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Lord Zsezse Works

Deep Cut Studio and Lord Zsezse are here in Indy for GenCon. Stop by their booth and say hi.SourceFrom the announcement:Lord Zsezse and Deep-Cut Studio released gaming mats are headed to GenCon! You c
Lord Zsezse Works is in their final couple days over on Kickstarter for their Elven Papercraft minis and terrain. They've made over 2x their goal.SourceFrom the campaign:We’ve gotten a lot of requests
Lord Zsezse Works has a new battlemat up on Wargame Vault for you.From the release:The map of the Sussurus Tomb shows a stone circle with a tomb in its center near a cobblestone road. Beneath the tomb
Lord Zsezse Works has a new battlemat for you to play on: In the Bowels of the Mountain. Available on Wargame Vault.From the preview:This set contains the following:- A big map with a part of Gem Mine