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Mars vs. Earth

Hello everyone and welcome to Sunday. It's the start of my favorite week. Thanksgiving is coming up and I simply can't wait. Sure, you may have your favorite holiday as Halloween or Christmas or Australia Day or whatever, and those are certainly all fine holidays. For me? It's Thanksgiving. I only wish I had access to a professional kitchen.

But anyway, that's Thursday. Currently, it's Sunday. That means a few bite-sized stories to bring to you.

Today's batch includes: 28mm Fantasy Rock Army On Indiegogo, Khurasan releases 22nd Century Range, Nexus Miniatures Prize Draw Happening Now, Custom Handmade Dice Bags Up On Etsy, and Geek Fever’s Black Friday Crowd Sale is LIVE.

As I mentioned earlier, Thanksgiving's coming up and that means Christmas Shopping Season is coming up. I expect to be posting various stories along these same lines in the upcoming week and a half. Anyway, this time around it's Geek Fever Games. Though the sale they're having is a bit more interactive than most.
I've mentioned before that I love to see a Kickstarter campaign fund successfully and then eventually make it so the products are available to the general public. Geek Fever Games' Mars vs. Earth card game is one such success story. If you missed out on the original campaign, it is now available through The Game Crafter.