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Marvel Champions

It seems just about every villain has, at some point in time during their career, been a hero (or at least anti-hero) in comic books. Such is the case for Spider-Man's longtime rival, Venom. He's got
The deluxe expansion, The Galaxy's Most Wanted, is now available for Marvel Champions. Get yourself the Groot and Rocket Racoon hero decks along with plenty of enemies ready to squash them into space
A member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax the Destroyer is on a mission to kill Thanos for... y'know... killing him originally (turn-about is fair play, I suppose). Soon, you'll be able to recruit
Friday was the season finale of WandaVision. Seems appropriate that it was also the release date for the new Scarlet Witch Hero Pack for Marvel Champions. No, it's not some kind of magic illusion. It'
There's a lot of deadly people out there in the galaxy. But when you're declared the most dangerous woman in the galaxy, you've got a pretty special skill set. And that's what Gamora is called. And so
Quicksilver's long been one of my favorite comic book characters. So, you know I'm excited to see him hit the tables in Marvel Champions. You can rush out and pick up your hero packs now.
Grab your Blue Swede cassette and get ready to head into the cosmos. Fantasy Flight is bringing Star Lord to Marvel Champions with his own Hero Pack. Have yourselves a look-see and get limbered up for
A trio of new LCG sets are available from Fantasy Flight. They've got the new Wasp set for Marvel Champions, along with a new play mat featuring her. There's also a new Arkham Horror as well as Legend
They're not your average, spandex-clad superheroes. Everyone wants them, but not always for good reasons. They're the Guardians of the Galaxy and they have a set coming soon for Marvel Champions. Have
Fantasy Flight Games has a new batch of card sets available now. If you're a fan of Marvel Champions, you can pick up the Ant Man hero Pack now. There's also a new set for Arkham Horror and Legend of
"It's chaos out there" means something totally different when the Scarlet Witch is around. Her chaos magic can do pretty much anything, and she's coming to the world of Marvel Champions. Get a look at
A trio of new LCG products are available from Fantasy Flight now. It includes the big box The Innsmouth Conspiracy set for Arkham Horror. There's a new Legend of the Five Rings release. And, there's a
Quicksilver has long been my favorite Marvel superhero. Sure, he's not always been the most heroic of heroes, but he's been there when it counts. And soon, he'll be joining the ranks of the heroes in
Hank Pym isn't the only one to harness the power of Pym Particles to become tiny or huge. Nadia van Dyne can as well as the Wasp. Soon, you'll be able to bring her powers to your tabletops in Marvel C
Fantasy Flight has some new releases available for you over in their webshop as well as at your LGS. If you're wanting the new Marvel Champions expansion, you've got a big one in the form of The Rise
So, if someone were to say to you, "I have the power of an ant!" you might initially laugh at them. Ants aren't exactly tough to smoosh underfoot. But Ant-Man is not a super her to be taken lightly. A
A new batch of card game releases are available from Fantasy Flight. There's the new Hulk Hero Pack for Marvel Champions. There's the Return to the Forgotten Age expansion for Arkham Horror the Card G
If time travel exists, then it's probably always existed since, you know... time travel. At least, that's one way to look at it. Kang is a master time traveler and he's looking to rule. The heroes are
When you need some help with magic issues, you go to the Sorcerer Supreme. At least, you can now as the Doctor Strange Hero Pack is now available for Marvel Champions. Along with that, there's a pair
Due to the pandemic, lots of game companies had to readjust their release schedules. Many simply stopped for a while as the virus spread. Well, things are starting to open back up again and that inclu
Illionois Nazis. I hate Illinois Nazis. I'm not a fan of Nazis of any type, to be honest, especially those still left over from WWII that run evil organizations that are looking to infiltrate into eve
So, you've played all your games a couple dozen times and you're looking for something new. Well, why not have both a game you know and a new way to play it? That's what you get here with some new gam
A new batch of releases are available over at Fantasy Flight. If you're a card-shuffler extraordinaire, you'll want to check it out. They've got the new Thor Hero Pack for Marvel Champions. There's th
The Incredible Hulk. He's big. He's mean. He's green. He's a master at smashing. And he's coming soon to Marvel United. You can check out what you'll be playing when this big lug makes his ways to sto
For those looking to get some more adventures in the land of Rokugan, or to keep your superhero cards from getting dirty, Fantasy Flight has some new releases for you. For the Legend of the Five Rings