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Mind the Gap Studios

We've got another Saturday here on TGN and that means a collection of the review stories we found throughout the week. What are others saying about the games you're interested in playing? Read on to find out.

This time we've got reviews (and a couple previews) for games/models like: Rivet Wars, Eight Minute Empire, Kromlech's Orc Warchief, Witness, new Nachtjager releases for Flames of War, Scoville, Wizard Dodgeball, San Juan (the game, not the location. Though one is based on the other), Xia: Legends of a Drift System, Out of Dodge, Hoyuk, the 5th Edition Monster Manual, Amerigo, and King of New York.

That should keep you busy for a while.

Mind the Gap Studios regrouped, reconfigured, and has relaunched their Kickstarter campaign for Wizard Dodgeball. In the game, you draft wizards and try and take out your opponent using various spells and, of course, hucking balls as hard as you can at them.
Want to know more? Check out my review I posted before their first Kickstarter.


From the campaign:
It's Wednesday already? This week's going by like last week did. It'll be Saturday before you know it (and time to play some D&D for me, anyway).

So here's another group of shorter stories we found over the past few days we wanted to pass along.

After the break, we've got announcements about several Kickstarters launching next week (Titan-Forge, Wizard Dodgeball, Ghost Train Games, and Schrodinger's Cats), some new renders from the ATER Kickstarter, Gioconomicon's Giocomics now available in English, a new WIP from Escenografia Epsilon, a new release from Brother Vinni, a New Military History: Medieval Wargame How To Play posted, some new WIPs from Abyss, Archimina launched their Kickstarter campaign, and finally, some new concept art from John Kovalic for a secret project he's working on.

Mind the Gap Studios has announced their next Kickstarter campaign. This one's ZtoZ, a survival party game.



From the announcement:

ZtoZ, a survival party game from Mind the Gap Studios, will be launching a Kickstarter campaign on October 13th for $13 in the US.

About the game:
In ZtoZ, players are trying to survive a night sitting around a table surrounded by a horde of zombies. To accomplish this goal, they need to do their best zombie impersonations while reading a card and making eye contact with another player at the table. The catch is that zombies have no sense of humor so any player caught laughing, smiling, etc is obviously not a zombie and is infected/eaten by the horde and joins them around the table.
Mind the Gap Studios has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Wizard Dodgeball.
I recently did a review of the game, if you care to check that out.

Wizard Dodgeball


From the campaign:

Wizard Dodgeball is a 2 player, turn-based sports game. Each player drafts a team of wizards and then chooses spells based on their team’s stats. There are no tables to look up or spell lists to consult as all the information is in front of you on the cards. This leaves you all the time to focus on your strategy of when to rush for the balls, cast spells, and throw at your opponent's team.