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Massive Darkness

The Campaign Mode for Massive Darkness 1 was one of the biggest areas where gamers weren't entirely satisfied with the game. For Massive Darkness 2, the designers basically scrapped the original form
"I'm... I'm attacking the Darkness!" Yes, you too can attack the Darkness when it returns in Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape. This new edition of the dungeon-crawl game from CMON is up on Kickstarter no
So, a new edition of a game you have is coming out. What happens to all the stuff you currently have? It's a question many of us have asked over the years. Will everything just be obsolete now? Will t
Massive Darkness is getting an overhaul. The first version sold well... but most agreed it was mostly because it was a ton of minis that can be used in D&D games for a super-cheap price (comparati
Ch-ch-ch-changes. Yes, Massive Darkness is getting some changes in the form of a new edition. But what will those changes be like? In this preview, we get a small glimpse at many of them. From how eac
Massive Darkness 2 is coming soon to Kickstarter. What's changed? What's stayed the same? How has the story progressed? Well, not everything is answered in detail in this first article, but you can ge
"Sometimes, ya gotta fight fire with fire." It's an old saying that means in some situations, the only way to win is to take on aspects of one's opponent. In this case, it's the mother of all demons t
With many people in their homes, there's more changes than ever to get a game night in. But what if you've already played through all the scenarios you've got? Well, here's another for you. CMON has p
It's CMON's release day for the latest board games. This time around, they've got a new medieval-based one called Richard the Lionheart. Be a part of either Robin Hood's band of merry men or throw you
It's just about Halloween, so it's all about scary dreams and darkness. That's what we're getting from CMON this month, anyway. Ok, so Dream On doesn't have to be about scary dreams, but we've all had
CMON's got a whole bunch of new releases available for you today. There's 5 different titles, from dungeon crawlers, to martial arts action, to an expansion for a hugely popular title, to even more. I
Usually, I'm all like, "hey! It's Saturday! Go get your gaming on!" and, in a way, I'm still that. But I'm also, "It's the Saturday before Gen Con... ... ... I Have So Many Things I Still Need To Do!!
No matter when Kickstarter campaigns run, or for how long they run, there's always a chance that you can't join in on it. Thankfully, there's the Late Pledge time where you can get in. It's basically
It's coming to an end, everybody. The Kickstarter campaign for Massive Darkness will be over today. The new dungeon crawl board game from Guillotine Games and CMON takes players below the surface and
The Massive Darkness Kickstarter campaign is coming to an end soon. There's just a couple days left, but that just means it's time for CMON and Guillotine to pull out all the stops. That begins with t
Maybe you've been concerned that the monsters in Massive Darkness haven't been massive enough. Well, there's a new biggie ready to walk down the halls of the dungeons and it's more than prepared to ba
Rats. Some people keep them as pets. But as an adventurer, you know that you're probably going to have to go deal with some oversized rats at some point. Though much of the time the rats aren't armed
Part of the draw of Massive Darkness is that it's able to draw from all sorts of different fantasy elements and can then add them to the game. A new Heroes and Monsters optional add-on has been... wel
Well, hopefully by checking out the Massive Darkness rulebook, you've seen that Massive Darkness and Zombicide: Black Plague are different games. But that doesn't mean that there's no way to crossover
Massive Darkness continues to roll along on Kickstarter. They've made it through a bunch of stretch goals, always with another one to go afterward (that's half the fun, though!). Well, to help make it
The Massive Darkness Kickstarter campaign shot off like a rocket the other day. They're already over a million dollars in funding and there's still lots of time left on the clock. There's been a lot o
The time has come, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Guillotine Games and CMON have launched their Kickstarter campaign for Massive Darkness. What's Massive Darkness? Well, if you've not seen it b
One of the things people were most excited about during the CMON Expo several weeks ago was the preview of Massive Darkness. It's the new dungeon-crawl game from CoolMiniOrNot and Guillotine Games. It
One of the perks of being here in the CMON offices is that I sometimes get a chance to get a closer look at some of the projects they're working on. People got a first look at Massive Darkness during
A big announcement made by Guillotine Games and CoolMiniOrNot recently was Massive Darkness, a new dungeon-crawl-style board game. Well, here at the CMON Expo, we got a whole panel on what people can