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Lord Zsezse Works

Deep Cut Studio and Lord Zsezse are here in Indy for GenCon. Stop by their booth and say hi.

New Release


From the announcement:

Lord Zsezse and Deep-Cut Studio released gaming mats are headed to GenCon! You can find them at 3D Virtual Tabletop booth #3039. Check them out while you are there. To make this occasion even better we are releasing a new Pirate Ship map set from Lord Zsezse range – a total of 4 different maps. And to make it even greater we are launching a -10% special discount for all gaming mats from Lord Zsezse range. Visit our webshop and grab them while they‘re hot!

Lord Zsezse Works is in their final couple days over on Kickstarter for their Elven Papercraft minis and terrain. They've made over 2x their goal.

Elven Papercraft


From the campaign:

We’ve gotten a lot of requests to offer our maps in this KS.

All right, we can be flexible, so we thought we will set a limited higher pledge level for Elven Heroes who would like to roam across our lands, forests and dungeons. There is a chance for the first 20 Heroes to get our maps at a very great price as the part of our project.

This is the Elven Hero pledge level that is available from now until 20 backers. This level includes EVERYTHING from us, all Elven sets with unlocked extras, our paper models, ground sets, maps and both our customizable miniatures and Template Packs, too, a $400 value only for $250.

All of them are available as add-ons, too.

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Lord Zsezse Works has a new battlemat up on Wargame Vault for you.

From the release:

The map of the Sussurus Tomb shows a stone circle with a tomb in its center near a cobblestone road. Beneath the tomb is the beginning level of a huge set of catacombs.

New adventures await you in the deep - choking roots, ravenous spiders, and a Sphere of forgotten eldritch power.

This set contains the following:
- Poster sized 200dpi color jpg images;
- U.S. Letter sized PDF with the map broken into pages

Lord Zsezse Works has a new battlemat for you to play on: In the Bowels of the Mountain. Available on Wargame Vault.

From the preview:

This set contains the following:

- A big map with a part of Gem Mine and an entrance into the deep
- Mountain parts - Hide the unknown parts of the map!
- Poster sized 200dpi color jpg images; and U.S. Letter sized pdf with the map broken into pages

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