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Manorhouse Workshop

Thursday. Friday Eve. We've almost made it back to the weekend, everyone. I know I'm excited, because we'll be playing D&D again. We missed a session, so that means it's been 4 weeks since our las
Happy Friday Eve, everyobody. Also, I realize that it's now spring. A new season is upon us. My week is still extremely busy and just racing by, so let's get you some terrain before we race into the w
Hey everyone, Sorry for the slight interruptions in news postings. Been having some stuff go on that's been rather urgent. But don't worry. I'm still around. Just not with a ton of time at the moment
We're one week from Thanksgiving, my absolute most-favorite-est day of the year.... And I have a metric-****-ton of things to do before we get there! O,oMy metaphorical work plate is piled higher than
It's a rainy Monday here in Atlanta. I actually love the rain. If there's one thing I'm annoyed at, it's that it wasn't raining yesterday where I could stop and appreciate it more, as opposed to, y'kn
As I work at catching up with all the everything from the past week, here's a mix of the terrain articles from the past couple days, along with some bite-sized gaming stories. I certainly can use the
The week continues along, with the weekend looming ever-closer. Out in CA, there's thousands of people converging in San Diego. Apparently, something's happening out there this weekend. ;)But I'm nowh
This has been quite the week. Monday the site was busted. Tuesday we got it fixed and things were alright. Yesterday it tried to break again, but it was fixed rather quickly. Things seem to be flowing
I mentioned before that this week is going by fast. It's only picking up speed, so it feels. Could be that GAMA is next week and I've still got what feels like a bajillion things to do. It's all the v
Well, it wasn't exactly "clock out Friday. Seemingly immediately clock in on Monday" but the whole of the weekend still felt faster than any individual day last week. And I'm still at home for the sta
It's Thursday and I'm at home. The Office Move continues, with much of the furniture making its way to the new building. But since the new place isn't quite ready yet, many of us are working from home
And just like that, we've made it to Thursday. The weekend is almost within our grasp. Hopefully you have gaming-related plans. This weekend is the first Board Game Day up at the Milton Library for th
Manorhouse Workshop has some more info about their 3D base terrain for us today. This time, they show us their base plate terrain pieces upon which you can use their 3D hallways. Without a firm founda
Well, it's Monday and I'm back in the office after a very long and very nice weekend. 3 days of gaming/eating and then a chill day at home and watching my first Christmas movie of the year (National L
The days have circled around again and we find ourselves deposited in a Monday. I hope you had a good weekend. I spent Saturday playing Small World and Ascension with some friends. Then on Sunday I as
You know... I could've sworn that I put a weekend here just a minute ago.Really, my weekend went by ridiculously quick. For example, on Friday, I blinked and suddenly it was 1am. Then Saturday went by
The work week continues on. For me, that's meant some early days here. I mean, today I clocked in at 4:05am. I'm not just a "morning person." I'm an "extreme morning person." I didn't have my alarm cl
You know, it happens over 50 times a year. You'd think we'd get used to Monday coming after the weekend like that. Now, arguably, some are more jarring than others. But still. It seems like by now we'
Usually, I would start this post with talking about how it's Monday and it'll be ok because the weekend will be here soon. For many of you readers in the US, though, you've got the day off. Obviously,
It's once again time for Monday. But it's ok, it happens every week. We should be used to it by now.Right?... Right?Ok, so every week it's not always easy, but what is easy is making your gaming table
Happy 4th of July, for you Americans. For everyone else, happy Monday.Be sure to celebrate responsibly. We want you all to still be around to game later on. Speaking of gaming later on, you want your
Welcome again to Monday. I hope you had a good weekend full of gaming. I didn't get in any games of Guild Ball. :(But I did play Guilds of Cadwallon, Mystic Vale, and... something else... I forget wha
We're getting there, folks. The weekend is making its way here. I don't know about you, but to me it slowed down a bit yesterday afternoon. Here's to hoping it picks back up again. In the meantime, le
Hello summer! Or for you Southern-hemisphere folks: Hello winter! Yup, it's the solstice. So enjoy either the longest or shortest day you're going to get for another 6 months. The sun was almost comin
Try not to panic, everyone, but the weekend is just around the corner. I've spent the last 3 going around all over Atlanta gaming (D&D one weekend, Guild Ball the next, and Drunk Quest (even though I