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Lost Omens

The next chapter of the Lost Omens saga is now available. It will take your Pathfinder games through the Mwangi Expanse. The book's got all the information you could ever need, going from one end of t
It's good to get to know the people behind the gaming products you like. Usually, you can find that the authors you like tend to make the products you like. So, getting to know them can mean you know
The Pathfinder Society in the game of Pathfinder is a group of adventurers looking to... well.. be adventurers, but with a structure and hierarchy built up around it. They're a well-known and respecte
While many adventuring parties are just created on the spot and stick together as they travel the world, in Pathfinder, there's an organized group of adventurers whose job it is to boldly go where no
Paizo is please to announce the next book in their Lost Omens line of books for Pathfinder. This time around, they're getting exotic with a look at the Mwangi Expanse. And here to show off what's insi