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The folks over at Wyrd love, love, love their limited edition and special edition resculpts and models. And as a big fan of resculpts myself, I'm a big fan of them. They've got a new Rotten Harvest sp
A week ago, Gen Con Online was getting underway with plenty of cool announcements and other things from various companies. It could be difficult to know everything that went on. Thankfully, Wyrd's her
It's time. Wyrd Games always has a bunch of cool alternate sculpts and pre-releases available to purchase during Gen Con. Well, it's Gen Con Time, so it's Wyrd Sale Time as well! Head on over to their
Every year, Wyrd Games goes all-out with their special deals, pre-releases, and alternate sculpts that they have at Gen Con. Well, this year's no different, even if the show is happening online. Want
Wyrd's all about alternate models for their figures as well as running special deals during events. They're putting the two together here with Miss Guided, an alternate Fuhatsu model that will be avai
Every year, Wyrd games releases some alternate-sculpt minis as their Malifaux Nightmare Edition figures during Gen Con. Well, Gen Con is going digital and the nightmare figures are following suit by t
Wyrd's giving us another preview of an Explorer's Society figure for Malifaux this week. We're getting a look at the art and cards for Gibson DeWalt. An inventor of some renown, he'll certainly bring
If I can have a giant T-Rex looking monster in my armies for a game, that tends to be the army that I go with. So, if I were to get back into Malifaux, I'd probably be looking at picking up the Explor
Another week, another post from Wyrd about what they're working on. This time around, it's a look at some more figures from Malifaux, specifically the Explorer's Guild. These dapper blokes are the Sur
Come what May."What comes in May?"Flowers, according to the old saying. We also have a new newsletter from Wyrd letting us know about all the things they've been working on. Get a look at the next bat
A new Explorer's Club member is on display for Malifaux. It's Winston Finnigan and he's really hoping to go through the whole battle without spilling his drink or having to put down his cigar. Get a l
New tide. Who dis?
I'm going on week 3 of having not left the apartment. I'm starting to run low on supplies here in the den. I can make it much of another week, but then I'll have to go out again. Thankfully, I've not
Wyrd Games loves their holiday sales. And since Easter is coming up this weekend, they're running their special Easter Sale to go along with it. It's a little different than previous sales, since, y'k
Wyrd's having to adjust things, just as everyone is these days. They've posted their March Newsletter which gives an updated release schedule for the next two months. Want to know when your next set o
It's time to once again take a look at a preview from the Explorer's Society, which will be Malifaux's 8th Faction. This time around, we're getting a look at the Brocken Spectre and his amazing neckwe
Very few game companies love their holidays like Wyrd Games does. Any time one comes around, you can bet that they'll have something special going on. This time around, it's Valentine's Day and they'v
Wyrd has posted up some new artwork to get you excited about the upcoming faction for Malifaux, the Explorer's Society. They're the Daeva and they look like some sort of tall, lanky, gentleman. They'v
There's a new faction coming soon for Malifaux. They're the Explorer's Society. In this preview, we get a look at their first Master, Lord Narfumwhatbrainlumpfordsomethingshire! Err... Lord Cooper. Si
A game can be the greatest game ever, but if you can't get a hold of it, what good does it do you? Well, if you want to get games from Wyrd but your LGS hasn't been able to make it happen through thei
While I like having a physical version of a book to read through, I do also greatly appreciate digital versions of rulebooks. At the very least, it's a lot easier to carry a whole library on your smar
Wyrd Games is having a Black Friday sale. That is, they will be having one. Unlike other companies that've already gotten them started, Wyrd is a traditionalist and waiting until the actual Black Frid
Wyrd's holiday sale is coming up quickly. As always, they're going all-out. Wyrd loves their holidays. In their weekly posting, they've posted up another Alternate Sculpt figure that will be part of t
I don't want to go into the ocean. Look, we know more about the surface of the moon than we know about the ocean depths. I'm not saying that the Salty Seadevil, coming soon for Malifaux, -does- live o
Honestly, if there's one company in the gaming world that knows how to celebrate Halloween, it's Wyrd. The world of Malifaux is a perfect place where it's Halloween every day, and so they're definitel