Lurkio Releases 15mm Western Huns

Lurkio Releases 15mm Western Huns:

From their announcment:

Lurkio is proud to annouce the release of its latest range, just in time for Christmas. I will be attending Warfare (in a playing capacity), feel free to make any orders and you can collect on the day.

Also, the release prices for the Early Byzantines and Goths will cease at the end of the month, so now is a good time to order those if you are so inclined. Many thanks for looking.


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Lurkio release new 15mm Germanic tribe figures

Lurkio have released several new 15mm Germanic tribe miniature. Goths From their announcement:
The new 15mm Germanic figures are ready now. Officially released at Britcon, I will be taking a few army packs for sale. The website has only the battle group pack uploaded right now. But there will be single bases and army packs up there within the next few days. If there is anything specific you require, please let me know and I can bring it along. I will also be bringing a selection of terrain and Sassanids all available from the website. Many thanks Simon

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New Rocky/Brush terrain from Lurkio

Lurkio have released a new 15mm Rocky/Brush terrain piece of Fields of Glory. Rocky/Brush terrain From their announcement:
This irregular piece covers rocky and brushy terrain types with a combination of removable templates. The feature corner to corner being just under 12". 1 FE using 1" = 1 MU. 1 separate brushy, and 2 rocky templates are provided to indicate the nature of the terrain. The feature comes fully prepared and the picture is a good indication of what you will receive. price £10

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Lurkio expand 15mm Sassanid range

Lurkio have added several new sets of figures to their 15mm Sassanid range. Elephants From their announcement:
Lurkio is proud to announce its first expansion to its 15mm Sassanid range. First of all the Elephants are finally ready. They have been incorporated into the FoG Starter Army and DBA army packs. They are also available as FoG battle group packs and as single elements.   The Armoured horse archer pack has been revised and split into 2 varieties. A command element is now included. With officer , standard bearer and attendant. The standard itself has been sized to fit with the LBM Sassanid 15mm banner sheet.  The archers themselves are now divided into a early and later period (pre and post byzantine influence). Basically the earlier is felt barding and decorated barding, later is the plainer felt barding and the ½ barding horses

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Lurkio release 15mm Zoroastrian Fire Temple

Lurkio have added a 15mm Zoroastrian Fire Temple terrain piece to their online store. Zoroastrian Fire Temple From their announcement:
New release in the Terrain section at Lurkio. Pre-painted 15mm Zoroastrian Fire Temple. 1 baseboard made from 3mm MDF. The feature is roughly square corner to corner being just under 12".Designed with a BUA for FoG in mind 4 separate resin cast buildings are provided to indicate the nature of the terrain. The feature comes fully painted and the picture is a good indication of what you will receive On sale from 20th May at £40

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