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Miniature Building Authority

Happy Friday Eve. I know I'm excited for the upcoming weekend. I've got D&D and hopefully we can finish the adventure arc we're currently on. Just a bard leading a march on a city full of racist slavers. You know, your average faire. When you're out gaming this weekend, I hope your gaming tables look good. Let's help out with that.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Gothic Ruins Map Available From Deep-Cut Studio, Heroic Maps - Storeys: Down The Well Now Available, Urban Ruins Set 1-2 Available From Pwork Wargame, and Miniature Building Authority Running Harbor Town Kickstarter.

Welcome back, everyone. I hope you all had a safe and happy 4th of July, whether you celebrated anything special or not. I had a good time playing D&D and then watching the Great British Baking Show, just as our Founding Fathers would've wanted, I'm sure.
Also, my time sense is all screwed up. Yesterday I was off of work and played D&D, but it wasn't Saturday. And today I'm not at the office, because I took the rest of this week off, but it's not Sunday, and... yeah, just craziness.
But it is Thursday and that means a Terrain Corner for you!

Today we have: New Abyss Black Game Mat From Deep-Cut Studio, Miniature Building Authority is Celebrating July 4th with a 15% off Store-wide Sale, BIO-CRAFT Supersized Sci-Fi Gaming Terrain or 3D STL Files On Kickstarter, and Brigade Models - New 6mm Sci-Fi Underground Buildings.

It's Thursday, but it also kinda feels like a Friday. Reason being that tomorrow's posts will be made from home in the morning before taking the rest of the day off. So I've got that going for me. Hopefully gonna help a friend put together some Guild Ball models and just hang out. Might even put some paint on my own teams. Haven't figured it all entirely out yet, but gaming will be involved. And where there's gaming, there's probably terrain as well. So let's make your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Orc Kustom Workshop Available From Tabletop Scenics, The Shattered Shards 3D Printable Fantasy War Games Scenery Up On Kickstarter, Miniature Building Authority Shantytown Kickstarter Launches Today, Acheson Creations' Kongo Afrika Kickstarter Launches Tomorrow, M3Studios' Website is Online, and New Haven State Prison Terrain Available to Pre-Order From Plastcraft.

Well, I don't know about you, but my week's already been pretty full of gaming stuff, mostly yesterday. I ended up having my order from Miniature Market come in (containing the Curse of the Statuettes adventure), and then Ray got back from Origins and I got some Muse on Minis tokens for Guild Ball as well as some expansions for Ascension. Now... just need to get to the weekend where I'll be able to really take a look at all of it, and maybe manage to get them some use.
For that, I need to stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Advanced Deployment Anniversary Sale Happening Now, BattleScribe 2.01 Released, Sergei 76 Available soon From Klukva Miniatures, Eldertree Gaming Releases New Dice Towers, Commissar Elizabeth Raven Available From Brother Vinni, Stray Dog Minis now available from Miniature Building Authority, Imperial Books of Salvation Available From Kromlech, Dragons Conquer America Legacy Campaigns Coming to Kickstarter October 2017, and Final Days for Samhain Board Game On Kickstarter.

Much of the week was going along just fine. But I don't know why, but I felt like yesterday should've been Thursday already. I mean, I was in my Wednesday shirt and all, and the first part of the week seemed to be moving along at a normal pace. But then... yeah, didn't we just do Thursday yesterday? Apparently not, because today's Thursday. And that means we need to make your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Menhir Games Posts The Reinforced Concrete Bunker Kickstarter preview, Pwork Wargames Fantasy Football Mats Now Available, New Game mats for Runewars from Deep-Cut Studio, Heroic Maps - Modular Kit: Dark Starship Corridors Now Available, and Miniature Building Authority is out of the 15mm market.

And just like that, we've made it to Thursday. The weekend is almost within our grasp. Hopefully you have gaming-related plans. This weekend is the first Board Game Day up at the Milton Library for the year. They took last November and December off, but they're back once again. If you don't have an LGS that you can go and play at, perhaps talk to your local library about getting a Games Day going there.

As for the exact moment, we need to make sure your gaming tables look as good as possible.

In the Terrain Corner today we have: Baueda Releases New Drums, Barrels, and Casks; Manorhouse Workshop Update 11 - Forgotten Halls – Hard Plastic – Fortified Terrace; New Terrain Pieces From Terrain4Games; Hadrian's Wall in 2mm Available From Brigade Models; Heroic Maps release Modular Kit: Starship Corridors; Starbase Starter and Expansion: Pwork Space Tiles Set Now Available; New 28mm tent kits from Sally 4th; Massive Miniature Building Authority Sale; New Sentry Platforms Available From Kromlech; Manorhouse Workshop Update 12 – You can use Forgotten Halls on any existing terrain; Cyber City: Pwork Wargames science fiction gaming mat now available; and Battlefront Posts New Desert Terrain Preview.

