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Magic: The Gathering

WizKids will soon be coming out with Magic: The Gathering: Heroes of Dominaria, their new board game set in the iconic land of Dominaria. They're coming out with two versions of the game, too. One's got everything you need to play and such. The other has all the same, except that the four figures from the set are fully painted right out of the box.
Tonight: I have a game of D&D.
Tomorrow: I have a game of D&D.
Tonight: I am bringing some snacks.
Tomorrow: I am bringing homemade dark chocolate caramel brownies (I made the caramel last night).
Today: I am noshing on some bite-sized gaming stories.

On the platter we have: WizKids To Release New Magic: The Gathering Token Minis, New Star Wars: Destiny Dice Cases Available From Fantasy Flight, Kraken Dice Posts New Releases, and The RPG Coloring Book Up On Kickstarter.

On Netflix right now, there's a new series called The Toys that Made Us. It's a look at several iconic toy lines and where they originated. It's also a look at the foundation of several toy companies. I found it rather fascinating. Well, I just came across an article that does much the same for Magic: The Gathering. I read it through and found it pretty interesting as well. I think you'll like it.
WizKids has announced they have expanded their licensing partnership with Wizards of the Coast. As such, they will be creating a line of miniatures as well as a board game based on the popular Magic: The Gathering card game. The announcement says we'll be getting this stuff in Fall of 2018. So there's a bit of time before these hit retail shelves, unfortunately.
It's Friday. So tomorrow's the weekend. It's also the last weekend before Gen Con. I know some people that'll be headed towards Indy as early as Monday morning. That means there's lots to get done this weekend to prepare for the show. And if there's lots to get done, that means we need all the energy we can get. That means fueling up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

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The week continues along, as it tends to do. It's only just today that I really realized that this upcoming weekend is a long one for those of us here in the US. The 4th of July falls on Monday. So that'll be cool. Time for some BBQs. But before we get to the hamburgers, hot dogs, and fireworks, we'd best fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today we have: Khurasan releases 15mm Ancient Siamese, Trailer Park Zombies Up On Indiegogo, Dwarven Mountain Rams Riders from Scibor Now Available, New Player Boards for Power Grid by CorSec Engineering, Attaking the Darkness Mockumentary is free until July 1st, New Ravens Available From Tabletop-Art, Big Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest Update, Casual Game Insider Coming to Books-A-Million And Launching New Kickstarter, Wildside Gaming System to be Released as a Free App, Skirmisher Publishing Releases Quantum Flux: Unique Superscience Artifacts, Syrinscape Releases Gen Con Soundset, and New Legionary Ranged Arms Available From Kromlech.

The first game I ever picked up was Magic: The Gathering. Back at the time, the only card games I'd known of were Gin Rummy and Poker. So the idea of a game where you can build your own deck just sounded weird. But like most, I soon learned exactly what that all meant and it opened up a whole world of hobby gaming for me. That world, of course, included Dungeons & Dragons. But my first game and my most-played RPG remained separate. And that way they remained for decades. That is, until now, with Wizards of the Coast posting a Magic: The Gathering/Dungeons & Dragons crossover pdf.
I have a love/hate relationship with games that rotate out elements from them. Various card games and minis games do it, usually coming from the "collectible" side of the hobby. I understand the desire to keep a pool of potential options down, as it can create a seemingly impossible wall for new players. Meanwhile, it does mean that cards/minis you like will someday be unable to be played in standard events. But there's always the hope for reprints. Well, Wizards of the Coast has announced the new Eternal Masters set for Magic: The Gathering that will bring a smile to a lot of gamer's faces.
Sometimes you want to get your gaming on, but you're stuck without your gaming buddies around. Well, thankfully, various gaming properties from popular tabletop games also have mobile games you can play as well. Such is the case today with Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest, which is now available for your smart-cell-phone-telephone.
Magic: The Gathering was my gateway game into the hobby (as I'm sure it was for many of you reading this). I started back in 6th grade. 4th Edition, Ice Age, Alliances... those are the sets I remember. I was pretty terrible at the game. I always thought the build for my decks was a good idea, but that never actually seemed to be the case when it came time to throw down.
Anyway, Battle for Zendikar, the latest expansion set for Magic: the Gathering is now available.
Confession: I am a match-3 addict. I've got an endless game of Bejeweled that I've been playing for around a decade or so on my computer. I'd not joined in a crowdfunding campaign for years until Apotheca came out. Now, if you're a match-3 junkie like me, and you're a fan of Magic: The Gathering, then you're going to be rather happy, since there's going to be a Magic: The Gathering mod coming out for Puzzle Quest.
A couple months back, we told you about Magic Duels: Origins, a new, free, online way to play Magic: The Gathering. Well, now it's available for iPad and iPhone. Those of you with such iDevices can download the game and start creating your decks.
Magic: The Gathering is a game that, I'd be fair to say, that most of us have played. I know it was the game that I began with. I.E. - it was my "Gateway drug" to gaming. Back then, Snow-Covered Land didn't do anything special. Oh Ice Age, such an interesting set.
But anyway, enough of my trip down memory lane. Arena of the Planeswalkers, the board game based on Magic: The Gathering, is now available.
Wizards of the Coast is always getting requests for a new "Un" set for Magic: The Gathering. Well, they're not quite giving you that, but they're giving you something better. They've got the whole Un-Pro Tour. Next year a whole bunch of Magic players will be showing up at Richard Garfield's home and duel it out with their favorite Un-Magic cards. Reserve your seat!

