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Megaton Mashup

Megaton Mashup is the cooperative form of Monsterpocalypse and Privateer Press has a new scenario for it over on their website. Want to team up and take out Gausamal? Well, now's your opportunity to d
Privateer Press continues their Monsterpocalypse: Megaton Mashup scenario releases with Globbicus. Man, just looking at that thing reminds me of the last time I had a really bad head cold. I'm pretty
Privateer Press is regularly coming out with new scenarios for Megaton Mashup, the cooperative form of Monsterpocalypse. This week is no different. In this scenario, one of the poster-monsters...<w
Megaton Mashup is the new cooperative version of Monsterpocalypse. Privateer Press is going to be regularly coming out with new scenarios for you to try out based on the different monsters in the game
Megaton Mashup is the new cooperative way to play Monsterpocalypse. With its release, Privateer Press will be releasing special scenarios for the game, focusing on each of the different monsters avail
Some people would rather work with others rather than compete against them. That's certainly fine, as there are plenty of cooperative games out there to choose from. Soon, there will be another one in
Monsterpocalypse <whoop! whoop! whoop!>, yes, it always sets off the Giant Robot Alert. Players control their kaiju of choice and fight against their enemy. But in an upcoming twist, players wil