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Lord of the Rings

Middle-earth is home to many iconic battles and armies that have raged for thousands of years. You can recreate these epic battles in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game from Games Workshop. But wha
It's heading back to Middle-earth for the latest set of pre-orders from Forge World this week. You can pick up two new kits, including King Brand and new Knights of Dale.
Another week, another set of pre-releases available from Games Workshop. But what about this upcoming week? Well, there's yet a whole new set of pre-releases coming. This time around, it's Grey Knight
Bard the Bowman is one of the key figures in Middle-earth. Now, his descendants are going to be making their way to your battlefields in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. We get a preview of them
The conflicts in Middle-earth are growing in intensity as dark, nefarious actors work in the shadows to sew discord. It's stopping these dark deeds that you will attempt in Spreading War, a new expans
A new set of dwarves has hit Forge World's webshop. They're King Dain Ironfoot and Thorin III. If you're looking for some rather regal and powerful leaders for your forces in the Middle-earth Strategy
So, you got your name down on the list for the new stuff coming from Games Workshop already. But, as all gamers do (at least, I know I do), you're still looking forward to what's next. Thankfully, GW
The Kings Under the Mountain are legendary dwarves in the Lord of the Rings world. And soon, you'll be able to bring them to your tabletops in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. We get a preview o
It's been a couple weeks, and Games Workshop is making up for it with this week's pre-releases. There's quite a lot going on, from the new Drukhari codex for 40k, to a new campaign book, to a new box
It's been a couple weeks since Games Workshop had themselves some pre-orders for you. They're making up for it this week with a whole bunch of them. 40k, Blood Bowl, Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game,
The civilizations of man stretch all over Middle-earth. One of the groups that had a role to play in the events of the Lord of the Ring trilogy but we don't see too much of are the people of the East.
See the towers of Minas Tirith. Drink Ale at the Prancing Pony. Visit the ruins of Laketown. These are things you can do when you explore Middle-earth in The One Ring, the RPG based on J.R.R. Tolkien'
Games Workshop has posted up the new FAQ for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. Along with that, they've posted an interview with the game's rules-writers to give you some insight into the changes
Games Workshop has a whole host of Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit/Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game figures that you can get made-to-order just for you this week over in their webshop. Want to fill out
Games Workshop rolls into the New Year with a big batch of releases upcoming this weekend. What've they got in store? Well, the plague arrives with the Death Guard for 40k. But that's not all. There's
Bats aren't really all that scary in real life. They're basically sky puppies. Lots of people are afraid of them nonetheless. In the world of Middle-earth, they're a bit scarier. And you can add these
Over the weekend, Games Workshop held one of their online preview days. They showed off a bunch of stuff, including a bunch of the codices that are coming out for 40k. But there's also some Necromunda
Games Workshop is having a big preview weekend coming up. They're calling it Decadence and Decay and if you play any of the games shown there in the featured image, you'll want to tune in. When is it
As is their tradition, Games Workshop is showing off what they'll be coming out with next week. This time, they head to the land of Middle-earth as they have some made-to-order figures coming back tha
Can you save Middle-earth by taking the One Ring from the Shire to Mordor and stop Sauron from taking over the world? If you've ever wanted to travel in the footsteps of the Fellowship of the Ring, yo
Bree was the first place that Frodo and his friends ended up after leaving the Shire. Now, you can add some of those first faces they all saw to your collection. Forge World has started taking orders
It would appear as though, while this week has two new codices for you to pre-order, it's really this upcoming weekend where GW goes crazy and releases a ton of stuff. They've posted up a preview so y
Games Workshop is taking a decidedly fantasy bent this week in terms of their pre-orders. They have two new sets for Warhammer Underworlds, including a new starter set as well as Arena Mortis. Then, f
The ring of power needed to be taken back to Mount Doom and thrown into the fire. Easier said than done, considering all the fighting going on on Middle-earth over that ring. And soon, you'll be able
Games Workshop has a new character set for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game available to order over in their webshop. It's Anborn and Mablung. You can go put your name on the list to get these ea