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Marvel Champions

A southern belle of incredible power, Rogue will be swooping her wan down onto your tabletops soon in Marvel Champions. This power-absorbing powerhouse is getting her own Hero Pack, and you can get a
Some truly iconic heroes are now available for Marvel Champions. You can get the Wolverine and Storm hero packs now, plus the new Mojo pack for them to fight against.
Time to head on down to the Big Easy with Gambit. He's the next hero making his way to tabletops in Marvel Champions. Grab your deck of cards and a bowl of gumbo. Let's get a look at what his pack inc
Some new card game sets are available from Fantasy Flight. There's a big expansion and two Hero expansions available for Marvel Champions while Arkham Horror gets itself a new Investigator Expansion.
If I could control the weather, I'd definitely have it rain more where I'm at. I just like rain. Also, hitting my foes with lightning does seem like real fun. And while I can't do that, Storm certainl
In Marvel Champions, players go on campaigns to stop evil supervillains from completing their nefarious schemes. Fantasy Flight's the one that's traditionally made those campaigns, but they're looking
I didn't even realize that this iconic hero wasn't part of the game yet. Ah well, Fantasy Flight is rectifying that now by announcing the new Wolverine Hero Pack for Marvel Champions.
Reality TV might not be all that great, but it's at least rarely deadly. But when Mojo's in charge, the kill count can definitely skyrocket. It's putting a stop to his ways that you'll be doing in Moj
They say that if you find a spider in your house, you should leave it alone, since it's good to have a few hanging around. Though, if the spider was also a pig or a woman in a suit of armor, that migh
It's hot enough that it can feel like things are on fire outside right now. But soon, things can be hot inside as well as you get the Phoenix Hero Pack for Marvel Champions, coming soon from Fantasy F
I have to admit, sometimes, it's like, "Wait, they haven't made a pack for that hero yet?" when it comes to Marvel Champions. Apparently, one they're just getting to is Cyclops. Better late than never
A pair of high-flying heroes are making their way to your tabletops in Marvel Champions. You can head out and pick up your Nova and Ironheart Hero Packs now. Fwooosh!
A new, big, campaign expansion is headed your way for Marvel Champions from Fantasy Flight. It's called Mutant Genesis, and as one would expect, it will focus on the next stage of human evolution: the
A new, mechanized hero is making its way to the streets in Marvel Champions soon. It's the SP//dr set. If I was going to get a super suit, that's a pretty neat one to pick up.
The Sinster Six have teamed up to take on the various Spider-heroes of the Marvel universe. Each villain is tough enough on their own. But when they combine arms, it's even tougher. The new Sinister M
Another of the, "well, it seems like it's actually really real" stories from Friday was the announcement of the Spider Ham Champions Pack for Marvel Champions. Again, unless Fantasy Flight is REALLY l
Tony Stark isn't the only one in the Marvel Universe that's smart enough to come up with power armor. Riri Williams can do it, too. And so she has, becoming Ironheart in the process. Soon, you can add
A new Hero Pack is coming soon for Marvel Champions. This time around, it's Nova. Don't you wish you could've found a special helmet as a kid that gave you super powers? I do.
Two new releases are available from Fantasy Flight Games. There's the new Spreading War expansion for Journeys in Middle-earth. They also have the Valkyrie expansion for Marvel Champions now on store
The latest hero pack for Marvel Champions is now available. This time around, it's the android Vision. Originally a bad guy, he reformed himself and now serves on the side of the Avengers. And he can
Spider-Man has quite a rogue's gallery of enemies. And, sometimes, they manage to put aside their own goals long enough to band together in their hatred of your friendly neighborhood wall-crawler. And
Parker Robbins was just an average crook before he was gifted a pair of demonic boots and a mystical cloak. Now, he's The Hood and he's building his criminal empire. The Heroes must stop him in The Ho
A pair of rather different releases for you this week from Fantasy Flight. On one hand, you have Unfathomable, a new horror board game about being out at sea when eldritch horrors attack. The other is
Thanos is looking to get his hands on all of the Infinity Stones, which would give him godlike powers. It's up to the universe's greatest heroes to stop him. That's where you find yourself in The Mad
Vision is the ultimate android and soon, he can join your forces in Marvel Champions to take down nefarious foes. Fantasy Flight has announced the new Vision Hero Pack. Check out what this Avenger is