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Lorenzo il Magnifico

This is a pretty big release month for CMON. They've got two core games and two expansions, split up between some of their more popular games. There's the latest version of Zombicide in the form of Gr
We've made it to Saturday! Woo! *runs around the place with my arms up in the air* Woo!*takes a moment from my running around to type up the review articles you so desperately desire*Today we have: Wi
This month brings you quite a lot of releases from CMON. There's a new robot fighting game (so you know I'm on board). There's a new worker-placement game (again, right up my alley). There's also a bu
Cranio Creations and CMON Limited are teaming up to add more games to your collection. There will be an English version of Lorenzo il Magnifico as well as an updated version of Council of 4. I've actu