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Maow Miniatures

Maow Miniatures has their third sculpting contest miniature up. This time, they're back to females with their "Dress a Dolly" version. Note: It is a "naked" female mini through the link, just in case that might be a bit risque for your workplace.
You have until June 30th to get your submission in.


From the announcement: Discuss
Maow Miniatures has released their latest limited-edition model. It's Johnny Rocket.


From the release:

It's a bird...It's a plane...It's Johnny Rocket !!!

This miniature was one of the winners of our second sculpting contest.

Johnny was "dressed" by Gregory Laden and painted by Didier Guihard.

Maow Miniatures has a new mini that's... hopping.
Sorry about that pun.
Anyway, it's Huebop, their new frog.


From the release:

Do you like frogs?
In France, we love frogs ... especially when they are served with a butter delicious!!

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Maow Miniatures is only taking submissions for the rest of this week for their "Dress a Johnny" contest.
Note: The mini looks like Dr. Manhattan out for a sprint. You've been warned.


From the announcement:

It is the last week to send the pics for the "Dress a Johnny contest"!

One question:
Will we have a Christmas version?

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Maow Miniatures has started up their second sculpting contest over on their site.
Note: The base model is a naked guy. So be forewarned when you click.


From the contest sheet:

Last year, for our first sculpting contest, the aim was to dress a woman anatomy

For this second contest, you will have to dress a male anatomy. You could convert, add equipment, the only constraint will to use the Johnny base.
This beautiful anatomy was sculpted by Patrick Masson.

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Maow Miniatures released a new Space Pirate Chalbator mini over in their webshop.

From the announcement:

Here is a new miniatures inspired by a great space pirate .... you recognize?

Sculpted by Vladd Jünger and painted by Pascal Nachun.

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Maow Miniatures has a new limited-edition model available over in their webshop: Grumpy Cathy.

From the announcement:

A new version of Cathy is now available in the limited edition range (400 copies)

Maow Miniatures has revved up a new contest over on their website. This one's for you Concept Artists in the crowd.

From the contest:

Three months ago ended the first sculpture contest launched by Maow Miniatures.
At the final, there is no one but four kitties that have been edited.

- Kitty space pilot by Stephane Camosseto
- Kitty stewardess by Cyril Abati
- Kitty Little Red Riding Hood by Olivier Bredy
and finally
- Kitty SF by Pierre François Jacquet.

Until the next sculpture competition, Maow Miniatures now launches design competition

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Maow Miniatures has a couple new accent pieces available over in their webshop.

From the release:

Two new miniatures are in our webshop :

- a monsterbottle...the problem is that we did not found a name for this one.

So, we launch a little contest: "Find a monsterbotlle name". Send your proposal here: . The winner will receive the two novelties in his mailbox.

- Other noveltie, a new limited edition: Béret nice!

Two was sculpted by PF (Pierre François Jacquet)

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Maow Miniatures is in the last couple days of their "Dress a Kitty" contest. Get your entry in now!
Note: nude minis on the site.

Last week-end before the end of the "Dress a kitty contest" ;)

Tic tac tic tac.....The deadline is set for December 12, 2012 (at 12:12 AM) ;)

Maow Miniatures has just one month left in their modeling contest. Don't miss out.
Note: unadorned female models in the link

It is one month left before the end of the contest "Dress a kitty."
The end of the world is near!!! Do not waste your time looking for Christmas gifts. Dress a kitty will be a lot more fun :)

Maow Miniatures has some new custom dice available on their website and reminds you there's a month left in the "Dress a kitty" contest.

From the update:

5 new monsterdices are now avalaible. Sculpted By Arnaud Bellier.

and....there is more than a month and a half remaining for the contest "Dress a kitty"

Maow Miniatures has a new limited edition fantasy sports model they've got over on their website. Don't miss out.

From them to you:

Walking Ed is our new limited edition (400 copies).
He comes with two different right arms. You could then make a fantasy football player or a walker :)

Maow Miniatures is having a modeling contest over on their website. The winner could see their model produced and distributed.

- If you enjoy kneading fimo, green stuff, brown stuff, magic sculp, milliput, Babybel wax or chewing gum...

- If you've always dreamed of sculpting a pretty chick, but never dared because modeling the female anatomy intimidates you…

Then the "Dress a Kitty" contest is for you !!!!

Just one rule : dress (scantily or fully attired) the model created for the contest !!

Maow Miniatures announces two new limited editions (400 copies) are now available:

From their website:

- A second version of the Double Face (more contemporary than the previous). This one was sculpted by Yannick Hennebo.
- Le cataphile was sculpted by Romain Van Den Bogaert.

Maow Miniatures wish you a very happy new year!!!
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Maow Miniatures has released two new miniatures.

From their website:

2 new miniatures are available:
- A little Hell baby (who will have the courage to change his diaper?)
- and Sophie Bigoude (limited edition 400 copies) wearing the traditional costume breton (slightly revised anyway).
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