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Is this week going by slowly for everyone else, too, or is it just me? I don't know if it's because I'm working from home as the new office continues to be set up, or if it's just that this week is one that's taking forever. Maybe it's that I don't currently have water in the apartment (the county is coming out today to figure out what's up with that). Whatever it might be, if I'm going to make it through the rest of the week, I need to power up with some bite-size gaming stories.

Today we have: Mantic Games Announces The Walking Dead: All Out War Premium Collector's Edition Diorama, Khurasan releases late 16th century landsknechts, Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm February Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, MegaMinis Running Robots Kickstarter, Journey To Ragnarok Coming To Kickstarter Soon, Final Day for Savage Worlds: Zombie Squad On Kickstarter, New Legionary Heavy Weapon Platform: Quad Heavy Thunder Gun Available From Kromlech, and Elder Dice Kickstarter Happening Now.

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Final 100 molds available at Mega Minis

Mega Minis has only 100 molds left as they work to completely clear out their inventory before closing up shop.


From the update:

Prices include a nine inch spin casting production mold, master castings, any available images, and the transfer of world wide production rights. The molds below are all that remain of the initial 2,200 molds offered by Mega Miniatures. Contact Johnny Lauck at for any questions.

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Last Retro sci-fi releases added to Mega Miniatures site

Mega Miniatures put up their last Retro Sci-Fi releases on their website. There's less than 2 months left until they close up shop, so you'd better hurry.

From the update:

This is the last batch of long over due releases added to the Mega Miniatures online store.

DEAL-1193 Female Dog warrior with rifle $3.00
DEAL-1194 Man eating plant $4.00
DEAL-1198 Alien Bird & rider version A $10.00
DEAL-1199 Alien Bird & rider version B $10.00
DEAL-1200 Female Rat $2.50
S32 Ganger bald man with pistol and sword $3.00
S33 Ganger female deva with auto-pistol $3.00
MEM-50009 Stalker war machine (8 parts) $20.00
MEM-50010 Atrocitor war machine (21 parts) $30.00
MEM-50011 Deadtech war bike $10.00
MEM-71302 Ape Commandos x 3 $6.00

The online store will close earlier than scheduled on October 29th, 2013 at 10pm Eastern. Molds are selling off at a faster pace than anticipated and less than 600 items remain, with molds finding new homes every week. When a mold sells, the products it produces are immediately removed from the online store. All orders received up to the closing date will be fulfilled.

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18 more Demon Blade minis available from Mega Minis

Mega Minis has posted up 18 new releases for the month of May.

From the announcement:

DEAL-1190 Freddy the Kroogr DeadTech $4.00
DEAL-0762 Futuristic Priest $2.50
DEAL-0763 Futuristic Monk $2.50
DEAL-0726 Org Warlord $3.00
DEAL-0727 Vinny the saw Cyborg $3.00
DEAL-0728 Nicky the Knife Cyborg $3.00
DEAL-1021 Louie Knuckles $3.00
DEAL-1025 Commandant with sword $4.00
DEAL-1026 Commandant swag $4.00
DEAL-1181 Dominant Gunner & Slave (2 part kit) $5.00
DEAL-1182 Dominator riding Slave (3 part kit) $5.00
DEAL-1183 Tribal Shaman totem staff standing $2.50
DEAL-1184 Tribal Shaman totem staff sitting $2.50
DEAL-1185 Tribal Bearskin support Brave grenade $3.00
DEAL-1186 Tribal Bearskin support Brave Heavy $3.00
DEAL-1187 Mutant #5 $3.00
DEAL-1188 Mutant #6 $3.00
DEAL-1189 Shock Sister with Heavy $3.50

REMINDER: We will be permanently shutting down our online store on December 31st 2013. All multi-packs will be removed from the online store on June 1st . Single figures will remain for sale throughout the year until their molds sell to new buyers. Thank you for 12 solid years of sales and service

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New Fem-bots and Small War-bots from Mega Miniatures

Mega Miniatures has two new sets of robots available over in their webshop: Fem-bots and Small War-bots.

From the announcement:

Item DEAL-1179 Seraphim Fem-bots x 3 (28mm scale) $10

Item C001 Small War-bots (two of the same per pack, 20mm tall) $6.00

NOTE: Small War-bots have five parts each allowing for mounting of arms and body in various positions.

REMINDER: We will be permanently shutting down our online store on December 31st 2013. All Mega Miniatures molds will begin finding new homes starting June 1st, with products removed from the store as molds sell. Thank you for 12 solid years of sales and service!

