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The Ratkin will be the next faction headed to Vanguard from Mantic. They've already got pre-orders for the minis going on. But what do they do in the game? Well, we get a bit of a faction overview in
A new faction is soon to be hitting tabletops for Vanguard. They're the Ratkin and you can head over to the Mantic webshop and go and get your name put down on the list to get these figures as soon as
Many associate dwarves with mountains and deep caverns. But they're just as at home on the high seas as proof by the Dwarf Fleet for Armada from Mantic Games. You can head over and pre-order the new s
Mantic has a lot of stuff they're working on for 2021. What is it? Lemme explain... No, there is too much, lemme sum up. All of their games have new figures, new rules, and more coming, pretty much. Y
Armada is Mantic's new fantasy naval combat game. But how do these ships go together? If you've been looking at your bits, wondering, you're in luck. Mantic's posted up both assembly guide photos and
What's up with Vanguard? What plans does Mantic have in store? Will there be new factions? New minis? Other surprises? In this post, you get a look inside the calendar for what the company has in the
Digital books are great. You can carry an entire library in your pocket. You can search through them at the push of a button. And right now, you can get all of Mantic's digital library for half-off. W
Ah, DreadBall, Mantic's sci-fi sports game where players look to score points by getting the ball past the opposition and into one of the three scoring hoops. We've not heard from it in a while, but i
Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants! Out on the high seas, it's not just cannonades at a dozen yards. Sometimes, you just gotta jump onboard an enemy ship and take them out man-to-man. In this previe
The 2-player starter set for Armada is sold out online. But, what if you want to still get a bundle deal when getting into the game? Well, you're in luck, as Mantic has created bundles for both the Ba
Armada is the fantasy naval combat game coming from Mantic Games. They've been posting up various previews and other articles about the game. Feel like you might've missed one? Want to know even more
I mean, Armada is a combat game. I suppose you could just ram into one-another, but these ships all have powerful armaments on board. And when it's time to open up a cannonade, you'll want to know how
The whole reason to have sailing vessels is so you can travel all across the waves. Movement is their entire purpose. So, of course, they're going to be cruising all over in Armada, Mantic's upcoming
While ships might just randomly stumble across one-another out in the briny deep, it's more likely that each crew is on a particular mission. And that's represented in Armada by the game's scenarios.
Armada is the upcoming fantasy naval combat game from Mantic Games. We've gotten a look at some of the ships from the various factions, but how do you put take those ships and turn them into a fleet?
You might usually expect to find dwarves deep in their mines underneath the great mountain ranges of the world. But while that's a fairly natural habitat for them, they're also capable of heading out
You might not think that you'd have to deal with a lot of dust while out on the high seas. But if you come across an Empire of Dust fleet, that might not be the case. They're the next faction for Arma
Look at that ship. It's got two giant fists on the front that spin around and whap other ships. Just looking at it, you know that's pretty much gotta be an Orc ship. And it is. That's the next fleet w
Armada is Mantic's new fantasy naval warfare game. It takes place in the Kings of War universe, with the various factions getting accompanying fleets. In this preview, we get a look at what the Basili
Just-announced, Halpi's Rift is the next supplement coming out for Kings of War. What all will it have inside? Well, that's exactly what you get a preview of here. That way, when it drops in October,
October is only a week and change away. So, there's not a better time to be showing off what will be coming out that month. If you're a Kings of War player, you should be exicted, as Halpi's Rift, a n
Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants! Mantic Games isn't wasting any time after announcing their Kings of War: Armada game. They've started taking pre-orders over in their webshop. You can head over a
Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants! Mantic Games is hitting the high seas with their new game, Kings of War: Armada where their fantasy world hits the waves. Vie for dominance on the open ocean. Thi
The new Ogre faction is coming soon to tabletops in Vanguard. They're able to be hired by anyone, so they could be on your side of the table or your opponent's. Either way, it's good to know what you'
Later this month, the hulking Ogres are making their way to Vanguard tabletops. This new faction will really shake things up, if nothing else because they'll work for anyone. Want to see what you can