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Low Life Miniatures

Low Life added new minis to their Rise of the Lowly RPG Kickstarter campaign. They're in their last few days, so go check it out.From the update:You can nab any of the miniatures in the picture below
Low Life Miniatures has a day left on their Kickstarter. They jumped up quite a bit over the past 24 hours. How much higher can they go?Low BrawlDid I mention that every Low Life miniature will come w
Low Life Miniatueres has less than 72 hours left on their Kickstarter. They've done phenomenal, getting 10x what they were looking for, but there's always higher they can go.From the campaign:Mutha Oi
Gamer Goggles recently sat down and had a chat with Andy Hopp from Low Life Miniatures and they videotaped it so everyone else could see.From the video:We spoke with Andy Hopp about his Low Life minia
Low Life Miniatures is a minis company looking to find some funding for some pretty unique-looking figures. They've got the minimum and then some. But how high can they get?From the campaign:A highly