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Mega Miniatures

Is this week going by slowly for everyone else, too, or is it just me? I don't know if it's because I'm working from home as the new office continues to be set up, or if it's just that this week is on
Mega Minis has only 100 molds left as they work to completely clear out their inventory before closing up shop.SourceFrom the update:Prices include a nine inch spin casting production mold, master cas
DND Dice Set - 20x7 (140 Pieces)
Mega Miniatures put up their last Retro Sci-Fi releases on their website. There's less than 2 months left until they close up shop, so you'd better hurry.From the update:This is the last batch of long
Mega Miniatures gives us an update on their selling of their molds, letting you know what's gone and who's purchased them.From the update:The following products have found new homes in the month of Ju
Mega Minis is selling off their moulds from their collection this year. Here's a list of what's been sold already.From the announcement:Moulds sold in June 2013The following products have found new ho
Mega Minis has posted up 18 new releases for the month of May.From the announcement:DEAL-1190 Freddy the Kroogr DeadTech $4.00DEAL-0762 Futuristic Priest $2.50DEAL-0763 Futuristic Monk $2.50DEAL-0726
Mega Miniatures has two new sets of robots available over in their webshop: Fem-bots and Small War-bots.From the announcement:Item DEAL-1179 Seraphim Fem-bots x 3 (28mm scale) $10Item C001 Small War-b
Mega Miniatures announced that they're going to be closing up shop later this year.From the announcement:Beginning June 1st 2013, Mega Miniatures will begin selling off over 1,000 remaining assets sta
Mega Minis has released their new Goblins Pack A on their website. You can also go and get the art for them for free if you want.From the release:F010 Goblins (pack A) contains the following eight met
Mega Miniatures has some more minis available. These are Castle Guards. Don't let your castle be unguarded. Get some Guards to guard it.From the update:F005 Castle Guard (pack A) contains the followin
Mega Miniatures released their new Robot (pack A) over on their website. Go have a look-see.From the announcement:S001 Robots (pack A) contains the following eight metal miniatures for only $12.S1 Cut
Mega Minis shows you can survive the apocalypse with their new Apocalypse Survivors Pack.From the announcement:M001 Apocalypse Survivors (pack A) Death Town series contains the following five miniatur
MegaMinis has their February releases up on their website. They've got Swords for Hire NPC models as well as some artwork.From the announcement:F001 Swords for Hire (pack A) contains the following eig
MegaMinis is starting off this new year with a sale on critters. Aren't they cute?From the sales sheet:Woodland critters pack contains 13 different 25mm metal miniatures.This assortment is on SALE til
MegaMiniatures is re-issuing the Scarlet Brethren over in their webstore for a limited time.From the announcement:These five re-releases will only be available till December 31st 2012 and then removed
Mega Minis put their 2012 catalog up on their website. Go see what all they've released all in one convenient place.From them to you:We’ve taken all of our pdf catalogs and combined them into one volu
Mega Miniatures is giving you the bird(s) for cheaper than they usually would be. They've got a sale on them happening right now.From the sales sheet:Sale runs from September 29th through October 31st
Mega Miniatures is having a sale of their own. Get a bunch of Survivors and Zombies for less than you usually would have to spend.From the sales sheet:Two more SALES at Mega MiniaturesZombies x 40 onl
Mega Miniatures has a bunch of new weapons, vehicle parts and more available in their August update to their parts store.These are the second offerings of our new Parts Shop. Items are only available
Mega Minis has opened up their parts store. Now you can get the individual bitz you want, when you want them.From the notice:These are the first offerings of our new Parts Shop. Items are only availab
Mega Miniatures has a new Extreme Lawnmower on their website. I could get my lawn done in 5sec with that thing.From the release:Moon shiner EXTREME lawn mower $14.95 auction store or $14.20 shopping c
Mega Miniatures releases multi-part cavemen miniatures:From their announcement:Cavemen set MEM-44107 Retails for $18.00Contains two each of six different bottoms and six different tops for a total of
Mega Miniatures has agreed to allow Armorcast to develop a MODERN version of the Star Mogul rules currently owned by Discount Hobby, Inc: From their post:Free Star Mogul, Distant Worlds, and Alien Evo
Mega Miniatures posts information about the sale of their 2012 line of molds being sold:From their website:Here is the new 2012 list of an additional 170 discontinued Mega Miniatures products with the
Mega Miniatures Announces November Releases:From their announcement:November releases available only at www.MegaMinis.comMEM-50008 Frontier Force set x 15 $33.00 auction store or $31.35 online store.O