Z-Man Games Posts New Miaui Preview

The festival is coming up and everyone wants to present the biggest fish there. But there's more than just fish out in the lagoon. There's also sticky, stingy jellyfish. And that's below the waves. Hovering overhead are thieving gulls ready to take your catch. In this preview of Miaui from Z-Man Games, we get a look at how these two mechanics work in the game.

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Z-Man Games Previews Gameplay in Miaui

The great fishing festival is about to start. But you can't have a fishing festival without fish! And every cat on Miaui is looking to bring int he greatest haul. That's the story behind Miaui, a new card game coming from Z-Man Games. In this preview, we get a look at just how the game works, with players trying to dive to the various depths to get the best fish.

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