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Micropanzer Wargame Studio

Welcome to the future! I hope you all enjoyed your hoverboard ride to the office today (unless you had to go over water, in which case, I hope you had power). For our friends over at Micropanzer, they're giving us a bit of a look into the future. Their webshop isn't fully on-line yet, but they've figured that Halloween would be a good time to get some horror-themed minis out to the masses. As such, they're running a sale.
Micropanzer Wargamer Studio is back open to the public. Go have a looksee what they've got in store.



From them to you:

While I was not able to be 100% with all models being available I am pleased to be back up and running.

I am not even going to attempt to guess when this or that will be released. All depends on discretionary income I have coming in.
Micropanzer knows some of you gamers are feeling the Kickstarter burnout. So instead of going that route, they'll be doing vouchers instead.


From the announcement:

We am working on getting back up and running full speed ahead – we have so many new codes to put into production and a set amount on hand to get started . 2013 was basically a development year and am very happy with new items.

We have done the math for a kickstarter and while it does seem very appealing at first what we don’t like is that 10% or so goes to the kickstarter/Amazon people – not a huge deal for what they can help you do but we would rather pass the 10% on to the end customer to save . So from now until April 31st we will be doing my own fund raising in the form of voucher pledges – We have the last master mold being made and once they are in hand and cleaned will pull trigger on production mold - a number of production molds are all ready being worked on – so this will happen regardless of people buying vouchers –We am hoping the voucher program allows us to do it faster in one go verses over the course of the next 6 months – Plus it give you the customer a nice discount.
Micropanzer gives you sci-fi players some more terrain options with their new 15mm sci-fi crates.

From the announcement:

The first set of sci fi crates have been released and while designed for 15mm as cargo containers they will make fine small and medium sized crates for 28mm figures.

A set of all 6 crates is just $3.50 or 10 sets for $30.00 and I have 3 molds available for those that want to pour their own.

Set 2 will be printed next month and I will start selling individual crates next month as well .

Thanks - Jason

Micropanzer is 10 years old! *gets out the party hats and cake*
They've posted an update on how things are going and given us a look at some concept art.

From the update:

This month marks the 10th year micropanzer has been up and running. I am very thankful to still be able to continue this hobby business.
Micropanzer is selling the rights to their Project Slipstream minis line. You don't see this sort of thing often. So if you're interested, now's the chance.

I am interested in finding some one that can take over and produce 28mm figures based off the project slipstream artwork.

I have over 70 unique concepts I developed as my original intent was a 28mm skirmish game.

I would consider a outright buy out or some sort of royalty deal.

I have considered a kickstarter to get the ball rolling but all the sculptors I know that could stay true to IP are busy with their own kickstarter projects.

Out right buy out would allow you to take my name off project completely and everything would be included from development art to all molds made.

Royalty deal would give you complete rights to use art in publication and I would help out in any way I can. My name would stay on project as creator.
The 15mm range has concepts based off the art and I will be keeping the line going if you are interested in a royalty deal.

I there is an interested party that is just interested in the 15mm infantry figures I would consider selling that off on its own, but names would have to be changed.

Serious parties call me

MicroPanzer gives us an update on the July releases, and they are some sweet-looking walkers.

From the update:

Now is the time if you asked to be on list for next batch of stompers to put your order in. The 2nd run has less parts and has been cleaned further reducing print lines. The retail is $65.00USD

The new EDA trooper variant packs are ready to go – these offer an open face hq pack, trooper pack and a gas mask trooper pack.

I am expecting a package from caster around the 20th of this month containing orders from inventory sell off as well as the above mentioned items. The new greens are mastered and will be released next month. There will be 3 different jump troop squads each with its own helmet variant – I will also be offering a head sprue with 5 heads so you can convert your exiting troopers to match.

The store is not fully up at this time but over the next month or so will be working on getting back to 100% -- Expect to see a vast improvement in product quality as well as more variety of purchase options.

If you have an existing order and want to add some of these items to you order email me and I will add to order and send out PayPal request or you can PayPal me and include what you want in the notes.

