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Looney Labs

Looney Labs are masters at making quick, little, fun games that can fit in your pocket. They tend to take simple mechanics and pieces and turn them into something greater. Well, they're looking to expand their game line by four new sets. As such, they've launched their Pyramid Quartet Kickstarter campaign.

Robots. They're indespensible in today's day and age. But it's a bit of a pain when they go on a murderous rampage, infiltrating human societieis, posing as us to take us out one by one. I mean, rude. But that's just what's happening in Are You A Robot?, a new card game coming soon from Looney Labs.

Draw one card, then play one card. That's all the rules there are to Fluxx... well, in the beginning, anyway. It tends to get a bit more complicated than that. The game of ever-changing rules is endlessly reskinnable, and Looney Labs has a new one for you Trekkies out there. They've released Star Trek: DS9 Fluxx for your gaming pleasure.

While time travel might be one of humanity's greatest advancements, it has also opened the door for nefarious types to try and go back in time and change things. That's just what the Time Breaker is doing, and you're on the hunt to stop them! That's the story behind Time Breaker, a new card game that's available now from Looney Labs.

Fluxx is a game that's infinitely re-skin-able. There's dozens out there, each one tailored to what you might love the most. Soon, two new sets will be coming out. Looney Labs has announced a partnership with Cardinal/Spinmaster and they will be coming out with both Marvel Fluxx and Jumanji Fluxx.

Time travel is now possible. Which, in a way, means that time travel has always been possible. But that's beside the point. The point is that time travelers have strict rules about changing the past. Unfortunately, someone's not paying attention to those rules, and it's up to the members of the Time Repair Agency to set things right. That's what's happening in Time Breakers, a new card game coming from Looney Labs.

Looney Labs is coming out with a new version of Loonacy, their crazy real-time matching game. In this case, they're turning to world-renown artist Mary Engelbreit. Her artwork has been seen just about everywhere, and now she's turning her signature style to tabletop cards. The game hits store shelves tomorrow.

Looney Labs is coming out with a new version of Fluxx. This time, it's headed to the land of gnomes, sprites, and fairies. It's Fairy Tale Fluxx. Collect cards to recreate your favorite stories, but always be aware of the changing rules. Pre-orders are being taken now.

Saturdaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Woo!
My favorite day of the week, as I can just sit back, relax, and do some gaming.
Nevermind that this week I'm vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning countertops in the den. That's important, too.
So, while I try and figure out just how much dust a single lamp can acquire, let's get you those reviews you so desperately desire.

Today we have: Atlantis: Island of the Gods, Build It with Bryan, Sea of Plunder, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tiny Epic Quest, Way of the Panda, Dogmight Games Sentinel Board Game Box, Anatomy Fluxx, Head of Mousehold, Robinson Crusoe 2nd Edition, Who Should We Eat?, Among the Stars iOS, Thunderstone Quest, Ticket to Ride: New York, Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg, Junk Orbit, Nine Worlds, Nimble, For King & Parliament, and Warhammer 40k: Kill Team.

Fluxx is boldly going where no Fluxx has gone before! Looney Labs has announced the release of two new Fluxx games, based on the acclaimed Star Trek franchise. One gives you classic Trek, while the other delves into The Next Generation. Want to play them together? There's the Bridge Expansion for that. Just might want to change out of your red shirt.
Fluxx is a game that can be nearly-infinitely reskinned to bring in new themes. But more than just adding different art, it gives the folks over at Looney Labs to come up with new mechanics to try out as well. So, what will we find in the newly-announced Anatomy Fluxx? Certainly, there's going to be a collection of various body parts to get together. Then there's the various diseases that make up the Creepers.
It's all bit Dr. Frankenstein, isn't it?
In a movie, the MacGuffin is the item that the characters want to get. It's the giant diamond in Snatch. It's the Maltese falcon in... well... The Maltese Falcon. It's the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. In some movies, it's not even something that really exists. Well, Looney Labs is looking to bring the search for the MacGuffin to your tabletops in the appropriately named Get the MacGuffin card game.
I love logic puzzles. You're given an image or set of images and you have to figure out what's alike between them or what rules were used in creating them. Doing just that is what you'll do in Zendo. One player will create an arrangement of pieces, then the other players have to guess at what secret rule was used in its creation. You can pre-order a copy for yourself now.
While I, obviously, am writing every day, I'm not so great at coming up with stories. I mean, I can tell you about new games and such, but to have a traditional story with characters, plot, setting, and all that, I'm pretty terrible at. Well, Nanofictionary might be able to help out. It's a new storytelling card game coming from Looney Labs.
I was always very good at math in school. Though, to be fair, I was generally good at school in school. Some of my friends, though, not so much. Though gamers, I've found, are usually better at math, there's always room for some improvement. And if you can have a game related to that, so much the better. That's where Math Fluxx comes in. It's coming soon from Looney Labs.
It's been a long week.
Well, ok, technically it's been as long as pretty much every other week. But it seems that it really slowed down starting Wednesday afternoon. I'm certainly ready for the weekend, anyway. Gotta refuel in order to make it there, though. So I'm going to chow down on some bite-size gaming stories. Don't worry. I'll share.

