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Miniature Building Authority

I've still not quite figured out the flow of time this week. Yesterday seemed to take forever, but today, I've still be like, "ok, it's already Thursday." That means a Terrain Corner for you all. So,
Happy Friday Eve. I know I'm excited for the upcoming weekend. I've got D&D and hopefully we can finish the adventure arc we're currently on. Just a bard leading a march on a city full of racist s
Welcome back, everyone. I hope you all had a safe and happy 4th of July, whether you celebrated anything special or not. I had a good time playing D&D and then watching the Great British Baking Show,
It's Thursday, but it also kinda feels like a Friday. Reason being that tomorrow's posts will be made from home in the morning before taking the rest of the day off. So I've got that going for me. Hop
Well, I don't know about you, but my week's already been pretty full of gaming stuff, mostly yesterday. I ended up having my order from Miniature Market come in (containing the Curse of the Statuettes
Much of the week was going along just fine. But I don't know why, but I felt like yesterday should've been Thursday already. I mean, I was in my Wednesday shirt and all, and the first part of the week
And just like that, we've made it to Thursday. The weekend is almost within our grasp. Hopefully you have gaming-related plans. This weekend is the first Board Game Day up at the Milton Library for th
The days have circled around again and we find ourselves deposited in a Monday. I hope you had a good weekend. I spent Saturday playing Small World and Ascension with some friends. Then on Sunday I as
Well, it's Thursday and that means a couple things. 1) I'm in my Thursday shirt. 2) The weekend's just over a day away. 3) We've gotta make sure that your gaming tables look as good as they possibly c
Well, here we are again at Monday. I know. I'm not the biggest fan of it, either. But we gotta get through it if we want to get back to Friday afternoon and into the weekend. I hope those of you that
Oh the joys of counting inventory. ... ... ... yay.Anyone who's ever done it knows the fun that's had in counting boxes and checking them against a spreadsheet. Well, the folks over at Miniature Build
As I mentioned earlier, just because it's past Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it's no reason to not get some deals on hobby-gaming material. Miniature Building Authority is giving you the opportunity
Ok, so we've got some card games, we've got some paint. We need to get you some terrain for that table of yours. Miniature Building Authority is here to do just that with their special holiday sale go
It's a rainy Monday here in Atlanta. Of course, that means nobody's going anywhere on the streets and I'm thankful that I get into the office so darn early in the morning that I miss most of the madne
... Wasn't it Friday just, like, 5 minutes ago? I could've sworn there was a weekend coming up. But now I'm back here in the office. Not that being in the office is terrible, or anything. I just have
Thoisday, Thoisday. We'll play on Thoisday.*doesn't have a cardboard belt, but is about as big as Zero Mostell...* Anyway...Being Thursday, it's time once again for a Terrain Corner segment. You gotta
We are once more held in the grips of a Thursday. The gearing-up for the weekend has quite possibly begun. My weekend is currently still pretty open. I should look for a good recipe to try out. But in
We're rocketing our way through this week. I thought weeks before a holiday were supposed to drag on. But that has definitely not been the case. Labor Day Weekend is coming up and that, for those that
We're just underway here at Day 2 of the CMON Expo 2015. Yesterday was a blast. This place was buzzing with excitement. I must say, it's by far the busiest Friday ever at the show. It's great to see h
It's June. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the temperatures are getting hotter. At least here in Atlanta, the air conditioning has been on for a couple weeks. Meanwhile, down in the Southe
It's Friday. Woo! Along with our regular TGN Snippets post, Fridays also mean our weekly CMON Expo 2015 update. What all do they have this week? Well, there's a trio of new painting classes you can pa
Miniature Building Authority is having themselves a sale for the month of May. You can head over to their webshop and check out what's on offer and get some great deals. Both items from MBA as well as
You've made it successfully halfway through the work week. Congratulations! The weekend will be here before you know it. Hopefully you'll have some sort of chance to get a game in before then, but if
Miniature Building Authority finished up their annual inventory counts and they've got some extra of some pieces they'd like to clear out. As such, they're having a sale over in their webshop.Also, th
Miniature Building Authority has a new pair of terrain pieces available over in their webshop. The first piece is a small trash heap you can use as some scatter terrain for your tabletop. The other pi