Low Life Miniatures

Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly RPG Kickstarter Adds Minis

Low Life added new minis to their Rise of the Lowly RPG Kickstarter campaign. They're in their last few days, so go check it out.

From the update:

You can nab any of the miniatures in the picture below by adding the listed cost to your pledge. You can add the whole lot for $250 (less than half retail) or the first ten for only $70, if you a thusly inclined. For more information about Low Life Miniatures check this out."

Less than a week left to take advantage of this great deal for some truly unique miniatures - 43 in all! - and a heap of other fun stuff as well

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Low Life Miniatures gives another update on Kickstarter

Low Life Miniatures has a day left on their Kickstarter. They jumped up quite a bit over the past 24 hours. How much higher can they go?

Low Brawl

Did I mention that every Low Life miniature will come with a Low Brawl card so you can play that character in the upcoming Low Brawl card/miniatures game? If not, consider it said. Because, I just did...

HAMSTERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! If we get the hamster by noon Saturday he'll come with that nifty werm holding a plush hamster as well. You read it here first, or maybe second (because this is the second place I wrote it so far).

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Low Life Miniatures Kickstarter in final 3 days

Low Life Miniatueres has less than 72 hours left on their Kickstarter. They've done phenomenal, getting 10x what they were looking for, but there's always higher they can go.

From the campaign:

Mutha Oith Creations has a kickstarter to release a line of miniatures for their Low Life RPG setting, a wonderfully weird post apocalyptic world where devolved humans, cockroaches and sentient snack cakes battle with sword and sorcery. Low Life uses the award winning Savage Worlds gaming system. The art is simply amazing, and definitely sold me on this project.

So far, their "Croach with the Moach" package contains 43 miniatures, with many more stretch goals right around the corner, including some truly huge figures, such as the tenemental pictured below. Sculpts are being done by Jason Weibe, Arun Nagar and Alessio Cisbani. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, check it out!

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Gamer Goggles talks with Andy Hopp from Low Life Miniatures

Gamer Goggles recently sat down and had a chat with Andy Hopp from Low Life Miniatures and they videotaped it so everyone else could see.

From the video:

We spoke with Andy Hopp about his Low Life miniatures Kickstarter. Why because its success means a lot of cool things for you. We manage to talk a little bit about the Kickstarter and the future of Low Life; Mini rules, Stretch Goals, anthology, and more. Did I mention Aurora steals the interview again?

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Low Life Miniatures new minis looking for funding on Kickstarter

Low Life Miniatures is a minis company looking to find some funding for some pretty unique-looking figures. They've got the minimum and then some. But how high can they get?

From the campaign:

A highly detailed line of miniatures based on the weird and whimsical Low Life game by Andy Hopp (but usable anywhere).

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