely playing 2nd edition D&D when this will be posted to the site.Some friends I know have a long-running campaign and the DM is writing me in as
Funko Pop! Baby Yoda
We've got another Saturday here on TGN and that means a collection of the review stories we found throughout the week. What are others saying about the games you're interested in playing? Read on to f
Time for another Review Roundup here on TGN. Here's the review articles we found this week and thought you'd like to check out.Here's a list of the games/products on review this week.-Heroes of Norman
Model Dads has a new video review up. In this episode, he takes a look at Skytrex's 15mm Wermacht Ancillary AFVs.SourceFrom the website:Model Dads continues their look at Skytrex's range of ancillary
Model Dads goes 15mm with this latest video review as they take a look at the Push for the Rhine scenario from MarkIV Miniatures.SourceFrom them to you:More 15mm real-estate…this time it’s MarkIV Mini
Model Dads has a new video review up. This time it's the StuG G boxed set from Battlefront.Source
Model Dads has posted up a new review video. This time it's Plastic Solder Company's 15mm Early War German Infantry.SourceFrom the post:The Plastic Soldier Company's new 15mm Early War German Infantry
Model Dads takes a look at some of the 15mm Normandy buildings from Najewitz Modellbau and gives us their thoughts on the situation in this new video review.SourceFrom the website:New flat-packed self
Model Dads posted up a new video review. This time it's Warpainter's Flockbox.SourceFrom the post:Model Dads charge up the generators to field test Warpainter’s Mark III Flockbox…
Model Dads gives you the tools necessary to create authentic terrain pieces with their decal sets.SourceFrom them to you:If you don’t own a set of Model Dad’s Normandy: Mines, Signs and Maps decals (7
Model Dads takes a look at various bits and bobs from Baueda in their latest video review.SourceFrom the post:Model Dads take a look at a sample of Baueda’s existing range of 15mm scenic bases, object
Model Dads gives us a look inside Wargames Illustrated at the article talking about Operation Barbarossa for Flames of War.SourceFrom the post:Model Dads slips between the pages of September’s Wargame
Model Dads takes a look at the 15mm Carius' JagdTiger and crew from Battlefront in this new video.SourceFrom the post:Model Dads returns for the new term fresh-faced and full of beans to take a closer
Model Dads posted a new review video. This time it's 2 of Zvezda's reconnaissance plane kits.SourceIn this episode:Up, up and away with 2 new reconnaissance aircraft from Zvezda…
Model Dads makes it back to the news crawl with a review of AK-Interactive's Realistic Wood Effects.SourceFrom the post:Time to get back on the review wagon with a look at AK-Interactive’s useful rang
Model Dads takes a look at the AK Interactive Airbrush Essentials DVD and gives you their thoughts on the situation.SourceFrom the post:Thanks to AK-Interactive we are able to sit down and watch their
Model Dads has a video review of Skirmish Sangin from Radio Dishdash up.SourceFrom the review:With the recent release of Sangin Dispatches No. 1, we take a retrospective at Skirmish Sangin
Model Dads takes a look at AK Interactive's Soviet War Colors 1936-45 book and gives you their thoughts on the subject in their latest video review.SourceFrom the review:Were all Soviet tanks really 4
Model Dads posted another of their video reviews. This one's for The Plastic Soldier Company's 15mm British Infantry.SourceFrom the review:Fall in you ‘orrible shower! Time for a gander at PSC’s lates
Model Dads takes a look at the 15mm resin fortifications and buildings from Eureka Miniatures and gives you their thoughts on the subject.SourceFrom the review:Model Dads arrives in the Land Down Unde
Model Dads posted up another in their video review series. This one's for Terrains4Games' resin and Premium 15mm scenery kits.SourceFrom the review:Model Dads pays a visit to one of Poland’s oldest an
Model Dads is back to their reviewing here in the new year as they take a look at some minis from Heer46.SourceFrom the review:Model Dads kicks of the New Year and heads West to see what Heer 46 have
Model Dads takes a look at a pair of vehicle kits from Warlord Games for Bolt Action in this latest video review.SourceFrom the review:Model Dads gives Warlord Games’ 1/56th plastic Sd Kfz 251/10 ausf
Model Dads have posted up a new video review. This one's for Plastic Soldier Company's Weathering Washes.SourceFrom the review:Our practice panzer Erika gets down and dirty with The Plastic Solider Co