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Mantic Games

Smaller than a 2-player starter, the upcoming Armada taster sets give players just a small taste of the game. Y'know, "try a bit and if you like it, order more." We get a deeper look at just what it e
No, don't go and start chewing on your minis. The new Armada Taster Set is like even more of a "dip your toe in the water" set than a 2-player starter. And Mantic has started taking pre-orders for it
Ronnie, the head of Mantic, gives us a brief look back at the first half of the year for Mantic and also a little look forward at what we can expect from them for the rest of the year, plus some Gen C
The next wave of Empire of Dust figures for Kings of War have been added to the Mantic webshop. You can head over and put your name on the list to get these kits as soon as they're released. There's s
There's a heatwave going on in Britain right now. That means that resin isn't quite setting the way it should over in Mantic's warehouse. As such, the initial wave of Empire of Dust figures is a littl
She blinded me with SCIENCE! ... and that ray-gun she's got. The Mazon Labs are headed to battlefields in Deadzone and you can requisition yours and get your research going as soon as possible by pre-
It's hot outside (here in the northern hemisphere, anyway). Best to stay inside and play some games. And if you're playing anything from Mantic and looking to expand your collection, now's the time to
Looking to add some more Marauders to your Deadzone army? Got some figures and need some stats? Mantic's here to help by posting them up on their website for you.
If you haven't noticed, stuff's getting more expensive. That, unfortunately, includes our little mans we play with on our tabletops. Mantic has announced that they're having to change their prices som
I know. "Mantic Monday" when it's Tuesday. Yesterday was a holiday here. Anyway, one of the bigger announcements recently was Mantic saying they were creating a new board game division. Well, in this
The Empire of Dust has new Army and Mega Army kits coming soon for Kings of War. In this article, we get a look at some of the units that should be picked up by anyone looking to lead these skeletons
Bring the pages of the popular Dark Horse comic to your tabletops. Mantic Games has teamed up with them to bring you The Umbrella Academy: The Board Game. The world is in danger and only this group of
The Empire of Dust is making its way to your tabletops soon in Kings of War. And no, I don't mean that you need to wipe the thing off after not being used for so long. Get a look at a brief background
Mantic has a lot of games under its banner. One it's stretching into is the realm of board games and to make things run more smoothly, they've decided to have that part split off into its own division
Mantic's loaded up their Mantic Direct service with a whole bunch of new releases for Deadzone and Firefight. Head on over and see what's now available. Quite a lot of factions got stuff, so there's a
Want to know what's up with Firefight, Mantic's sci-fi miniatures game? Well, they're here to help. They've posted up a free version of the rulebook, as is their tradition, so you can see just what's
Looking to join the latest fleet sailing their way into the waters of Armada? Then you'll want to head over to the Mantic webshop, because the Northern Alliance fleets are available to pre-order now.
The high seas are going to become a bit more crowded as some new fleets make their way into the battles of Armada. They're the Northern Alliance and the Varangur and while you can pre-order them now,
Mantic Games is going to be launching a global event for Deadzone in just a couple days. It's called Magnetar and if you're interested in joining and getting some more info about it all, you'll want t
Mantic's got some new pre-orders for you. If you're looking to get some greenskins for Deadzone or Firefight, you can head over and put your name down on the list to get some new Marauders as soon as
Want to get into the gaming industry? Are you good at helping people? Are you a problem solver? Do you live in or around Nottingham? Then Mantic is looking for you. They're hiring a new Customer Servi
Mantic's got some new pre-releases available for you over in their webshop. If you're looking to expand your Salamanders army in Kings of War or Plague army in Deadzone, you're in luck. Head on over a
The new edition of Deadzone is coming ever closer. And with that, new kits are coming as well. In this instance, it's new Plague sets. Head over and check out what's in all of them, plus get your name
Firefight 2nd edition is just around the corner. And while we've gotten a look at all different aspects of the game, one thing that's also new is the 2-player starter set. In this preview, we get a lo
I've been hoping for something like this. First, Mantic had their faction overviews and article previews for the new edition of Firefight. Then, they started posting videos. Now, they've thrown it all