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MiniWarGaming has some free DVDs they're giving away over on their website. Hurry up, though, there's only a few left.
Also, there's a video that auto-plays when you load the page. You've been warned.


From the announcement:

Hello all, in collaboration with Miniwargaming we just released our very first DVD terrain tutorial on how to design, texture, detail and paint gaming surface and fill it with awesome looking terrains! The DVD also features water effects tutorial and Tomb World gaming surface tutorial. And the best thing of all is that it's FREE for grabs while the stocks last.
Enjoy and thanks for reading!

MiniWarGaming needs your help over on IndieGoGo. Be a part of a new gaming world. Here's some concept art to entice you.

From the announcement:

MiniWarGaming has recently launched their first IndieGoGo fundraising campaign to help fund their first line of miniatures in their Post Apocalyptic miniature wargame.

Their initial goal was to hit $10,000, but within 48 hours they have raised over $30,000.

Matthew Glanfield, one of the co-owners of MiniWarGaming commented "The support from the community has been absolutely amazing. Our goal now is to raise at least $40,000 so we can start the game off with a couple of fully playable factions. We are completely excited at the positive reaction from the general wargaming community."

The IndieGoGo campaign is set to go for a full 30 days, and takes contributions from all over the world via PayPal and credit card.