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The relaunch of Blood Bowl is ever-approaching. I know a lot of people are excited about that. Despite only being fan-driven for years now, side companies have made a living by creating alternate team
Friiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaay!!Woooo!I hope everyone's got some gaming scheduled for the weekend. I've got some minis to put together from DreamForge-Games, myself. Should be a good time.Anyway, we've got our
MK1881 is in their final couple days on Indiegogo for their Honos Pro Cult Elf Fantasy Sports Team.Go get them before the final buzzer.SourceFrom the campaign:Both campaigns are now fully funded. Seve
MK1881 has made it to their funding goal and then some in their Dark Elf Fantasy Sports Team Indiegogo campaign. They've got some photos up of the exclusive field you can get, as well as a painted sam
MK1881 launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund a new Dark Elf Fantasy Football team.Note: Not all minis are safe for work.SourceFrom the campaign:MK1881 Miniatures is the new miniature line fr