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Mannikin Studios

Mannikin Studios gives us two more model sets for their Arthur Rackham line: The Old Squaw and Puss in Boots & The Ogre.From the release:Mannikin Studios is delighted to announce the release of two ne
Mannikin Studios is excited to announce the release of their first model for 2012, Twa Corbies:From their post:Twa Corbies is based on artwork from Arthur Rackham’s Illustrated edition of Some British
Mannikin Studios is having free worldwide shipping until 2011, they also have a limited supply for their Father Christmas miniature. From their website:In the spirit of the holiday season, Mannikin St
Mannikin Studios announce a new miniature available on their webstore:From their announcement:We’re delighted to announce that Grimm’s Owl is now available to order.Grimm’s Owl is based on artwork fro