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MicroWorld Games

This week just seems to be screaming by. At least, I feel it is. I'm hoping yours is going by well-enough. I feel it's mostly because it's been rather busy over on this side of the screen. Various proofing projects have been passing over my desk. What can I say? I enjoy editing.

Anyway, if I'm going to make it through the rest of the week, I need to power-up on bite-sized gaming stories.

On today's platter we have: Cold Steel Wardens: Rogues Gallery Kickstarter on Final Day, Microworld Games Releases 6mm Space Rats and Space Ogres, NonsenseMiniatures Releases Ajax, War Co. Kickstarter Already Funded and 2 Weeks to Go, New Viking Banner Bearer From Brother Vinni, Carrotia Funded With 12 Days Left on Kickstarter, Nexus Miniatures Previews Demogorgon, Tabletop-Art Previews Viking Raid cavalry bases, MidKnight Heroes Super Chibi Round 2 Kickstarter launched, Deadlands Double-Shot Kickstarters Coming Soon, and Final Hours for Lords of Rock on Kickstarter.

Steady as she goes, everyone. We're halfway through the week. The weekend will be here soon enough. *hears someone call out, "That's not soon enough!"* Hush, you.
Anyway, we should push on ahead and keep going until we hit Saturday. But to get there, we'll need to stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories. Good thing that's what we have for you right now.

In today's snippets there's: Dized to be previewed at the UK Games Expo, Happy Burger Clownbot Free Mini From The Ion Age for June, HiTech Miniatures Releases Royal Advisor Melchior, Final Day of the Big Bad Con Kickstarter, Microworld Games New 6mm Fantasy Releases, Cryptozoic Entertainment Launching a Retailer Demo Program Through Publishers Services Inc., and D-Day painting challenge Donations Being Taken Now.

Friday is once again upon us, dear readers. Oh what a glorious day it is, indeed. The weekend stretches ahead of us with all sorts of possibilities. Hopefully those possibilities include gaming-related goodness. My D&D game last week included using Unseen Servants to use an ogre corpse like a marionette. ... ... I've... got a weird group.

Anyway, as is our custom, we've collected various bite-sized stories and present them to you now.

In this batch we've got: Another World Miniatures announces new Indiegogo campaign, New 10mm SdKfz 251/20 'Uhu' (WWII German) from Minifigs, More codes in Khurasan's re-release of Testudo ECW/TYW range, Celestial Knight by Kabuki Models: WIP, Kabuki Models' original sculpture on sale, Dice Tower Award Nominations Posted, Battle Systems sneak peak of new terrain line, T1 Gaming Supplies Launch Event, Universal Adventures Adventure Module #3 Death Knell Delve Part I Now Available, Microworld Games 6mm Demons Released, Punkapocalyptic coming to Indiegogo on May 4th, Multiverse Gaming webstore is open, New 40mm bases from Dark Art Miniatures, and Dolmens and Dragons - An Entwickler Adventure from a Time before The War.

It's a drizzly Sunday here in Atlanta. But I've got gumbo simmering on the stovetop and a batch of fresh cookies. So all is well.

Anyway, here's a couple of the bite-sized stories we've come across in the past few days.

Below the fold we've got: Microworld Games Releases New 6mm Fantasy Army, Ludus Magnus Studio start to show all the models in Nova Aetas' box, Final Days for Dungeon Worlds Kickstarter from Acheson Creations, Britt Shotte - An Orcs in the Webbe Original Scenario Returns, New Aeronef Releases From Brigade Models, the latest update about Super Dungeon Explore, Heroic Maps - Modular Kit: Industrial Spacecraft Corridors, The Lost Dungeons of Xon interactive e-module now up on Kickstarter, Happy Burger Bot free at The Ion Age, and Spectre Miniatures Technical Kickstarter Launches.

Microworld Games has some new, dwarven reinforcements over in their webshop.


From the release:

Microworld Games is proud to release some reinforcements for the Dwarves in the form of the mighty Fortress Golem, Dwarf Crossbowmen and Dwarf Veterans.

Microworld Games gives you more ways to rampage through your opponent's army with some new Orc packs over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

This month we have reinforcements for the Orc army in the form of Boar Chariots, Goblin Archers, and an Orc Hero on a Wyvern.

Microworld Games has several new 6mm hobgoblins and trolls available over in their webshop.


From the release:

Microworld Games is proud to release our 11th full 6mm Fantasy army, the Hobgoblins!

