Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

New Adeptus Titanicus and Lord of the Rings Releases Available To Order From Games Workshop

Really going for two ends of the spectrum here with this week's set of pre-orders from Games Workshop. On one hand, you have Giant Robot Alert in the form of new kits for Adeptus Titanicus. On the other side, there's a whole lot of stuff for The Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game, including new Gandalf and Theoden kits, plus a new book, as well as a whole host of units.

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Swan Knights of Dol Amroth Available to Order From Forge World

The white towers of Gondor are home to some of the best fighters in all of Middle-earth. The Swan Knights of Dol Amroth are Gondor's greatest warriors. For those playing the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game, you can add these paragons of virtue and fighting prowess to your army by pre-ordering them from Forge World now.

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New Lord of the Rings and Kill Team Releases Available To Order From Games Workshop

This Year of New Editions is coming in all forms. In this case, a beloved book and film series is getting a reboot. Games Workshop is taking pre-orders for the new rulebook for their Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game, as well as Armies book. Plus, there's seemingly a hundred miniatures bundles to go with it. Also dice, because you can't have too many dice. For those that want something more sci-fi, there's a trio of Kill Team sets you can pick up as well.

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