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Looking For Group

I swear this show is just screaming by this year. It's already the end of Day 3. Today will be the last day for Gen Con 2016. As usual for Gen Con Saturday, it was a whirlwind of activity. There was r
I live my life on the internet. Obviously, I work here. But I also find my entertainment here. Along with going to dozens of gaming websites every day, I also stop by several webcomics, one of which i
Congratulations for surviving another work week. The entire weekend looms before us, full of possibilities. With any luck, you've got some gaming in mind. I'll be taking photos of a bunch of my figure
Looking For Group gives us another look inside the upcoming Looking for Group Pathfinder set which they will have on-hand at GenCon.SourceFrom the post:In a few short hours, I’ll be on my way to India
Looking for Group will be coming out with a Pathfinder-compatible RPG this August.SourceFrom the post:Debuting this summer at Gencon, may I present LFG: The Roleplaying Game (pathfinder compatible).We