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Majestic 12 Games

World War I is mostly known for the trench warfare along the Western Front, but it also included fighting between Russia and Japan. This was basically a second-act to the Russo-Japanese War of 1904 (s
Aaaanchors aweigh, my boy! Aaaanchors aweigh!Or, one you probably know more of the words to:In the Navy you can sail the seven seas!Either way, I hope I've got some song stuck in your head. Also to be
Majestic Twelve Games has set sail and released the 3rd edition of their Grand Fleets rulebook. All aboard for high seas naval warfare. The game covers oceanic combat from the late 1800s with its Iron
Majestic 12 Games is now selling PDF and print copies of the Distant Armada expansion for the Klingon Armada or Romulan Armada rules. From their website: Distant Armada is a sourcebook for Starmada:
Amarillo Design Bureau have posted the cover art for the Starmada Distant Armada Star Fleet Battles supplement. The book brings rules and ship status sheets for the Lyrans and Hydrans to the Starmada
Majestic 12 Games have released their Starmada: Fleet Ops rules. The rules are also available from Wargame Vault. From their website: Starmada: Fleet Ops™ takes the Universal Game of Starship Combat