Microworld Games brings some new undead minis to their 6mm catalog.


From the release:

Microworld Games is proud to release another wave of additions to round out our existing Undead offerings.

Microworld Games has some new sci-fi infantry and heavy weapon platforms now available over in their webshop.


From the release:

Made to complement our existing line of vehicles and infantry, the specialist pack comes with a SAW gunner, sergeant, grenade launcher, flamethrower and missile launcher. The Support platforms come with 3 weapon options, plasma, lance, and gatling.

Microworld Games has released new 6mm sci-fi beastmen minis and some 10mm tall sci-fi Minotaurs.


From the release:

The Beastkin Raiders measure 6mm in height while the Minotaur Heavies measure 10mm.

Microworld Games released a new 6mm Fantasy Army over in their webshop. This one's the Dark Alliance.


From the release:

Microworld Games is proud to release their 10th 6mm fantasy army: The Dark Alliance

Microworld Games expands their product line with the release of their new 6mm Molemen and Earth Elementals.

From the release:

Microworld Games is proud to release our 9th 6mm Fantasy army: the army of the Firmament.

Microworld Games has some new 6mm fantasy Lizardmen available over in their webshop.
I love the armored brachiosaur.

From the release:

Microworld Games is proud to release our 8th 6mm Fantasy army, the Lizardmen

Microworld Games has released some new 6mm Sci-Fi walkers for your tabletop enjoyment.

From the release:

Microworld Games is proud to release walkers of various sizes to go along with our range of insectoid infantry

Microworld Games has released a new faction: the Dread Elves, all in 6mm.

From the release:

Microworld Games is proud to release our 7th 6mm fantasy army, the Dread Elves. All miniatures were sculpted by Michael Lovejoy.

Microworld Games now has Wave 2 of their 6mm Lizard Riders available on their website. Check 'em out.

From them to you:

All miniatures sculpted by Michael Lovejoy

All miniatures painted by Pigmented Miniatures

Microworld Games has several new 6mm heavy support vehicles now available on their website.

From them to you:

- Infernus Superheavy Tank $9.50
- Warthog MLRS Platoon $12.00
- Warthog Sam Platoon $12.00
- Warthog AA/AP Platoon $12.00

Microworld Games has new 6mm aliens: The Kreen.

From the announcement:

Microworld Games is proud to release the infantry for our 4th 6mm scifi race: the Kreen

Microworld Games lets us know that just when you thought dwarves couldn't get any smaller, they actually can.

Here's what they've got to say about it:
Microworld Games is proud to announce the release of our 6th 6mm Fantasy army, the Dwarves. All miniatures were sculpted by Michael Lovejoy.

Microworld Games is proud to release the first wave of our 6mm Terran Expeditionary Forces:

From their post:

All miniatures were sculpted by Steve “Coolhand” Tyler.

- TEF Standard Infantry (45) $7.50
- TEF Specialist Infantry (45) $7.50
- Dragonfly Gunship (3) $7.50
- Landhawk Scout Platoon (6) $8.00
- Growler IFV Platoon (3) $9.50
- Land Transporter $9.50
- Komodo Assault Tank Platoon (3) $12.00
- Scarab APC Platoon (3) $8.00

by Grant Hill

Microworld Games is a manufacturer of 6mm Fantasy and Science Fiction miniatures. The Foundationists are generic sci-fi figures, with a variety of vehicles and two different classes of infantry available. For this review, Microworld Games kindly provided us with one of each vehicle available, and a handful of infantry samples.
MicroWorld Games have released the second wave of releases in their range of 6mm sci-fi Foundationist figures. Gunship From their announcement:
MicroWorld Games is proud to release the second wave of our 6mm scifi Foundationists. Miniatures were sculpted by Michael Lovejoy (infantry) and Charles Oines (vehicles). All miniatures were painted by Mike Raper.
  • Light Infantry Platoon (40) $7.00
  • Power Armor Platoon (20) $6.00
  • Gunship Squadron (3) $11.00
  • Kazak Light Tank Platoon (3) $6.00
  • Kazak Light Tank Company (12) $20.00
  • Trout Missile Tank Platoon (3)$6.50
  • Trout Missile Tank Company (12)$24.00
  • Kilgore Mk.II S.Hvy. Platoon (3)$12.00
  • Kilgore Mk.II S.Hvy Company (9) $30.00
  • Mobile Command Center $14.00
  • AP Support Platoon (3) $8.50