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Well, Gangfight Games has bad news and good news about their recent Kickstarter campaign for the Savage Beasts expansion for Blackwater Gulch. The bad news is that the campaign didn't fund (which is s
It's another Sunday. To those of you that celebrate it, Happy Easter. To the rest, I hope your Sunday is just as awesome as well.I had my traditional hard boiled eggs and cold kielbasa this morning. I
Gangfight Games has posted their Games Gazette #1 up online for your reading pleasure. In this inaugural issue, they talk about how happy they are to have Mechadrome already shipped to backers (a mont
Gangfight Games has started their Black Friday sale early on Mechadrome. Go get some giant robots for cheaper than usual.SourceFrom the announcement:We are happy to announce our first ever Black Frida
Gangfight Games now has their Mechadrome miniatures game available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the announcement:All Kickstarter pledges have been shipped (over a month ahead of schedule!), and no
Gangfight Games lets us know about Mechadrome shipping as well as progress with their Blackwater Gulch board game in this new update.SourceFrom the announcement:Mechadrome is shipping!I just received
Gangfight Games has the window where you can get into their Mechadrome game at Kickstarter prices closing soon. Go on and jump through the window!... wait, that sounds bad.Don't jump out the window. J
Gangfight Games is in their final hours for their Mechadrome Kickstarter. They've made their goal and a bit. Be sure to check out the sample rules and pilot cards.SourceFrom the campaign:The Mechadrom
Gangfight Games are in their last days for Mechadrome up on Kickstarter. They've made their goal and then some. They're posting up more pilot profile cards as well.SourceFrom the campaign:The campaign
Gangfight Games has posted up a pair of pilot cards so you can get a look at some of the players in the game.BuzzkillTsuragowa SourceFrom the posts:Raking the ground with blaster fire, Tsuragowa roars
Gangfight Games is showing off initial 3D prints of the Arena Hazard pieces for Mechadrome.SourceFrom the post:The prints for the arena hazards and alt light mech poses have arrived, and here they are
Gangfight Games is showing off the first previews for the medium mechs for Mechadrome.You thought the lights were big...SourceFrom the post:The Medium Mech samples showed up today, and I wanted to sha
Gangfight Games has made it past their funding goal for Mechadrome over on Kickstarter. So it's on to stretch goals for the next 22 days.SourceFrom the campaign:Howdy folks!I just wanted to make a new
Talk Wargaming sat down with Tim Kline from Gangfight Games to talk about Mechadrome.SourceFrom the interview:Who doesn't love Mechs? The idea of taking control of a giant walking death machine is sur
Gangfight Games made it up and over their goal for Mechadrome in just their first 2 days. So it's on to stretch goals for the next 27 days.SourceFrom the update:Thanks to our awesome backers, the Mech
Gangfight Games took assessment of the situation and has relaunched their Mechadrome Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the new campaign:The new Mechadrome Kickstarter is live now!In this new revised cam
Gangfight Games is showing off a new medium mech free agent for Mechadrome with a preview of the render for Trion.SourceFrom the preview:Trion will be the first Free Agent for Mechadrome. Free Agents
Gangfight Games has posted some preview renders of their Terran Medium Mech they're working on for their Mechadrome game.SourceFrom the preview:We put together some 3D renders to show each different w
Gangfight Games is showing of some scale photos of their Mechadrome Mechs as well as a look at what parts they come with.Gotta say, they're bigger than I expected.SourceFrom the update:Well, it's the
Gangfight Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Mechadrome, their sci-fi skirmish game of mech-on-mech action.SourceFrom the campaign:Hundreds of years from now, the greatest sport the gal
GangFight Games is showing off the concept art for both the Medium and Heavy Terran Mechs they're working on for Mechadrome.SourceFrom the preview:Howdy folks!A lot has been happening in the last coup
Gangfight Games has some news for both Mechadrome and Blackwater Gulch. There's new pretties to look at and new minis to buy. Take a look.SourceFrom the news post:Game Salute is now releasing the new
Gangfight Games is showing off more of their Mechadrome goodness with a look at some 3D prints and an updated preview rulebook.SourceFrom the update:We recently got the 3D prints for the Terran Light
Gangfight Games announces Mechadrome, their new sci-fi game of heavy metal combat.SourceFrom the post:Mechadrome is a fast paced skirmish game for 2 or more players, set far in future when man and ali