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The Mayhem system is CMON's new board game system that they plan to utilize in different products, letting players mix and match their characters together while each one still retains its own flavor.
CMON has a new Kickstarter campaign underway. It's not for one, or two, but three games. You can head over and get yourself Scooby-Doo: The Board Game, Teen Titans GO! Mayhem, and/or Looney Tunes Mayh
CMON's latest Kickstarter project features the first two games in its new Mayhem series. This new game system allows players to build a team of characters and fight it out against one-another. In this
It's 3, 3, 3 Kickstarter campaigns in one! CMON has announced a further partnership with Warner Brothers in which they'll be producing three more board games. We've already heard some about the Scooby
Bombshell Games has a 25% off sale going on for Rogue Planet and Mayhem going on now until the 5th of January. So if you're looking for sci-fi or fantasy mass battles, they've got you covered. Go pick
Bombshell Games has added some extended content to the base game for Mayhem, putting it in the main rulebook as opposed to waiting for an expansion.SourceFrom the announcement:MAYHEM has been expanded
Mayhem is coming your way from Bombshell Games.From the announcement:Brent Spivey is releasing his new fantasy mass battle game MAYHEM next week in PDF format on Wargame Vault.Features include:- custo