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Mega Miniatures is closing up shop

Mega Miniatures announced that they're going to be closing up shop later this year.

From the announcement:

Beginning June 1st 2013, Mega Miniatures will begin selling off over 1,000 remaining assets starting with molds and production rights, then moving on to equipment.

Customers have until the end of May to place an order on all current miniature inventories. After that time, products will be removed from the online store as molds sell to new buyers who are lining up as we speak. We will maintain ample metal supplies to fill 100% of all orders placed as the clock ticks down to Mega Miniatures last year in business. If you are interested in buying our molds, please contact Johnny at

I would appreciate it if you would get the word out. For more information about our closing, please visit our online store at

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New Goblins (pack A) minis & free art from Mega Minis

Mega Minis has released their new Goblins Pack A on their website. You can also go and get the art for them for free if you want.

From the release:

F010 Goblins (pack A) contains the following eight metal miniatures for only $12.

F73 Goblin shaman
F74 Goblin with sword attacking
F75 Goblin with sword defending
F76 Goblin with axe
F77 Goblin with spear attacking
F78 Goblin with spear defending
F79 Goblin with bow
F80 Goblin firing bow

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Castle Guard (pack A) minis & art available from Mega Minis

Mega Miniatures has some more minis available. These are Castle Guards. Don't let your castle be unguarded. Get some Guards to guard it.

From the update:

F005 Castle Guard (pack A) contains the following eight metal miniatures for only $12.

F33 Male guard with spear & shield
F34 Male guard with axe & shield
F35 Male guard with mace & shield
F36 Male guard on patrol with sword
F37 Female guard with axe & shield
F38 Female guard with spear (light armor)
F39 Male guard with sword & shield
F40 Male guard with spear & shield (light armor)

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Robots (pack A) minis & art available from Mega Minis

Mega Miniatures released their new Robot (pack A) over on their website. Go have a look-see.

From the announcement:

S001 Robots (pack A) contains the following eight metal miniatures for only $12.

S1 Cute-bot
S2 Service-bot
S3 Welding-bot
S4 Lifting-bot
S5 Information-bot
S6 Repair-bot
S7 Wiring-bot
S8 Tri-pod-bot

Download eight free paper minis based on the miniatures below.

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New Apocalypse Survivors pack from Mega Miniatures

Mega Minis shows you can survive the apocalypse with their new Apocalypse Survivors Pack.

From the announcement:

M001 Apocalypse Survivors (pack A) Death Town series contains the following five miniatures for only $12.

M1 Teenage runaway with teddy bear and sniper rifle
M2 Taxi cab driver with dog and shotgun
M3 Homeless man with axe
M4 Gangsta with 9mm hand gun
M5 Plumber with large pipe wrench

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New Swords For Hire NPC minis and art from MegaMinis

MegaMinis has their February releases up on their website. They've got Swords for Hire NPC models as well as some artwork.

From the announcement:

F001 Swords for Hire (pack A) contains the following eight miniatures for only $12.

F1 Dwarf with Hammer
F2 Halfling with Dagger
F3 Female Cleric with Mace
F4 Ranger with Sword and Bow
F5 Female Thief with Dagger
F6 Male Cleric with Mace
F7 Elven Fighter with Sword
F8 Female Fighter with Sword

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MegaMinis holds critters sale

MegaMinis is starting off this new year with a sale on critters. Aren't they cute?

From the sales sheet:

Woodland critters pack contains 13 different 25mm metal miniatures.

This assortment is on SALE till January 31st 2013 at the low price of $8.

The price will increase to $12 on February 1st 2013.

Woodland Critters replaces assortments MEM-40006 Fox & Hounds, MEM-40032 Night Critters, and MEM-40043 Woodland Creatures, all three are not available anymore. Individual figures in any quantity are still available for purchase.

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Scarlet Brethren Limited re-offer from Mega Miniatures

MegaMiniatures is re-issuing the Scarlet Brethren over in their webstore for a limited time.

From the announcement:

These five re-releases will only be available till December 31st 2012 and then removed from the store. Originally produced by Demon Blade miniatures, we own the molds, IP, and production rights. These figures don’t have a place in our upcoming Salvage Crew Universe. We thought we’d make them available one last time.

Scarlet Brethren
DEAL-0783 Deliverance Fire Team A $4.00
DEAL-0788 Deliverance Fire Team B $4.00
DEAL-0784 The Pure A $4.00
DEAL-0785 The Pure B $4.00
DEAL-0786 The Pure C $4.00

Find them at

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