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Mega Miniatures

Mega Miniatures has a new set of Shock Forcers in a set of 10 available on their website.From the update:These figures are only available as a set and not sold individually. Figures sculpted by Bobby
Mega Miniatures Post New Releases:From their announcment:Available only at www.MegaMinis.comLizardmen Troops are designed for use with 25mm and 28mm scale miniatures. They are cast in tin and come unp
Mega Miniatures have added several new packs of figures to their online store. From their announcement: August releases available only at I will be listing something new to the w
Mega Miniatures have released a set of 28mm Moonshine Survivor figures. From their announcement: These figures are a re-release and have not been on the market for a decade. Miniatures sculpted by
Mega Miniatures has a series of moulds of discontinued products. From their announcement: As many of you know, I am slowly working my way out of the miniatures industry. I still enjoy it immensely, b