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Megalith Games

The process to create models for a game is a long and complex one, with artists, sculptors, and producers going back and forth on designs until everything is juuuuuuust right... Or, at least, just right for the time. We've all looked back at older models from companies and gone, "Man, look how far they've come since then." Well, Megalith Games is taking a look back at some of their older models and giving them resculpts. In this case, it's the Wyrdfolk. They've resculpted and released the new starter set, as well as started running a deal to pick up the whole faction.
So you're a settlement on the English coastline. Things are going fine until, one day, you see ships on the horizon. Viking longships. And you're like, "oh, this is bad." And then you realize that those ships are getting bigger and bigger and bigger as they're getting closer and you're like, "Oh, this is really bad." And then the ships land and viking ogres get off the boats and you're like, "well, there goes my day..." That's what Megalith Games is previewing for Godslayer, viking ogre warriors.
Sometimes you want to just jump into a whole army at once. None of this, "just get a single unit and see how it goes" sort of thing. You jump in, head-first into the deep end. Well, that's what you can do with the Troglodytes faction for Godslayer, as Megalith Games is running a special whole-army deal in their webshop.
Everyone likes getting their money's worth. And so, when you see a sale, you might want to jump at the chance to get something at a special price. Well, if you've been looking at trying out Godslayer, from Megalith Games, and particularly have been eyeing the Halodynes faction, now's a good time to get started.
The forecast for today in Atlanta has it getting into the 90s. Being a polar bear as I am, I prefer something a bit more... arctic. So while it's heating up outside, I'm looking to cool things down on the gaming table. What helps is that the two new releases for Godslayer from Megalith games bring that frozen North feeling. They're the Fjell Warrior Dwarves and Ironside Brutes Troopers.
As a game goes along, older sculpts can seem to not quite fit in with current designs. New sculptors or art directors come in and things might not look as good as they once did. That's where resculpts come in. Megalith Games is working through some of their older figures and updating them. This time around, it's the Scorpio artillery piece for the Mortans.
Sometimes an old sculpt fora mini doesn't quite cut it anymore. New artists are hired, or older artists' craft gets better. Maybe something about the original made it difficult to mold. Or maybe just the old version got "stale." Whatever the reason, resculpts happen. Megalith Games is going through their old Godslayer figures and updating some of them. One such is the Ursapine, which is available now.
Having recently gone through moving the offices here, I can certainly understand how it'd cause a delay with products going out. Add to that a bit of resculpting, and you can see why it's been a bit since we've heard from Megalith Games and Godslayer. Well, the moves are done and the resculpts are completed, so you can get yourselves the new Banebrood Skulleaters.
There are many legends of epic battles between heroes and ferocious beasts. Stories of extraordinary humans versus the worst of what nature can throw at them. Now those battles can be brought to your tabletop. Kydiome and the Chimera is the first Nemesis pack being produced by Labmasu for Megalith Games, and it's available to order now.
Dwarves are such a hardy race. Look at them there, all snuggled up in their warm coats. I bet their definition of "cold" versus yours is drastically different, just like me and the rest of the population of Atlanta here. Though these particular dwarves aren't the "heavy armor, axe, and shield" types. They're more the "knife and crossbow" types, and they're available now from Megalith Games for Godslayer.
After a bit of silence, we're getting a couple new releases from Megalith Games for Godslayer in fairly quick succession. This time around it's the Amazon Hunters cavalry unit. Note: That's Amazons who go hunting, and not a special unit designed to hunt down Amazons.
The Mortans for Godslayer are getting themselves some new reinforcements to make sure that when those gods are slayed, they stay slayed! They're getting some new soldiers in the form of the Xisteri Bombers, and a new monster in the form of the Moloch.
We've made it through another week. *throws a party*
It seems to be the general consensus that this week "took forever." Has that been the case for you?
Anyway, that's all in the past, as the weekend will soon be upon us. What sort of gaming do you have planned?

We've also, as usual, been collecting some of the shorter stories together for presentation. And here you go.

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Megalith Games has several new Godslayer releases funded by their Kickstarter campaign that they're showing off.


From the post:

This month features a character release for most factions as well as the long-awaited Sons of War.

Get your game on in Godslayer's Mythical world of blood and bronze!

Megalith Games is showing off their new Sons of War unit for Godslayer.


From the preview:


Ok, I bet many of you have been waiting for this moment! The Sons of War are nearly ready to be released! All we are waiting for is the boxes returning from the printer!

So here you can see the three masterly sculpted miniatures that will surely improve each halodyne warband by some melee combat strength!

And yes, there are warbands using three units of them because it is just fun when you can activate all of them in one single turn!

Let us know what you think about them, we are eager for your feedback!

Megalith Games has their latest releases for Godslayer now available over in their webshop.


From the release:

New reinforcements march forth for the Banebrood and Wyldfolf factions, with the release of the Fomorian Gut-Hackers and the Cromlech Guard.

These are the third unit release for those factions, both adding some serious melee hitting power since both units are elite combat warriors.

Megalith Games has posted some photos of the green for The Mortan Moloch Putrid Abomination mini they've been working on as part of their Godslayer Kickstarter campaign.


From the preview:

Megalith Games are prepring a volley of new releases for their Sword-and-sandals game of mythological bronze and blood - Godslayer.

For the Roman-inspired Mortan Empire come the Moloch - an undead construct. Imagine a macabre Roman empire of ancestor worshipers, run by Necromancers and Alchemists, then you have a rough idea of the Godslayer Mortans.

