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Miniatures of the North

Well, as you are reading this, I will be sitting in a repair shop waiting room, getting a coolant leak on my car fixed. Fun times. In order to drown out the sound of daytime TV that's playing, I'm going to take the time to listen to some gaming podcasts. If you're in a dull and mentally-draining place like I am, perhaps you can stave off total brain-death by listening to some engaging podcasts as well. Which ones? Well, I'm glad you asked.

In today's Podcast Roundup we've got: Game Classy 106: Really Stupid Looking Wulfen, Man Battlestations Podcast Ep 3: Class "C" Naval Games & Carrier Ops, Plaid Hat Games Podcast Ep 197: Just Do It - Make the game, Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 39: Real Time, Meeples & Miniatures podcast Ep 164: Lords & Lands/Wargames Illustrated, and News of the North – 2016-02-02.

The manic situation that is Monday has progressed into the calmer, more gentle Tuesday (or at least, I hope it's more gentle for you). The rest of the work week is ahead and you could use some help getting through it. And if you're tired of listening to your co-worker's pop music, grab your headphones and listen to some gaming podcasts.

Today we have: Blue Peg Pink Peg Episode 65- Orleans & Evolution of a Gamer, Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 38 Q&A, Privateer Press Primecast Episode 26, D&D Podcast: Chris Perkins and Tracy Hickman on Curse of Strahd, and News of the North – 2016-01-26.

Miniatures of the North is showing off a pair of photos for test sculpts they're working on.


From the post:

I'm sculpting a great variety of things at the moment, mostly tests and proof of concepts for various projects. Here's an idea I knocked out in about an hour...

LOTS of other sculpts but I can't publish it here yet: my stuff has a good habit of appearing on news blogs and forums and occasionally being taken out of context.

Miniatures of the North got their new Techno Communion casts in to their shop.


From the announcement:

Emails have gone out to all the folks waiting on their sets and I have about 18 left over, anyone who fancies a set ping me an email:

These are quite popular miniatures so they might not last long.

I'd previously reported that the thumb on the Synaxarion (Machine Speaker) had been broken off and all the subsequent casts lacked a thumb. Turns out, upon receipt of the latest batch of casts, it technically hadn't.. all casts actually do have a thumb!

This was discovered when the latest batch of casts went through quality control, one had a green epoxy resin thumb lodged into a metal hand – the thumb had broken off an was stuck in the mold cavity. It took a good 35+ spins of the mold to get it out! Sigh...

Miniatures of the North spun up some test casts of their upcoming Techno Communion miniatures. Go have a look.


From the preview:

Test casts for the Techno Communion.

Probably like most sculptors when the casts come in I'm aghast at them: nooooo, all my work ruined.

Scrub them up then remove the powder/mold release agent however and they begin to grow on you. Glue them together and give them a black wash and they start to take shape (I missed some major mold lines in my haste, grrrr).

One flaw on these – the Synaxarion is missing a thumb on his right hand, broken off during mold making. This is a major no go as far as I'm concerned... if I was trying to run a commercial business. I'm not though... but I will need to reduce and price on them to compensate.

Flaw aside I still think these are cool.

Miniatures of the North has some new Tox Trooper artwork up over on their website. Go take a look at what they've got coming out next.

From the website:

Another couple of designs I've done with marker on bleed proof paper. They'll be touched up digitally in the future for use in an 'official' capacity.

As with my previous post these will probably be realised in 6mm first but I'll create rough 28mm scale mock ups

Miniatures of the North gives us a look on their workbench with some photos of the Marines they're working on.

From the preview:

Miniatures of the North have posted a preview of their test sculpt for a new line - Marines

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Miniatures of the North has some previews up of what they've got going on over in their workshop.

From the update:

Miniatures of the north have published a number of preview sculpts.

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Anvil Industry has 2 new releases up for their Miniatures of the North line as well as giving us a look at their upcoming sniper rifle.

From the update:

Anvil Industry is proud to offer two new figure sets from Miniatures of the North-

Cultists - Five different figures with a range of Knives and Pistols to choose from.

Imperial Borderer Grenadiers - With heavy plate armour and Sub-Machine Guns, Three figures with separate leg components, allowing for a wide variety of poses.

We also have a preview of a new Sniper Rifle, which is part of an upcoming new wave of weapon releases from Anvil Industry.

Miniatures of the North has some painted pictures of the Crowmantians for you to look at and become inspired to paint your own.

Anvil Industry has some new Crowmantian Militia plus a painted photo of their Imperial Borderers up. Check 'em out.

From them to you:

A new "Miniatures of the North" product is now available through Anvil Industry - Crowmantian Militia
We also have some new photos of the Imperial Borderers painted up and ready for war

Miniatures of the North is previewing some more of their Crowmantian models. They've got a group shot of a squad as well as a WIP of a cultist.

From the preview:

The second squad from MOTN is about to be sent off to Anvil for mold making and production.

A preview of WIP cultists is also on show.

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Anvil Inudstry has released some new Miniatures of the North models: Imperial Borderers squad and the Investigator.

From the release:

Anvil Industry is pleased to offer some new figures from Miniatures of the North.

Now available -A squad of "Imperial Borderers" and the "Occult Investigator".

More information on the plans for this alternative Sci-fi range can be found on the Miniatures of the North Blog

Miniatures of the North gives us a look at what they're working on over in their studio: The Occult Investigator.

From the preview:

Through the crumbling catacomb ruins of the seven titanic Alpha cities to the forgotten temples of the desert and jungle belts, curios investigators peer into to forbidden shadow regions and encounter dark mind rending beings of terrible power.

Either accompanied by a cheap, worn out automata servant or a squad of Imperial troops, these investigators probe the mysteries of Helot Prime and the dark secrets the planet holds...

Miniatures of the North is close to releasing their first products. Here's a look at what they've got in store.

From them to you:

The long gestating Miniatures of the North looks set to finally emerge into the cold light of day.

No word on release dates yet but production agreements are being negotiated.

A new blog had been set up for announcements and work in progress projects.

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