Today we have: The Big League Campaign Deck and Hunter's Guild Token Set are now available for pre-order, Fantasy Flight Games Releases New Allies and Adversaries Packs for Star Wars RPG, Red Panda Miniatures Shows of Painted Tank Mini for Wander, Club Fantasci Sets Up GoFundMe Campaign To Recoup Gear Stolen During Origins, Coins of the Forge Candle Set with Embedded Metal Coins Up On Kickstarter, Eternity Dungeon Tiles And Dice Up On Kickstarter, Free Shipping This Weekend From Bits of War, and Firefly Fluxx Coin Available From Looney Labs.

How much would you expect to pay for 22 games? $300? $700? $7.65 Billion? How about just $77? Yes, the folks over at Looney Labs are running a Kickstarter campaign for Pyramid Arcade, a collection of their various Pyramid games all in one place for a single price of $77 (for the main pledge level).
Raise your hand if you’re a fan of Firefly. *watches pretty much everyone’s hand go up* Yeah, me, too. I actually have been meaning to get those DVDs back out and re-watch the series. It’s a sci-fi western done right. Well, now the crazy antics of the Serenity and her crew meet up with the zany rules-changing of Fluxx.


The fine people over at Looney Labs sent me a copy of the new Firefly Fluxx to try out.

So get ready, it’s time for another TGN Review. This time it’s Firefly Fluxx by Looney Labs. Pay attention, or by my pretty, floral bonnet, I will end you.
I'm certainly no prize in terms of beauty. I'm not going to be winning any "best dressed" or "greatest hair" or "most handsome gaming news reporter" awards anytime soon. I don't know if anyone would call me an Uglydoll, though. The creatures on the new version of Loonacy from Looney Labs, though? Those are Uglydolls. But it's ok. They're used to being called that.
Saturday, Saturday. Ba-laa, ba-la-la-laaaaa.
You know, that really does only work with Monday. So be it.

Today, however, is not a Monday. It's a Saturday. And for that, we can all rejoice. Saturday means a Review Roundup! (ok, so you're probably not looking forward to Saturday just because of the Review Roundup, but I can dream that it's a major part of your life).

Today we have reviews of: Kromlech Basing Sands and Static Grasses, Pathfinder Battles: Gargantuan Red Dragon, The Assault Group WW2 Infantry, Halfling Feast, Takenoko Chibis Expansion, Fluxx Dice, Elysium, Sun Tzu, Animal Upon Animal, and Icarus.

Looney Labs’ Fluxx is always getting new versions coming out for it. The game where “the rules are always changing” is easily reskinned to fit different themes. I’ve personally played 6, not counting the two (and a partial) that are in this review. But rather than just different pictures on the cards, Looney Labs really does try and make the sets act and play differently. Did they succeed with Batman Fluxx and Adventure Time Fluxx? And what about these Fluxx Dice? Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about today.


So kick that creeper to the side, it’s time for another TGN Review. This time it’s Batman Fluxx, Adventure Time Fluxx, and Fluxx Dice.
Pay attention to this announcement, or I swear by my pretty, floral bonnet I will end you.
Looney Labs is teaming up once again to bring you a new version of their popular card game, Fluxx. This time the partner is Gale Force 9 and the Fluxx variant is based on the popular series Firefly.
What could be more natural than sitting around and playing games with loved ones? Well, how about playing Nature Fluxx? Granted, you can't quite do that yet (unless you work for Looney Labs), but you will be able to do so soon.
With this post, we'll have absolutely everything caught up since before Gen Con. We've had some Snippets. We've had some Terrain Corners. We've had a Podcast Roundup. Now it's just time to go through the reviews.

So without further ado, here's your Saturday Review Roundup.

In this batch we have reviews/previews of: Sentinel Tactics Uprising Expansion, Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron, Batman Fluxx, Codenames, Carcassonne, Arctic Scavengers: Recon, Elysium, Kahuna, King's Ransom Deluxe, Machi Koro, Machi Koro Harbor Expansion, Systema Gaming Base-0 Habitat Units 1 and 2, and Die Waffenkammer's T-34/76.

Cryptozoic Entertainment and Looney Labs has teamed together, like Batman and Robin, to bring you Batman Fluxx. The card game where the rules are always changing (or, they're "in flux" as it were...) has many great expansion sets. This new one brings your favorite caped crusader to your tabletop.