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You probably know that I'm a big fan of games with novel premises behind them. So, You've Been Eaten certainly covers that. Mining in space is a dangerous thing and being swallowed whole is just an oc
And once more, we have made it to Saturday.Isn't that just grand? I certainly think it is. Hope you've got yourself some gaming lined up, because... I mean, that's the way things should be, amirite?An
Another Saturday, another Review Roundup.It's a calm and subdued Saturday here at the den. Just chillin' for a cool, December day.So, let's just head over to today's articles.We've got: Rise of the Ka
So, since I spend all my regular workdays gaming, I will often step away from it on my time off. You know, you don't want to get burned out on a thing. However, last weekend and this, I've been all-ou
LudiCreations is in their final couple days for their Pocket Imperium Kickstarter campaign. In this quick-playing (30-45min game), players are looking to build their fleets of starships and expand out
LudiCreations has launched their Kickstarter campaign for , their spy board game of intrigue, secrecy, and subterfuge.SourceFrom the campaign:In the 45-60 minutes of , each player must take actions, u
LudiCreations has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Town Center's 4th edition. They've already doubled their funding goal with still 30 days to go.SourceFrom the campaign:Town Center has been throug