Also available is the first part of the resin terrain items I drop cast.

Micropanzer is clearing out some old stock and they want your help with taking it off their hands for them.

From the update:

Here is deal -
Slipstream is getting renamed - product quality is getting improved and IP is moving to its own domain and company.

Micorpanzer will be a retailer of the IP this fall.

To move product remaining I am selling off at nice prices.

Shipping will depend on where you live but US no more than flat rate small box and international at cost depending on weight.

Email to check availability -- I expect this to move fast and will update site with each order placed.

Creative Gamescapes, makers of Spaceship X terrain tiles, will be on their way to Origins. Their product can be found in the Micropanzer booth.

From them to you:

If you are planning to be in the Columbus area for the Origins Game Fair between May 31st and June 2nd stop by the Micropanzer booth #343, Creative Gamescapes exclusive 2012 show vendor. Spaceship X sets will be on sale there as well a variety of laser cut transparent doors to provide additional variety. We’re also excited to show off pre-releases of Level 2 which integrate perfectly with Spaceship X to allow you to create two and three story battlefields. And the best news is that there will be no shipping cost.

Each set of Spaceship X includes ship-to-ship terrain that can be used for both 15mm and 28mm scale tabletop gaming. The modular design allows a broad range of board configurations maximizing replayability for both measurement and tile-based game systems. The Spaceship X basic tile set includes a wide selection of room, corridor and intersection pieces, removable doors and fully reversible walls designed with gameplay in mind. Each set contains four sprues measuring 11 inches by 12 inches and weighs 1.5 pounds.

Micropanzer will be headed to Origins Game Fair in Ohio. Stop by their booth and say, "Hi!"

From them to you:

Come by booth 343 at ORIGNS GAME FAIR to see what project slipstream miniatures are all about. I also will have plenty of space ship X tiles at show as well as the new spaceship x releases.

there is a voucher program being offered until I return from origins that gives the customer a nice discount on product. More detail on this can be found in the store section along with upcoming releases.

The second run of Stomper is being produced and there is a waiting list, if you would like one and not want to wait for a 3rd run to be cast I would suggest emailing me and asking to be put on list -- I have disabled the shopping cart button on this item due to the time it takes to get any sort of quantity cast. I also will only be keeping 3 in inventory and will be more of a cast on demand item.

I want to take this time and thank all you customers that have been patient with me on order fulfillment, this is slowly getting better and will continue to improve over the next couple months as I build a better on hand inventory.

A special thanks to Adam H, S mith and Fritz who are first on the list for stompers.

Micropanzer Wargame Studio is headed to Little Wars with some new products and is offering a discount if you pick it up at the show.

From the announcement:

Micropanzer , Syr Hobbs, Combat Wombat attending little wars April 27-29.
Syr Hobbs Wargames has project slipstream items in stock if you are wanting to purchase items.
I am set to ship out stompers and krystrial soldiers April 30th. you can order these in the store section.

I am giving a 10% discount on show pick up items -- this helps me out greatly as I can simply pack your order here and hand it to you - Shoot me an email and let me know what you are wanting and i will do up an invoice for you with discount.

Micropanzer Wargames shows off their new figures for March!
Also included is an update about their shipping and restocking situation.

From their fingertips to your eyes:

I wanted to take the time and thank everyone that ordered the Russian Heavy Combat Armor squads and to let you know that all orders have shipped. International customer contact me if no package received by the 12th of March --

The last 2 weeks has pretty much lowered my stock levels to nothing and being that I do not cast my own miniatures it will be a few weeks until restocked.

Micropanzer Wargame Studio the Russian Heavy Combat Armor is finally available and pre-orders have started to be sent out:

From their post:

I thank every one that did a pre-order and I have started mailing out packages -- I received the all metal cast and am waiting on the resin bodies to arrive to ship out overseas packages.

The first run is almost sold out so I am keeping the squad price at 50.00 until first run is sold through ( should I over sell I will honor the price) -- I am also doing a special 3 squads for 120 ( that is 40 a squad ) The regular Price for a 5 man squad will be $55.00 and an individual model will be 12.50

I am almost finished with the new flame weapon arms ( there where print issues ) and will be offering these at a very low price once cast as I wanted to include them and not the Tesla in the squad set.

