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Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

We've been seeing previews for a while. Soon, it'll be time to actually put our name on the list to get some new The Horus Heresy materials. New box set. New rulebooks. New kits. New accessories. But
It's a fantasy weekend from Games Workshop in their pre-order store. Age of Sigmar has the new Nighthaunt and Daughters of Khaine battletomes. There's some new Nighthaunt kits as well. And the Middle-
There's a new book for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game coming from Games Workshop. It's Defense of the North and GW's sat down with Jay Clare, one of their studio designers, and talked about the
So, I looked at the upcoming pre-releases and was like, "Ok, some Age of Sigmar. *scroll, scroll, scroll* ... more Age of Sigmar, *scroll, scroll* and some <whoop! whoop! whoop!> Adeptus Titanic
"We're gonna need a bigger arrow." And that's just what you get when you grab yourself some Dale Windlances. Ok, maybe they're bolts, but still. They're big. Get a look at them coming soon for the Mid
The city of Dale's army is known for their defensive abilities. Keeping the troops in line and focused are a special group of commanders, bannermen, and trumpeters. We get a look at the new minis repr
A new supplement for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game is on just over the horizon. And that's good, because the subject of the book comes from over the horizon as well. This new book will give us
A new commander is making his way to the battlefields of Middle-earth. It's the Dragon Emperor and he certainly knows how to get there in style. Why walk when you can have others do that kind of thing
Forge World has a pair of new Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game releases available for you. They're Rutabi and Brogirl, a pair of new characters for the Easterling faction. Head over and check them ou
As usual, Games Workshop has a new slate of pre-orders up on their website. Warcry is the main focus, but it's far from the only thing. There's the new book and box sets for that. There's new T'au for
There's a lot coming to Games Workshop's pre-order store next week. There's a new Warcry book and box sets. There's new Aeronautica Imperialis figures. There's new T'au. There's Middle-earth Strategy
A new month is upon us, and that means a new FAQ for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game from Games Workshop. Head on over and check out the update, along with an interview with designers Jay Clare
The Easterlings are marching to war in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game and they're being led by two new individuals that stand out from the helmeted crowd. Get a look at these two new figures an
Two things from Forge World up for pre-order this week. And they're pretty far apart from one another. One's a Terminator Cataphractii Praetor for 40k. The other is some terrain for the Middle-earth S
It's Dragon Week over at Games Workshop. Seems like a pretty awesome week to have. And while this new set of figures for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game isn't made up of dragons, they are the Ea
Fantasy miniatures are the focus this week at Games Workshop. They've got one new Age of Sigmar figure and then several kits of made-to-order Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game figures that are made-to
If you've got your Black Templars already on order, you may be wondering what's coming next week. Well, there's some Age of Sigmar and some Necromunda, but it's mostly the Middle-earth Strategy Battle
If you thought this week was loaded up with new pre-releases from Games Workshop, next week is much the same. 40k, Age of Sigmar, Aeronautica Imperialis, <whoop! whoop! whoop!> Adeptus Titanicus
Age of Sigmar and The Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game are the two systems getting pre-orders this week from Games Workshop. And, out of everything, it's the Stormcast Eternals getting the bulk of th
What does Games Workshop have in store next week for their pre-orders? ... Every(censored)thing. Age of Sigmar is getting a whole batch of new Sigmarites and some Orks. There's new start players for B
A new expansion book for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game is on the horizon. It's called Fall of the Necromancer and we get a look inside it with this preview. Also coming is a new terrain set ca
Middle-earth is home to many iconic battles and armies that have raged for thousands of years. You can recreate these epic battles in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game from Games Workshop. But wha
Another week, another set of pre-releases available from Games Workshop. But what about this upcoming week? Well, there's yet a whole new set of pre-releases coming. This time around, it's Grey Knight
Bard the Bowman is one of the key figures in Middle-earth. Now, his descendants are going to be making their way to your battlefields in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. We get a preview of them
A new set of dwarves has hit Forge World's webshop. They're King Dain Ironfoot and Thorin III. If you're looking for some rather regal and powerful leaders for your forces in the Middle-earth Strategy