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Loud Ninja Games

Hello there, Wednesday. How are you? I see you've brought the Guns 'N' Roses weather back with you. And while I know I'm in the minority here in Atlanta when I say, "woo! Rain!" I don't care. I enjoy
Welcome to Wednesday you wonderful ... umm... something-gaming-related-that-begins-with-W! The first half of the week is over. It's all downhill from here to a hopefully gaming-filled weekend. I've go
A dense fog falls over Atlanta this Wednesday. Though it's supposed to actually be a nice day later on.A lot of people are headed towards Boston for PAX East this upcoming weekend. If you're traveling
We've got another batch of smaller-sized stories for you this Wednesday.Beyond the cut we've got: New Spaceships from Brigade Models, a 28mm PDF New Orleans Warehouse from Finger and Toe, the latest r
Loud Ninja Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for their 15mm Yan'drassi Invasion minis. They're already halfway to their goal with still 29 days to go.SourceFrom the campaign:Loud Ninja Games is released their new line of space raptors.If that sentence alone didn't make you click through, then I don't know what will.SourceFrom the release:Let us shake your hands across the Atlantic
Loud Ninja Games passed the stretch goal where they'll make a unit of their Space Raptors in 28mm.From the update:The 28mm Space Raptor stretch goal has been unlocked. You can now get 6 28mm Space Rap
Loud Ninja Games is running a Kickstarter to fund (and has managed to fund, and then some) some 15mm Space Raptors.From the campaign:Loud Ninja Games presents it's debut project with a Kickstarter cam