I have noticed that costs have risen by up to 20% over the last year on various items and am going to adjust the prices as well as pack configurations come March.

The Stomper is next project to get done as well as the Krystrial Solders -- Goal is to get the pre-ordere Stomper in the mail mid March.
Micropanzer Wargame Studio posts updates:

From their announcement:

Both the Stomper and Russian Heavy Combat Armor prints have been ordered. I will get the RHCA into production first -- As long as there are no print issues I will get these off to caster as soon as sanded This is the 4th printing of this model and the fine detail has been altered slightly, hopefully giving a better detailed print and easier to cast, producing an overall better gaming miniature.
Micro Panzer has posted an update on current state of business.

From their announcement:

I been quite busy behind the scenes lately.

4 Local Game stores want to start carrying Project slipstream minis and I have supplied Osprey Publishing with 60 demo kits to Promote Ambush Alleys Tomorrow's War -- This was a trade deal with Osprey and will have many many copies of Tomorrow's War and once in hand will be doing a promo deal where you get a free pack of alien or humans when you buy the book from me -- voucher holders can use voucher on this as well ( and get the free pack)

I did have a nice boost with the voucher program - I am not moving as fast I would like but am doing my best.
I feel like I am on a tight rope and if I fall, I fall into blackness but if I can just hold out a few more steps all will be well -- lol

I just updated the Russian Combat Armor thread - new photos I will be taking down the pre-order special by the end of week as well. Voucher holders wanting this item will still get the deal price.

Voucher holders -- I have working on a product spread sheet in order for you to make a list --
Also any Voucher holder that changes their mind on voucher just needs to ask for refund and I will get it back to them in a timely manor -- please remember vouchers go active 30 days purchased never expire and can be split int o smaller order lots.

I am getting ready to do a complete restock as I am wiped out -- new molds are being made to improve flow and all is going into getting existing product into production so new product can be started.

I am willing to work with brick and mortar stores offering 40% trade terms and free shipping on initial order.
I am willing to work with non brick and mortar venders as well but discount is less.

Again Thank You to all that have purchased from me these last couple months esp the vouchers and pre-orders.

If you would like to cancel a voucher or pre-order you may do so at any time just email me.
Micro Panzer is having a deal on the Tomorrow's War Book.

From their website:

