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The weekend is but a memory. The work week is once more staring us down. We've just gotta start at the top and work our way back to Friday and then the weekend. Stay with me, everyone, and we'll make it alright.

As usual for Mondays, we've got our Terrain Corner, to make sure that when you get your chance for some gaming, it's the best-looking table it can be that you're playing on.

Today we have: Pwork City Ruins - Mousepad Wargame Mat Now Available, Heroic Maps - Spacecraft: HLS Sentinel Now Available, and New Pulp Collection terrain by MCStudio.

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The work week is coming to an end. We've once more made it to Friday. *does Friday dance*
It's been quite an exciting week, what with all the Zombicide previews. I know a lot of people are excited for that Kickstarter to launch.

But that's as may be. Right now we're here to bring you the bite-sized stories we've collected over the past couple days.

In this batch we've got: New Plastic and Wooden Base Sets from Warlord Games, New Mount-Only Pledge Levels for Mounted Miniatures Kickstarter from Imagine 3D Miniatures, Brigade Models Release first Armies Army Figures, Mountain Miniatures Releases New Orc Characters, Gale Force Nine Posts Gen Con Events, Another World Miniatures Previews Mini for Upcoming Indiegogo Campaign, MCStudio Launches Sci-fi Collapsible Cardboard Scenery on Kickstarter, and Artisan Games Previews The Dragon War- Riders of Ashara Kickstarter.