The days have circled around again and we find ourselves deposited in a Monday. I hope you had a good weekend. I spent Saturday playing Small World and Ascension with some friends. Then on Sunday I assembled a bunch of another friend's Guild Ball models, because I enjoy assembling figures and he's been super-busy lately.
But that's as may be. It's time to make sure your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in our Terrain Corner we have: Battlefield in a Box: Automobile Garages (BB211), Exotic Locations Pulp Terrain up On Indiegogo, Manorhouse Workshop Update #7 – Hard Plastic -Forgotten Halls: Stairs & Upper Floors, Early Bird Sale from Miniature Building Authority Happening Now, Heroic Maps - Discover: Valley of the Ancients Now Available, Great Again Gaming Mat Available From Warzone40k, Deep-Cut Studio launches 9 new game mats for Fantasy Football, Manorhouse Workshop Update #8 – Hard Plastic – Forgotten Halls – A scale, and Warland: Pwork Wargames Fantasy Gaming Mat Now Available.

Well, it's Thursday and that means a couple things. 1) I'm in my Thursday shirt. 2) The weekend's just over a day away. 3) We've gotta make sure that your gaming tables look as good as they possibly can. As the first one is already in play and the second we can't really do much about (unless you happen to have a time machine handy), let's take care of that third one.

In the Terrain Corner today we have: Mobilescape Adventures Tabletop RPG Terrain Up On Kickstarter, Modular Underground Project Now Offering Pre-Painted Terrain, Crossover Miniatures Running Massive Zeppelin Terrain Kickstarter, Deep-Cut Studio releases specialised game mats for Malifaux, Castle II Kickstarter from Miniature Building Authority Running Now, and Outlander: Pwork Wargames Gaming Mat Now Available.

Well, here we are again at Monday. I know. I'm not the biggest fan of it, either. But we gotta get through it if we want to get back to Friday afternoon and into the weekend. I hope those of you that are recovering from PAX East are finding it easy-going. Hopefully nobody comes down with Con Crud.

Seeing as it is Monday, that means it's time once more to try and make your gaming tables look as good as we can.

In today's Terrain Corner we have: Thunder Chrome: 3d Printable Terrain On Kickstarter, Miniature Building Authority WWII Sale, Sally 4th 28mm Normandy Building range available now, Heroic Maps Release Rho-Aglaci Research Station, Pwork Deadland - Mousepad Wargame Mat Now Available, and Oil Barrels Set 2 Available From Tabletop-Art.

Oh the joys of counting inventory. ... ... ... yay.
Anyone who's ever done it knows the fun that's had in counting boxes and checking them against a spreadsheet. Well, the folks over at Miniature Building Authority have recently done their inventory, and there's a few things they've got too much of. So they've got those kits on sale.
As I mentioned earlier, just because it's past Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it's no reason to not get some deals on hobby-gaming material. Miniature Building Authority is giving you the opportunity this week to pick up some terrain for your table for cheaper than you'd usually spend.
Ok, so we've got some card games, we've got some paint. We need to get you some terrain for that table of yours. Miniature Building Authority is here to do just that with their special holiday sale going on this weekend.
It's a rainy Monday here in Atlanta. Of course, that means nobody's going anywhere on the streets and I'm thankful that I get into the office so darn early in the morning that I miss most of the madness. We'll see what the drive home is like, though.

I dunno, maybe I'll just hang around the office and play some games. On the topic of games, let's get you some new terrain to make your tables look the best they can.

In today's Terrain Corner we have: New Frost Ruins Terrain Map From Heroic Maps, Brigade Models - New 6mm and 15mm Buildings, and the Final 9 days for the 15mm The Town Kickstarter from Miniature Building Authority.

... Wasn't it Friday just, like, 5 minutes ago? I could've sworn there was a weekend coming up. But now I'm back here in the office. Not that being in the office is terrible, or anything. I just have a lot of stuff I need to get done. O,o

Anyway, since it is Monday, it's time for a Terrain Corner.

Today's installment has: Front Arc revealed new set of ruins from their upcoming Kickstarter campaign, Heroic Maps Releases Cave of the Five Brothers Maps, Pwork Wargames releases new gaming mat for futuristic battles, Less than 10 days to jump in to the Miniature Building Authority Town Kickstarter, and Heroic Maps Releases Prison Cells Maps.

Thoisday, Thoisday. We'll play on Thoisday.
*doesn't have a cardboard belt, but is about as big as Zero Mostell...* Anyway...
Being Thursday, it's time once again for a Terrain Corner segment. You gotta make sure you've got a good-looking table for your games, after all. Flaunt it, baby! Flaunt it!

In today's installment we have: Two Weeks Left for Impudent Mortal Kickstarter, Frontline Gaming Posts New F.A.T. Mat Teaser Image, Heroic Maps - Hawkridge Hideout Now Available, Miniature Building Authority Kickstarter The Town has funded and past their 3rd stretch goal, Deep-Cut Studio releases new gaming mat for futuristic battles, Terra-Block 'Old School Dungeon' on pre-release offer From Sally 4th, and BattleGateGames deal this week: Macedonian Pine Trees.

