Legion of the Cow launches Black Sailors Kickstarter

Legion of the Cow Ltd set sail for their Black Sailors Kickstarter campaign. They’ve already busted through several stretch goals.


From the campaign:

Woa! The third SG. Dudes, you´re awesome!!! So for now on, every backer buying Guruk the first mate will get this Kickstarter exclusive accessories !

Black Sailors- Pirates, Orcs, Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter Preview

Legion of the Cow ltd is showing off a preview of their upcoming Kickstarter campaign for a line of Orc Pirate miniatures.


From the campaign:

Build your own Pirate crew! Incredible sculptures with tremendous personality and detail for hobbyists, painters and collectors alike!!

Minx Studio posts up new WIPs for Soda Pop Miniatures

Ninja Division posted up some WIP photos sent to them of how things are coming along with the painting for some of the minis that Minx Studios are working on.


From the post:

Minx Studio, the painting Studio for Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures has been busy! They just posted up WIPs for the newest miniatures in the Takoashi University Miniatures Line and Relic Knights, Candy’s Relic! Take a look!

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Final hours for Minx Studio Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter

Minx Studio is in their final hours over on Kickstarter for their Fantasy Miniatures campaign. They’re over their goal, so it’s looking to get some stretch goals broken before the clock runs out.


From the campaign:

To Start it off, we have the Completed Dark Knight!

We deviated from the concept slightly because the pose ended up covering the nice chest detail we felt would be nice to see, we also decided to make him half daemonic, and so gave him a daemonic arm and spines ripping through his armour

Minx Studios unites with Albion’s Legacy to create Arthurian legends

Lynnvander and Minx Studios have teamed up as part of the Albion’s Legacy Kickstarter campaign. There’s a little under a week left to get to the minis stretch goal. Will they make it?

Albions Legacy


From the campaign:

Arthurian legend kept true to spirit combined with a challenging board game play style.

A new partnership agreement will have Minx Studios sculpting the miniatures for the game in standard 30-32mm gaming scale.

Relic Knights – Doctrine Painting Progress

Ninja Division has posted up some progress shots some some painted-up Relic Knights minis.



From the post:

Our friends at Minx Studios have been hard at work on some of the new plastics from the upcoming release of Relic Knights; Darkspace Calamity. These are some “in – progress” shots of the progression from basic prepared plastic miniatures through the painting process. We are looking forward to showing more as we get them. Check out the photos of the Doctrine Battle Box.

Minx Studio previews Witch green

Minx Studio is showing off the completed green for The Witch, one of the stretch goals in their Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter campaign.

The Witch


From the preview:

Here are the final photos of our second stretch goal miniature, the Witch! She will be fully removable from the skull and comes with an optional (and stylish) hat!

Fantasy Miniatures Stretch Goals adjusted for More Value

Minx Studio adjusted their stretch goals in their Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter campaign to bring you more.

Minx Studios


From the update:

More free minis, added value, decreased stretch goals distance, added new characters!!

At $27,500 Magical Adventure Pack backers have the opportunity to pick up high quality resin minis for less than $10/each with all the freebies!

RPG Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter launched by Minx Studio

Minx Studio launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new fantasy RPG minis. They’re over their goal already, so it’s stretch goals for the next 16 days.

Fantasy Minis


From the campaign:

Wizards, Warriors, Pirates, Paladins, Minotaurs and more. Versatile Resin Fantasy miniatures for your tabletop wargames and RPGs!
Versatile, Paintable and Just Plain Simple!

Designed to fit in with a wider variety of games, universes and roles, our miniatures use general themes present in all fantasy realms.

Minx Studio coming to Kickstarter

Minx Studio will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a new line of fantasy miniatures.

Minx Studio


From the post:

A quick view of the starting miniatures for the kickstarter, we will be revealing close ups and different angles of each miniature, every day or so up until the kickstarter campaign launches!!

Be sure to check back frequently for updates!!!