This mini is a powerful creature to support the undead Legio Mortum (undead legionnaires).

So gamers everywhere prepare for the onslaught of Mortan malevolence - you have been warned!

Megalith Games is showing off renders for their Reaver Runts minis they're working on.


From the preview:

Gnolls constitute the third subfaction of the Troglodytes in Megalith's game - Godslayer.

This tabeltop game is set in an exotic sword-and-sorcery world of blood and bronze.

Gnolls are boisterous, manic and disorganized creatures, relying on numbers and speed for survival; behaving with brutality when they outnumber their foe, but in smaller groups they are more likely to flee.

Just above the lowest rung in the ladder of Gnoll society are the hunters, herders and scavengers. When battle looms, these “troops” are hurriedly armed with sharpened sticks and bestowed the title Reaver Runts as if that somehow makes them soldiers.

Megalith Games has some greens up of their new Wycca Warriors for you to check out.


From the preview:

Death-Cultists worship Dhannya in her aspect of Morrigu the Crone – the avenger, cleanser, and guardian of the passage of the dead.

Wycca Warriors form the foot soldiers of the Death-Cult; they are the sons of Morrigu and are so closely tied to her that they are barely classifiable as living at all – poised as they are on the doorstep to the afterlife.

Their dour nature and baleful deeds derive not from malice but from a deep reverence for life, while their most despised enemies are those who defile nature, and the undead which are an abomination against the eternal circle. When the shadow of war looms, the Wycca Warriors form the hard kernel of Tuathan armies.

Megalith Games is showing off some new 3D renders, WIPs and other greens for Godslayer over on their Kickstarter page.


From the preview:

In the taiga, tundra and mountain ranges of Calydorn roams a deadly predator and king-of beasts which normally occupies the top of the food-chain in its region; men call them Vargs. In appearance they resemble giant wolves with powerful thick legs and sharp fangs. Nordgaard makes use of several breeds of Varg, including the Bloodvarg.

Megalith Games is showing off the green they're working on for their upcoming Bisotaur Shaman for Godslayer.


From the preview:

Exposure to waves of raging Urghast energy causes horrific mutations and can turn people into pools of frothing flesh. Insane as it might seem to most, Banebrood shamans draw upon this energy and sculpt it to their design. Each breed of Beastspawn has its unique traits, and for the Bison-Brood it is their resilience to the warping power of the Urghast, which makes Bisotaurs ideal shamans.

Channelling raw Urghast power has long-term side-effects on the sanity and constitution of the shamans, and for this reason they carry devices called nightmare catchers – enchanted webs that siphon off the tainted corruption into Alchemyte crystals. Bisotaurs wear the shrunken heads of former enemies containing their enslaved spirits, bound to eternal service. These despairing victims perceive a few seconds into the future, and are compelled to scream when the shaman faces impending harm.

Megalith Games has posted up some new units for Godslayer over in their website.


From them to you:

The first two of the six new units for Godslayer have been released for the start of 2014.

First up are the Praetorian Carnifexors - elite heavy infantry for the Mortan Legions, armed with halberds and a great mix of offensive and defensive tactics to use.

On their heels come the Skannfyrd Kinswords - Human allies in the Nordgaard alliance. these guys are cheap but effective troops who can be fielded in units of 10. Their shields can also be used offensively for extra attacks with their Shield-Bash tactic.

Great looking minis and valuable reinforcements for Godslayer factions.

Megalith Games posted up some new Banebrood releases for Godslayer over on their website. Check 'em out.


From the release:

The cannibal tribes of of Calydorn are coming to dinner.....guess what's on the menu!

The Reavers are barbarian tribes are hell-bent on dstroying that corrupt abomination against the primal force of nature - civilization.

And so these hordes of ravenous butchers descend upon the cultures around them, bringing fear, destruction and big appetites.

The Reavers sub-faction is losely based on ancient Germanic tribes, and they primarily live inside the thick forests of northern Calydorn.

These fantastic sculpts aptly convey their ferocity and hunger!

Megalith Games is showing off some preview shots of their upcoming Amazons models on their website.


From the preview:

The Amazons hold sway over the plains, steppe, and wastes bordering the Halodyne lands; these harsh environments hold few natural resources, numerous predators and untold enemies.

These hardened tribeswomen of the borderlands are and have always been nomads, driving their herds of cattle across the chaparral, grass and scrub astride the backs of their exotic mounts.

Besides roaming the borderlands, troops of Amazon warriors bear arms for the city-states and holy Temple-lands living as mercenaries.

War is every Amazons' most faithful companion, for their lands are encompassed by enemies.

Megalith Games expands their Godslayer line with some new Mortans.
Makes me want to watch Jason and the Argonots.


From the release:

Victory through death is the motto of the Legio Mortum, the doomed undead Legionnaires of the Mortan Empire.

Legions which have dishonored themselves are stripped of their colors and ritually executed, then reanimated. In undeath the fallen have a chance to redeem their legion's honor.

Individually they represent a tenacious annoyance, and in large numbers the Legio Mortum is a horrifying threat.
That is because these undead troops suffer half damage and have ability which restore all of their lost life-points to full at the end of the round for any models not completely destroyed!

Meanwhile the Mortifex warlord is adding new members to their ranks and boosting them with powerful magic.

Able to blast foes, enhance undead troops or even buff living models, the Mortifex is a versatile warlord not restricted to undead warbands.