We are once more held in the grips of a Thursday. The gearing-up for the weekend has quite possibly begun. My weekend is currently still pretty open. I should look for a good recipe to try out. But in the meantime, we have our Terrain Corner feature to talk about. Gotta make sure your gaming tables look the best!

Today's articles include: Miniature Building Authority Kickstarter “The Town” is Live, Front Arc announce some 15mm historical buildings from their upcoming Kickstarter campaign, New Pipe Works Tower Kit From Mechanical Warhorse, Front Arc presents transport themed building set for their upcoming Kickstarter, and New Modular Terrain for Wargames Coming From Manorhouse Workshop.

We're rocketing our way through this week. I thought weeks before a holiday were supposed to drag on. But that has definitely not been the case. Labor Day Weekend is coming up and that, for those that live in Atlanta, means Dragon Con. I guess it means that for anyone, but especially for those of us here in Atlanta. 400-southbound is generally busy as I'm driving north on my way to the office. Today it was a parking lot, even at 6:15am. I'm sure it'll be that way tomorrow, too, as everyone heads downtown for the party. From what I hear, though, there's already plenty of partying going on, even last night.

But that's not what we're here for. We're here to make your gaming table look awesome. We're here for our Terrain Corner piece.

Today's entries include: Impudent Mortal Entry Level 28mm and 15mm Terrain System on Kickstarter, Idyllwild Games Dark Age Outpost Up On Kickstarter, and Miniature Building Authority's KickStarter begins on September 7th.

We're just underway here at Day 2 of the CMON Expo 2015. Yesterday was a blast. This place was buzzing with excitement. I must say, it's by far the busiest Friday ever at the show. It's great to see how it's grown over the past years.
Over on the TGN Facebook page, we've posted up some photo galleries from some of what's going on here.
It's June. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the temperatures are getting hotter. At least here in Atlanta, the air conditioning has been on for a couple weeks. Meanwhile, down in the Southern Hemisphere, it's getting to be winter. Canberra is bracing for 3 meters of snow... Ok, probably not, but it is getting to be winter down there. Either way, the best place to be is at your gaming table. And what's a gaming table without terrain? To help you out with that problem (the terrain problem, not the 3m of snow problem), the fellows over at Miniature Building Authority are having themselves a sale.
It's Friday. Woo! Along with our regular TGN Snippets post, Fridays also mean our weekly CMON Expo 2015 update. What all do they have this week? Well, there's a trio of new painting classes you can partake in. Then there's an announcement about some great friends that will once more be exhibiting at the show in the form of Miniature Building Authority. Finally, topping it all off, there's announcing Loser Wins Games and the plethora of special events they'll have at the show.
Miniature Building Authority is having themselves a sale for the month of May. You can head over to their webshop and check out what's on offer and get some great deals. Both items from MBA as well as Direct Terrain are on sale. In fact, everything from Direct Terrain is 10% off, but other things can get to be as much as around 30% off.
You've made it successfully halfway through the work week. Congratulations! The weekend will be here before you know it. Hopefully you'll have some sort of chance to get a game in before then, but if not, your wait's almost over, anyway.

So, as we tend to do, we've collected some of the bite-sized stories together and present them to you now.

This installment contains: More The Fiver interviews from The Meeple Mechanic, Crates, Barrels, and Wine Casks 28mm Available from Castle Kits, New Miniature Building Authority items are now for sale, BluBot Masking Stencils Kickstarter Running Now, First "Queen Of The Dragons" WIP by Kabuki Models, Tabletop-Art Undead Ground Round Lip Bases Preview, Machi Koro Championships Announced, Fantasy8s Oddities Now Available from Aegis Studios, Free Terra-Blocks available at Salute, MidKnight Heroes reveals Yegdra art, Rack & Ruin Core Rulebook Now Avaiable in Digital, Dungeons & Dickery Webseries up on Indiegogo, Siren Miniatures published new concept arts - its ladies time, Micro Art Studios New releases - Update Token Set and more single Tokens, New 16mm Base released at, and Merdian Miniatures previews Terramortis.

Miniature Building Authority finished up their annual inventory counts and they've got some extra of some pieces they'd like to clear out. As such, they're having a sale over in their webshop.

Also, they regret to inform that they're having to raise shipping rates. Rates go up at the start of February, so get your sale orders in before then and save even more.


From the announcement:
Miniature Building Authority has a new pair of terrain pieces available over in their webshop. The first piece is a small trash heap you can use as some scatter terrain for your tabletop. The other piece is a firing wall (that is, a great place to attack your enemy's little mans while not getting shot at).


From the release:
Miniature Building Authority has less than 2 days over on their Kickstarter. They've made it past their $120k stretch goal, but there's always more to go.

Blacksmith Leanto


From the campaign:


Thank you for a great kickstarter. Wow, we have broken through another stretch goal. Now each premium and super premium backers will each get the laundry maiden figure with tub and a fighting dummy to help train your knights. (Super Premium backers we will paint the fighting dummy for you) Also, the kitchen has been unlocked.