Every book ordered comes with a free 10 man pack of humans or aliens. A $7.00 value
Release is the 18th of October.
Micropanzer Wargame Studio have posted the final preview of their 15mm Amakudari Stomper. Amakudari Stomper From their announcement:
This is a beast of a walker and if you own the Strider or Seeker you know how large this kit will be by viewing the photo. I do not know how much this kit will cost to produce but figure a retail price of around 50-60 is not going to be out of question. If you bought a voucher and want one please let me know as the first run done is going to be enough to cover initial per-orders plus 20. You have one day left to purchase a voucher. The special price for this kit is going to be 45.00 - This is planned to be an all resin kit -- perhaps the smaller bits will be metal like the strider kit is.
Micropanzer Wargame Studio have posted details of their September 2011 miniature releases. 15mm September releases From their announcement:
I have just approved the masters from caster and am working on production molds for the following. 32mm Range
  • Vaethaka Attack hound in Harness $3.99
  • Valyur Medic $3.99
  • Valkyur Comms Specialist $3,99
15mm Range
  • Seeker with SAS Turret 8.50
  • Alien Pack 1 - 10 figures $7.00 (2 of each figure and 2 random pose)
  • Alien pack 2 - 10 figures $7.00 (1 of each figure and 4 random figures)
  • merc pack 1 - 5 figures (4 soldiers and 1 leader in power armor)
  • Battle Raven MkI - $12.50
  • Battle Raven MkIII - $12.50
  • US Drone pack 5.00 (4 wheeled 4 tracked and 4 of each gun ) good for modern games
I will be updating the shopping cart this weekend. The voucher program wraps up on the 2nd as well but there is still time to take advantage of program. I did receive the printing of the Russian Combat Armor and had hoped to have it in production but quality was very poor as I ordered it in the wrong material It is being reprinted - More to come on this.
Micropanzer Wargame Studio have a new voucher program as well as a sale on their Strider model. Stomper WIP From their announcement:
Vouchers Get more for your dollar at the same time helping to get new product to market quicker. Vouchers do not expire and can be used on any product including sale items - They do not activate until 30 days after purchase -
  • $35.00 Voucher -- $25.00
  • $70.00 Voucher - $50.00
  • $150.00 Voucher - $100.00
  • $325.00 Voucher - $200.00
  • $1000.00 Voucher - $500.00
The voucher program is only for a limited time -- August 30th will be last day. The voucher program will be able to be redeemed via email -- I will email you a catalog and you will fill in quantities and send back to me and I will ship items. You will have a shipping charge when you purchase a voucher - I will not charge you shipping when you redeem voucher - Vouchers do not need to be redeemed in full at one time you can split it up. The higher end vouchers are limited to 10 $150 vouchers, 8 $325 vouchers and 3 $1000 vouchers. I have already sold some of each and once the limit is met they will be removed.
Void StalkerMicropanzer Wargame Studio have posted a preview of their 15mm Void Stalker figure. From their announcement:
This beast stands 63mm tall and is the heavy hitter for the Krystrial Invasion forces -- Sculpted by Clint Staples Clint sculpted up an alternate leg that is more like a spider and once cast I will see if I like it better than the art. These creatures are going to hit hard, soak up a lot of damage and move fast. As with all my recent items this will be release this fall at earliest - Planned are 3 poses Target price is 15.00 and will be a resin/pewter kit
Micropanzer Wargame Studio have posted photos of the greens for their sci-fi Krystrial Soldier figures. Krystrial Soldiers From their announcement:
Sculpted by Patrick Keith these are a WIP -- once cast they will be sent back for arms to be added with rifles. From these bodies I will have at least 5 poses done up and am shooting for a fall release date. As with all initial releases a special pre-order price will be in effect for the first month of orders. Pre-Order tend to keep me from pulling funds out of personal account get project done faster and give the customer a nice discount. Once I have more info I will update
Micropanzer Wargame Studio have sent an update on their release schedule and plans. Krystrail Starter Force From their announcement:
Since the sell through of existing product did not take as long as I thought -- I will continue the special pricing of 20% off since I originally said it was through the month of June. The price in red is the discounted price and what the button will charge you. If you have not seen the painted prototype armies head over to the forum to get an ideal of scale of minis to one another. -- If you are attending Origins come by the Osprey Publishing Booth #106 and see some minis in person and play a demo of Ambush Alley's Tomorrow's War. I will be attending the con on the 23rd for the day but do not have a booth. The Russian heavy Suit has now been sent to the printer to get the mock up done in both 15mm and 32mm scales. If I get them back and cleaned up before I leave for Origins I will post photos as well as special pre-order prices.
Micropanzer Wargame Studio have posted images of the 3D renders (with exploded views) of their Soviet Heavy Combat Armor. These might be released as 15mm figures but they are not currently sure if the detail will translate. Soviet Heavy Combat Armor
Micropanzer Wargame Studio have posted a beta army list, the Amakudari, for their 15mm sci-fi rules. Amakudari From their announcement:
Over the next couple weeks I am putting together the play-test armies for the 4 initial faction releases and thought I would go ahead and preview them to give an ideal of what I will be hammering out over the summer.   First up is the Amakudari Industries Force   I will explain more about the make up of this army and faction fluff  later but wanted to go ahead and show what I have in mind for a army sized force - Come a few games this might have to be scaled back --  new units are in the works for Fall release.  Right now the light scout and medium "strider" Walker look the same -- These will be different in the final versions. The infantry in this are the same as the SAS infantry but are painted different -- All Factions will have access tot he SAS core infantry equipment as it was used through the war and is still very effective -- Each faction will get unique units by the time public release rolls around.