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Militia Miniatures

Militia Miniatures has their... well... militia miniatures now on sale. Thanks to the backers of their Kickstarter campaign, the whole range of Militia Miniatures' militia miniatures is now available
Militia Miniatures has unlocked Ghost over in their Modern Military Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the campaign:We've now hit the £2,500 GBP mark and our excellent Ghost sculpt has now been unlocked.
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Militia Miniatures made it up and over £2k and as such, has unlocked Charlie over in their Modern Militia Kickstarter campaign.CharlieFree BasesGhost Preview SourceFrom the campaign:We've hit our £200
Militia Miniatures has gotten their 28mm Modern Mercenaries Kickstarter campaign underway.SourceFrom the campaign:For this project, we'll initially be producing 8 unique character figures. If we can
Militia Miniatures has another pair of previews for their upcoming modern militia historical minis they'll be bringing to Kickstarter.ConnorMason SourceFrom the post:We've released preview pics of two
Militia Miniatures has posted up some greens of new minis they're working on as part of an upcoming Kickstarter campaign.GrangerStrike SourceFrom the website:Militia Miniatures is a new miniatures com