From the announcement:
Wizards of the Coast has announced Magic Duels: Origins, a new way to play Magic: The Gathering with people all over the world. A continuation of the Duels of the Planeswalkers franchise, this free-to-play game will have regular downloads that reflect new M:TG releases. There's also multiple ways to play, including the popular 2-headed giant format.

From the press release:
Wizards of the Coast has announced a new Magic: The Gathering set coming this July. The set looks at the origins of some of the Planeswalkers that inhabit the game world. What happened to them to cause their tremendous power? Check out the set to find out.


From the announcement:
What do spirit dragons, game designers, and Marty McFly have to do with Magic: The Gathering? We have no idea, but our own Doc Brown, Mike Eaton will surely explain. Gotta get back in time!


As they do every winter, those Wizards of the Coast have produced a new Magic: the Gathering set. And, though I haven’t been behind the scenes in a meeting, I know the plot of Fate Reforged, and I feel like I can guess how the planning went down:

The mists are rising, all manner of specters prowl the woods, and the witching moon shines brightly in the heavy sky! Halloween is a spectacular time in Magic: The Gathering, where all sorts of fun themes and strategies are possible. Find your favorite Black Cat and get ready. Today, Douglas Linn looks at some creative ways to work the holiday into your Magic games tonight.


Mike Eaton guest stars in another TGN Feature. This time, it's a bit of information on how to play Magic (or any CCG or TCG) without having to sell an arm and a leg and a hand and a foot.


I'd love to play more CCGs, but my gaming budget is already stretched as thin as it can get.

TGN Feature

So check out his strategies to help bust out the spells without bursting your wallet.
Wizards of the Coast is in development to create a Magic: The Gathering strategy board game.


From the post:

What is the Magic: The Gathering® Strategy Board Game?

The Magic: The Gathering® Strategy Board Game is a tactical miniatures game. Play as a Planeswalker—powerful beings from the Magic™ Multiverse—as you summon armies, cast game-changing spells, and outmaneuver your foes on the battlefield. Be the last Planeswalker standing to win!


Mike Eaton presents 9 cards from Khans of Tarkir, Magic: The Gatherings latest set, and the deck-building ideas they inspired.

TGN Feature

Hello and welcome, Magic: the Gathering players, fans and spectators! There’s a new set on the block - Khans of Tarkir, which officially went on sale for the first time yesterday - and you may be wondering, “What’s in it for me?”


Douglas Linn brings us an overview of the latest Magic: The Gathering set: Khans of Tarkir!

TGN Feature

Rumbling across the dusty steppes is a monumental horde of riders, united around their fearsome Khan. The mystical monks descend from their monastery, and the snake people arise from deep of their fetid swamps. In the far reaches of the dim and dark forests, the savage barbarians sharpen their axes and the clannish traders of the plains circle their weary caravans, preparing for the impending chaos.

The Khans of Tarkir Have Arrived