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Lone Wolf Development

I know. I know. "Lone Wolf." "Doesn't that mean you just do your work on your own?" Not really. The makers of HeroLab are looking to add a new Web UI/Front-End App Developer to their team. Considering
Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!... is what day it is.At least for me as I'm typing this, anyway.But "fun with time zones" will have to wait, because right now we've got a couple of bite-sized stories to give
These days, everything is going digital. That's not a complaint, really. I know some people, myself included, prefer having an actual book in their hands, rather than read something on a screen, but I
So, I mentioned previously that I'm gonna be starting a new RPG adventure this weekend. We're getting all new characters. All that fun stuff. One of the guys in our group, though, has always had troub
Lone Wolf Development has released their Pathfinder Classes Packs for Hero Lab. Need some help creating your character? Want to make sure you know all the options available to you? Don't want to carry
Tomorrow, Syrinscape and Lone Wolf Development will be teaming up to bring you a unique online resource to help improve your RPG game sessions. Colen McAlister (lead developer for Hero Lab) and Benjam
Hero Lab helps you out with your Pathfinder games by giving you the information you need right at your fingertips. No more flipping through books or pamphlets, when just a push of a button or a swipe
Lone Wolf Development has started taking pre-orders for their new Adventure Path Package for Pathfinder's Hero Lab. The pack ties in with Rise of the Rune Lords: Anniversary Edition and contains every
Catalyst Game Labs has announced that Lone Wolf will be creating a Data Package for Hero Lab for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.SourceFrom the announcement:Catalyst Game Labs is pleased to announce that Lon
Lone Wolf Development has launched a Kickstarter for their Realm Works RPG Campaign tools array. Could your RPG group run more smoothly?From the campaign:How many times have you struggled to keep your