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Mage Knight

It's here, everyone. WizKids has released Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition. It's got everything. The main game. The expansions. The extras. Everything you could want all in one place. You can pick up your copy now.

I remember Mage Knight being such a huge game when it first came out. The idea of having a character's stats on a little dial that you can twist as they take damage was revolutionary. Now, WizKids has announced they're coming out with Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition, which includes the original game, as well as the game's expansions.

It's apparently Nostalgia Week. We started off with a new Zombicide. We had a new Monsterpocalypse announcement. Now, we're headed to Mage Knight territory. WizKids has announced that they're coming out with a new version of the Mage Knight Board Game. This is the Ultimate Edition and includes not just the base game, but the three expansions that were released as well.
Get on there, little dogie! Hup! Hup!
Hey there, pardners, it's time once more for a Review Roundup.
So let's get this rodeo on the road!

Today we have: Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King, Mage Knight, Lil' Cthulhu, Fleet Wharfside, Patchwork App, Techno Bowl, Rubicon's Opel Blitz, Arena Rex, Black Hat, Captain's Wager, T.I.M.E Stories: A Prophecy of Dragons, Quadropolis, Orphan Black, City of Spies, and Empires: Age of Discovery.

I love getting expansions for board games. I love it because you can have a game that you love, but has maybe stopped stretching your mind, challenge-wise, or perhaps you feel things have gotten a little stale. You think the game is fun and you enjoy playing, but you just wish there was ... more. Well, obviously that's what an expansion is. And for those of you that play the Mage Knight board game, Wizkids is happy to announce that their Shades of Tezla expansion set is now available.
WizKids keeps the previews rolling on their re-launch of Mage Knight with two more models.


From the preview:

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

And welcome as we continue to explore the upcoming HeroClix: Mage Knight Resurrection set! Today we check out a couple of figures with Council of Mists team ability. This team ability allows the figure to use Probability Control during your turn, and with the provision that if one of the die does not result in a 1 or a 6, then the re-roll is ignored.

WizKids is showing off a pair of Mage Spawn models in their latest preview for Mage Knight Resurrection.


From the preview:

Today’s Mage Knight Resurrection preview spotlights two Mage Spawn, coming this fall to a store near you. These characters are ready to show your opponents their graves!

WizKids is showing off a pair of swordsmen in their latest preview for the upcoming Mage Knight Resurrection set.


From the preview:

Today we continue our look into Mage Knight Resurrection with two mercenaries for the cause. Releasing in stores everywhere this fall, Mage Knight: Resurrection is a fantasy miniatures line utilizing the Combat Dial System it originally pioneered over a decade ago!

WizKids starts off their previews for the release of Mage Knight Resurrection with a look at the Goblin Pillager and Khan Bonespike.


From the preview:

We are pleased to begin our series of previews for the Mage Knight: Resurrection set, which will be available in a 24-count gravity feed display and a six-character campaign starter this October! Each Mage Knight: Resurrection figure incorporates SwitchClix technology and features two dials. One dial is compatible with Mage Knight 2.0 rules while the other is fully usable with the HeroClix Powers and Abilities (PAC).

For now, we’ll turn our attention to the characters available in the gravity feed display and focus on one of the six team abilities available in the game.

WizKids is coming back out with Mage Knight.

From the announcement:

Greetings Mage Knight and HeroClix Fans!

Hearken back to an age of magic, might and mystery as WizKids Games returns to the realm of fantasy tabletop miniature skirmishes with the all-new Mage Knight: Resurrection!

As many of our fans are aware, Mage Knight was the first game to utilize the extremely versatile and innovative Combat Dial System game platform, pioneering the way for other games like the successful and diverse HeroClix line of miniatures, Star Trek: Fleet Captains, Star Trek: Attack Wing, and more!

Mage Knight: Resurrection is a full line of fantasy-based miniatures that will draw inspiration from all corners of the Mage Knight mythos, and each Mage Knight: Resurrection figure will incorporate SwitchClix technology and feature two dials! One dial is intended to be played with the Mage Knight 2.0 rule set, and the second dial is fully HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card (PAC) compatible! That’s right; Mage Knight and HeroClix fans will each have two great ways to enjoy Mage Knight: Resurrection!

WizKids has announced that they're bringing Mage Knight back as Mage Knight: Resurrection.

From the announcement:

WizKids Games, a subsidiary of NECA, announced today plans to release an all-new fantasy miniatures product based upon the popular and long-lived world of MAGE KNIGHT. The first game to utilize the extremely versatile and innovative Combat Dial System game platform, MAGE KNIGHT boasts over a dozen releases, including an award-winning board game based on the property.

“MAGE KNIGHT is what started it all and we’re happy to return to the world WizKids Games created,” said Justin Ziran, president of WizKids Games. “MAGE KNIGHT is a beloved franchise, by both the fans and all of us here in the office. We’re committed to offering something that is compelling and respects MAGE KNIGHT’s long history.”

Planned for release in fall 2013, MAGE KNIGHT: RESURRECTION will be a full fantasy miniatures line utilizing the Combat Dial System game platform it pioneered. There will be 25 miniatures in the line, with content pulled from all corners of the MAGE KNIGHT universe. Each figure will incorporate SwitchClix technology, and include two dials one designed for the MAGE KNIGHT 2.0 rules, and a second HeroClix P.A.C.-compatible dial. MAGE KNIGHT: RESURRECTION will be offered in both full starter sets and collectible booster packs, two formats familiar to the collectible industry and fans of the collectible franchise.


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