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Marvel United

There's a million reasons someone might miss out on a Kickstarter campaign. Maybe you just didn't have the funds at the moment. Or you set a reminder, but missed it. Just because the clock's run out d
Everyone's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will soon be swinging his way onto your tabletops in Marvel United. CMON is showing off the upcoming Enter the Spider-Verse expansion where you can get your
Marvel United looks to bring the action of the Marvel universe to your tabletops. Considering the amount of heroes and villains out there, it's no surprise that there's plenty of room for expansion. T
They might be the most random set of superheroes to ever join a group together. You've got a guy stolen from Earth. You've got a talking not-raccoon (only call him one if you want to be blown up). And
From one Marvel game to another. CMON has posted up a preview of another expansion for the Marvel United card game. This time, players are headed to the land of the Norse gods, making their way to Asg
Earth's greatest heroes are teaming up to fight some of its most nefarious foes. Marvel United is the new board game from CMON and Spin Masters where players must work together to defeat an evil foe f
If anyone can collect all of the Infinity Gems, they can attain godlike power. Thanos is looking to do just that. Of course, the heroes don't want that to happen, since he's not exactly going to give
Every superhero has their own, unique power set. So does every villain. Be it super strength, ultra intelligence, or they're a robot, there's always something going on. In this preview of the upcoming
Marvel United is the next Kickstarter campaign that CMON will be launching. It's coming relatively soon, and people are wondering what the game's like. Well, now we know, as they've posted up a gamepl
The most nefarious evildoers are planning destruction and conquest the likes of which has never been seen before. In order to stop them, Earth's mightiest heroes must band together. That's what's goin
bradwtrulove 217 days ago
Does the licensing allow for X-Men/Fantastic Four?