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Man at War

Man at War have announced new products are available:From their announcement:Now for preorder in our store, the new Prussian Boxes:Prussian Line Uhlans Brigade (also usable as Landwher Kavallerie)Prus
The first set of releases of 15/18mm figures to support the Napoleon at War rules are now available. From their announcement: The nine boxed sets are now available from our web and in a few days fr

Tokyo Jutaku: Architecture Game
Man at War have released their Napoelon at War rulebook. From their announcement: In Napoleon at War you command your forces, the size of a Division, and try to accomplish your assigned mission in a
Man at War have released a new set of Napoleonic rules - Napoleon at War: The Napoleonic Miniatures Game. From their announcement: We are Man at War, a new company setting out in the world of minia